Monday, 23 April 2012

Breivik is not alone

The amount of rubbish I read today at an article about Breivik, at the Herald Sun is unbelievable!! I don't know why the corrupt media only interviews imbeciles and people who haven't got a clue of what they are talking about.
We would like to address a few of the comments so that those who read it can have a clearer view of the situation we are facing. 

I quote:

"He is evil. Pure evil. A robot," Sihen Naidja says, her voice trembling, when asked how she experienced the trial.
"Just hearing his name makes me stressed," says the 42-year-old Algerian, straightening her grey headscarf and gripping the hand of her six-year-old daughter Fatima."

Interesting to note that Breivik killed not Muslims but National Socialists and Communists, and yet the journalist interviews Muslims. Surely Breivik is anti-Islam and so should anyone with a conscience be, but to interview only people who will undoubtedly condemn the man, is biased in my opinion. Shouldn't we hear both sides of the story? I personally do not think Breivik is evil. A criminal surely, as he committed a heinous crime, but according to his own words, I quote: "I didn't want to do it". Breivik had to take certain drugs to "encourage" himself to do it. An evil person would do it without the need for drugs. Muhammad did not need drugs to rape and mutilate people. 

"For Norway's Muslims, though, his horrifying account has an added dimension: he says he carried out his barbaric killing spree to help clear them out of the Scandinavian country, which he wants reserved for "pure" ethnic Norwegians."

This is a lie. Breivik never mentioned that he wanted Norway for "pure" ethnic Norwegians, but that he wanted Norway to remain in the hands of the indigenous people of Norway, and there is nothing wrong with it. What kind of people would want to see their land being taken over by people who profess a culture which the indigenous people disapprove of? Who in their sane mind would want to see their own country being dominated by a people who do not respect their laws? What kind of people would want to be subjugated? 

But the main point is, again I am forced to remind the reader, Breivik killed "ethically pure" Norwegians, not Muslims. The journalist is intellectually dishonest and his article lacks credibility, for he twists it malignantly to fulfil his own agenda.

"I think and hope he is alone. Most Norwegians are nothing like him," says Ms Naidja, shopping with her daughter at a large outdoor flea market in one of Oslo's most immigrant-dense neighbourhoods -- one of several described by Breivik this week as "ghettos" and "no-go zones" for anyone but Muslims."

Once again, another Muslim is interviewed, but I got news for you: Guess what? Breivik is not alone. There are thousands of people in this planet that think exactly like Breivik. Many people are fed up with the way our governments are ignoring the people's complaints. Many people have now lost faith in the "Justice" and political system and in the politicians too, including Norwegians. 

"The Muslim enclaves in Europe will grow as aggressively as cancer until they one day make up a dominant power," the 33-year-old right-wing extremist told the court Tuesday." 

And he is correct. The Muslim population is growing at an alarming rate, and immigration is just as much. Our governments have not yet put in place a proper immigration cap, and Muslims from all Islamic countries are simply pouring into Europe. If it wasn't for their demands for Sharia law and extreme barbaric violence, coupled with crimes such honour killings, acid attacks, female genital mutilation and the horrendous and barbaric "halal" killing of animals, this would not be a problem, but unfortunately all the things I mentioned above are particular traits of Islam, and of the majority of Muslim immigrants. They are simply unable and unwilling to assimilate and integrate. They continue to cause trouble in the countries that absorb them, by demanding special treatment. No other immigration group demands such things. And certainly no other immigration group becomes violent and fanatically belligerent when they don't get what they demand. Enough is enough!! 

One more thing I wish the reader to note is how the writer of that article refers to Breivik as a "right-wing extremist". This is how the corrupted leftist media refers to all those who are in the counter-jihad movement, or simply those who challenge their views. They will go to any length to discredit our opinions by throwing around such labels. 

"We are so sad to hear him. Muslims are not aggressive," insists Mohammed Naji, 50, from behind a table overflowing with electronic gadgets he is offering for sale at the bustling Groenland flea market."

Oh another Muslim being interviewed? What a surprise! Muslims are not aggressive? Really?

Let the reader decide, shall we? Maybe they would like to check this archive of violence and make their own minds. 

Breivik "is alone," he insists, stressing that "Norway is a country of very kind people. It is so strange that this happened here."

Oh no he isn't! And it is not strange at all. This is what happens when animals are cornered. A cornered animal is a dangerous animal.

"But after the confessed killer spent days spelling out his Islamophobic ideology, Mr Naji acknowledges: "Now I am worried. There might be somebody who wants to follow his lead."

Since Islam is an evil cult, that demands its followers to commit heinous crimes, to be racist and supremacists, I believe that if you are not an Islamophobe or better even, an Islamomisist then you are not sane. 

"Basim Gozlan, who runs the Norwegian website, meanwhile insists that it is a good thing that Breivik has been given so much time to explain his worldview.
"I think it is good and healthy that this comes out," he told AFP in a telephone interview, arguing that Breivik built his ideology largely on the basis of Islam-critical writings in the media and online and rumours he has heard about violent Muslims."

