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Book review: Liberal Fascism

What could be more certain in our world than the left opposing fascism? We know from history that the communists and Nazis were vehemently against each other. Indeed, the knowledge that the communists opposed Hitler is one of the greatest facts from history the left use to strengthen any of their ideas or claims. No matter what they do, they opposed the Nazis, therefore they can’t be wrong.

The one small problem for the left is, none of it is true. 

Jonah Goldberg, the founding editor for National Review Online, writes in his book that everything we know about fascism is wrong.
Goldberg says he's sick and tired of the left throwing the term 'fascist' around, always blaming the right for the evils of humanity, so he set about writing this book. In doing so, he turns our current understanding of politics on its head. 

On this journey, Goldberg breaks down many of the myths and self-righteous propaganda constantly thrown around by the left today.

He starts the book off discussing fascism and what it actually means. Most people, although all too ready to use ‘fascist’ as an insult, don’t really know what it means. And in case you were wondering, Nazism isn’t the very definition of fascism. In fact progressivism (socialism) more closely defines fascism by a long shot, in fact the pre-WWII progressive dominance of European and American culture gave birth to fascism and Goldberg shows how the ideas of the Nazis all begun with progressive (lefties) ideals.

The Nazi genocide? Started with birth control. We read letters sent between Hitler and a progressive ‘race hygienist scientist’ in America, concerned with limiting the growth of the ‘unfit’ races because they might out-breed the Aryans. This still exists today with Planned Parenthood, and its founder, Margaret Sanger, are quoted making comments about race no different to that of Himmler. Today, the left praise Sanger as some sort of saint.

We also work our way through significant people and events in history, with an undeniably fascist tint to them. These people and events have been downplayed for the purposes of promoting a narrative of history in which the left are excused any blame. 

Hitler and Stalin were enemies, but not because they were ideological enemies (as the left would have us believe). They were enemies essentially because they were competitors; both vying for the same territory.

Goldberg takes a look at the first fascist revolution, the French Revolution. He looks at the radical '60s, also he shows the hidden histories of various leftist American presidents, Woodrow Wilson (the president during WWI); Franklin D Roosevelt, fond of huge military parades lasting several hours, as well as his much praised ‘New Deal’, a welfare system that perpetuates the misery of all those who come to depend on it, and it also happened to extend a recession into what's now known as the Great Depression. And right up to today, with the likes of Hillary Clinton and her version of soft-totalitarianism.

As you read through LF, what you realise is that the left have erased their historic connection to fascism, in the same way they're trying to erase the historic Jewish connection to Israel (adapting the bogus Arab narrative of history).

We all know the lefty who’s for free speech, but only wants to ban ‘hate speech’, and actively campaigns to silence opponents. We all know the left’s venom for imagined Israeli human rights abuses, but are silent on other human rights abuses, particularly of regimes that are not a part of the west.

This and many other inconsistencies in worldview are not attributable to hypocrisy, they are entirely consistent with the aims of the current generation of fascists.

It’s not often you find a book that stays with you long after reading it; it’s even more rare with non-fiction books, but that’s the effect Liberal Fascism had on me. It’s been just over a year since I first read it, but in that time I’ve remembered more of it, not less.

However, although this is a must read, it isn’t without its problems. The main issue is that while Goldberg seems to have spent most of his energy bringing this hidden history to light, he missed out on the follow-through, big time.

This book has serious implications on so many things. Everything from the environmentalists (many Nazis were as orthodox in maintaining the purity of nature as they were about the ‘purity’ of race), to our acceptance of the nanny state, in other words big government; to our understanding of who and what, exactly, is to blame for the creation of the most evil political ideology in human history, the Nazi party. (Or do I mean leftists?)

But it seems Goldberg started out on a mission, realised what his conclusions were telling him, and chickened out. As others have complained, he spends far too much time apologising and saying that, just because you may be a vegetarian (like Hitler), it doesn’t mean you’re a Nazi. Well duh. But that's hardly the point...

My other grievance is in not adapting it enough to today’s world, especially many of today’s political issues such as the Islamisation of Europe, or Jews and Israel. The claim by many historians that ‘Antisemitism used to be on the right, but has now moved to the left’ is untrue. The left were the Jew-haters and still are. There’s been no change.

Therefore the left’s partnership with Muslims isn’t a recent phenomena, it goes back to WWII with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Hitler. Then we have the leftist media’s willingness to distort facts when it comes to Israel. There’s no end to this wherever you look.

What is clear is that fascism wasn’t defeated with Hitler. It is here, alive and well and all around us, using the language of peace and love and acceptance, as long as it helps forward their agenda, which means excusing some of the world’s worst human rights violations, because those crimes bare no importance for the left’s cause: to destroy the west/Israel.

But none of this seems to have occurred to Goldberg.

More than that, everywhere you look you find a connection between fascism and socialism. Who were the Arabs main patrons during the Cold War? The Soviets. Most Arabs were nationalistic as well as socialist (PLO, Quadaffi, Saddam), therefore Nazis. Is it any wonder we see Arab and Iranian terror groups giving the Nazi salute?

In Europe, Germany has seen a large rise in the neo-Nazi movement and Anti-Semitism. But this all occurred when the Berlin Wall came down and east and west united. The East Germans, who hadn’t had the education the West Germans had, weren’t taught about the evils of Nazism. If the Soviets were total enemies of Nazism they would’ve exterminated them, just like they exterminated the Poles, who were ideologically opposed to socialism simply because they didn’t accept the communist rule.

Again with the Cambodian genocide, we see a limitless blood-lust for those against the Khmer Rouge (and the Cambodian regime is considered to have been one of the most orthodox Marxist regimes ever). This genocide can only be compared with the millions lost under Lenin and Stalin’s tyranny, Mao’s Cultural Revolution, or a part of Hitler’s measures to ‘cleanse’ the populous as part of a social solution (the final solution). The only difference between these examples and the UN and the international community ignoring the Hitlarian Islamists attempts to destroy Israel is the language. As Walid Shoebat once said ‘The Holocaust never ended, but this time the Jews are armed’.

The UN and EU’s attempts for a one world government? No more controversial or unbelievable than a simple extension to the Soviet Empire, or the empire Hitler tried to build by invading other countries, but failed.

There is so much more, I could go on forever...

Oh, and if you don’t think Stalin wasn’t genocidally Anti-Semitic, read Arkady Vaksberg's 'Stalin Against The Jews' about Stalin's attempts to continue the Shoah (Holocaust).

Despite its flaws and what Goldberg hasn’t thought about, in light of what we’ve seen of the left in helping bring about the economic crash of 2008, and as mentioned, the tactics of Saul Alinsky, Francis Fox Piven and others, this book changes everything.

Oh and ps, this explains the Jew hating George Galloway and the equally Jew hating Ken Livingstone.

Oh and pps, this book has started a movement determined to uncover yet more hidden history. It has also revealed the KKK was founded by Democrats.

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