More lies. Breivik built his anger (not ideology) from seeing aggressive Muslims in action in his own country. If one looks deeply into these "Islam-critical writings" one will see the truth they expose of this sordid and immoral cult. Yes, it is good and healthy that this comes out. Hopefully many more "Islamophobes" will speak out against these Islamic atrocities, and maybe, just maybe, our ignorant dhimmified politicians will finally wake up from their Eurabia sturpor. 

"This should help show people that this kind of rhetoric can be very, very dangerous. It is a wake-up call, and I think many people will moderate the way they talk about these things," Mr Gozlan said."

Rhetoric? It is called a warning. And it is not more dangerous than Islam itself. The danger is to ignore such warnings, as we have seen with the atrocities of Utoya. 

"Back at the Groenland flea market, Hassana Mazzouj, 36, pushes a stroller with three children in tow.
Her brow creases with worry under her brown headscarf when asked about Breivik's testimony.
"It's really frightening the way he talks about Muslims," says Ms Mazzouj, who is originally from Morocco but who has lived in Norway since 1995.
She says she has been following the confessed killer's testimony through live reports on the Internet, but that she had to stop yesterday when he began describing in detail how he hunted and shot mainly teens attending a summer camp on Utoeya island, killing 69.
"It is very painful following his testimony, and it is very, very frightening," she said."

Another Muslim? Has this man interviewed any non-Muslim? 

Saber Bessid, a 31-year-old accountant originally from Tunisia, meanwhile flatly rejected Breivik's claim that he was forced to carry out his bloody attacks because he and those who share his opinions are "systematically censored" in Norway, which he insisted was not a democracy but a "dictatorship."

"It is okay to be against Muslims," Mr Bessid said. "But you don't kill people."

Ohh not another Muslim! Yes, it is also ok for you Muslims to be against Christians or Jews or Buddhists, but you don't KILL people. Are you listening? Or perhaps only Muslims have the G-d given right to murder non-Muslims...

"He added: "I won't agree with you, but there is freedom of expression in Norway. You can carry a sign saying you hate Muslims all over Oslo if you like. This is a democracy, so that is all right."

Yes, but chances are no one will carry such a sign because no one is as hateful as Muslim themselves who carry their own signs threatening more Jihads and holocausts in Europe and Israel. Our cultures are civilized and we don't feel the need to hold placards expressing hate like you lot! 

"Then Mr Bessid noted: "The people (Breivik) killed were not Muslims, they were simply human beings. Innocent human beings. There is just no excuse for what he has done. It is so gruesome."

That's right. They were not Muslims but "ethnic Norwegians". Breivik does not seem to have the need to give an excuse for what he has done, just reasons. And these reasons should be taken seriously if we are to avoid other similar atrocities from discontented souls. Although I must remind the reader that the crimes committed by Muslims are far more gruesome than the one committed by Breivik. And that is not just my opinion, but a factual observation.

Glen Beck also agrees these youth have a sinister resemblance to the Hitler Youth 

Click for an update on the Trial of Anders Breivik from our colleagues on the 4Freedoms group. What the media does not want you to see. 



  1. The misunderstandings you show about the genesis of Breivik's killing spree are pure racism. It is through the sorts of anti-islamic (or anti-anyone) attitude, that you give oxygen to any extremist groups.

    I am Jewish, and yet the Israeli actions against Palestinians deserve condemnation.
    Likewise, actions by countless cultural, religious and ethnic groups over centuries have bred a culture where killing sprees and genocides can flourish.

    It is the very attitude you express that enabled the Holocaust. A Holocaust against Muslims would be just as horrific.

    1. you are not Jewish, you are a deviant, smug and snug in bed while the IDF are out there risking lives, up against terrorism

    2. Social Liberal,

      We do not misunderstand anything, and there is nothing "racist" in his killings for he has not killed in a racially motivated act. He is Norwegian, he killed Norwegians, he is not anti-Norwegians, hence no racism. As for our opinions on the matter, racism does not come into it but religious beliefs. We know that Socialist liberals like yourself are n reality closet Nazis and love to play the race card to justify your ignorant comments. Being anti-anything does not make a person evil.

      You are not Jewish, you are a self hating "Jew", and an ignorant one at that. You preach the same ignorant diatribe about Israeli actions against Palestinians but fail to recognize these are deceitful lies and propaganda. I have not seen you condemn Hamas' actions against the Palestinians. Israel has the right to defend herself from "Palestinian" terrorism and terrorists must be destroyed. If you condemn that, you are an irrational and dhimmified individual. Calling yourself "rational" is a joke.

      You mention actions by "countless" cultural religious and ethnic groups.. care to tell me what are these groups that are breeding cultures where killing sprees and genocides flourish?

      Correct me if I am wrong but I do not see this happening in Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Zoroastrian or other cultures, just in Islam.
      Do you have any evidence of other cultures who do that? Show me.

      No, what enabled the holocaust were Nazis who followed National Socialism, the same ideology that YOU follow. Hitler was a National Socialist and the socialists strive to remove the individual's identity. You follow the ideologies of Stalin who murdered millions. You have no credibility. Your opinions do not constitute factual evidence.

    3. You are a moron and a disgrace to Jew's everywhere. Disgraceful, pandering to an ideology that would gas you and your family in a heartbeat.

    4. We don't "pander". This is what commies and liberal retards like you do. And there is no ideology to pander to, unless you are referring to pisslam, which by the way we abhor.
      There is only truth and action. And we support both, principally against those who want to kill us. And by the way, the Nazis were inspired by the Muslims and not by the likes of Breivik, who are defenders of mankind.

  2. SocialLiberalEconomicRational you are a imbecile leftist that thinks he is smart and Enlightened , people like you should be band

    1. Which band do you think he should join?......JDL?......educate yourself first before you try and air your unhealthy views in public...

    2. Educate "ourselves"? You have some front, don't you? Is this why you post Anonymously? We are educating the public about the truth. It's not our fault you lack even the basic education possible. It's your appeasement that is unhealthy. Get a grip.

  3. I totally agree with this article .For me Anders is an Alarm Bell to the Western World, he sacrificed himself for the well being of the future generation, wishing most people will wake up.But Norwegians seems very sleepy and unfortunately Dumbass.

  4. You'll agree with anyone who discretely promotes their hatred of Muslims. LOL what a facade this article is. What you might percieve as an imbecile, others clearly don't. That's why you're article isn't being read, and the article you refer to, is.
    It's exceedingly simple;
    "It is okay to be against Muslims," Mr Bessid said. "But you don't kill people."

    1. Your accusations are laughable. No one is agreeing or preaching "hatred" towards anyone here.
      We do not hate Muslims, we hate Islam. Can you grasp the difference?
      And while you stand there making silly points, you'll agree with anyone who discreetly promotes Jewish hatred, just like the pro-Palestinian crowd. Lol, what a farce you are! What a joke you are!
      I repeat your dogma: "It's ok to be against Jews but you don't kill people". Mind telling that to your Muslim, Communist and National Socialist friends?

  5. For the record, I agree with 'SocialLiberalEconomicRational.'
    A guy who clearly knows what he's on about.

    1. Oh but of course you would. Social liberal just like Hitler was, and he surely knows what he is on about... I bet you are him.
      Why hide your name otherwise?

    2. YOU ROCK JEWISH DEFENCE LEAGUE UK!!!!!! AWESOME WORK! Let the gutless wonders try and poke their hate sticks at you! they're liars or wilfully ignorant of the FACTS you have written about Breivik. Poor bloke...I agree with his belief, not with his methods. Islam has become a satanic juggernaut, sweeping the globe with its diabolical koran that could only have been penned by a madman under the control of satan himself.

      Sometimes it feels like you're shouting from a mountain top with the truth....but know this, there are those who hear and agree with you!

    3. Ms mayes, many thanks for your support!
      We are amazed that these low lives even try their hardest to "convince" us that Islam is a "religion of peace". Blinded idiots they are.
      But worry not. Breivik is extremely intelligent and he has not only facts but truth on his side. True that his actions have hurt many people but not as many as the people who have already been hurt by Islam and its enablers, i.e. our governments. The time has come that they pay for it.
      We intend to turn the tide of Islam and push it back to the hell holes they have come from.

  6. 'SocialLiberalEconomicRational.' Let me get this straight,you are actually trying to make comparisons with the propaganda which lead to the holocaust ,and what you perceive as ' Islamophobia ' ?,I don't think I'v ever come across such silliness.How many Muslim Majority countries are there ? how many of those countries have Nuclear capability ? there are around 1.7 billion Muslims.Did the Jews bomb any of the countries they lived in,did they hold protests in those countries calling for the genocide of their hosts ? Just because you like to believe however misguided that your Religion/Cult is one of the Abrahamic faiths does not give you the justification to compare what happened to the Jewish people with the justifiable criticism of Islam and what it's followers are doing in the present.Though I totally understand why you would.It's just another Islamist piece of propaganda to stem criticism and deflect attention away from the new age Nazis/Islamists crimes which are being carried out against humanity everyday.Next thing you will be comparing yourselves to the Native American Indians,Lol.Ooops,sorry some of you actually do.The only thing that links you to Judaism and the Jewish people is that Racist Arab Nationalists plagiarized their Religion along with others and the fact that throughout History Muslims have persecuted them.I can't help but think that Islam & Muslims remind me of the playground school bully who complains when one of his victims fights back.Shalom.

  7. And the reason I presume that you are a Muslim ( even though you state you are Jewish ) is because no Jewish person who knows their history could possibly spout such Islamist dribble.

  8. Damien,

    'SocialLiberalEconomicRational' (SLER) is a COMMIE.
    His idol Lenin is the founder of an ideology that has murdered over 30,000,000 people worldwide. He is not Jewish. He is a liar.

  9. Does it mean that Jews backed Breivik? I have heard something like this before.

  10. Breviek killed 6 muslims, the media and muslims covered up their deaths so that nobody can see a point to Breviek's actions. But TRUTH will always find its way!