Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Anders Breivik, The Kangaroo Court and The Lies of The Left

Disclaimer: We do not condone the actions of Anders Breivik, We are simply giving an honest viewpoint to the events which has been crushed by the mainstream media.

Anders Behring Breivik started day one of his trial yesterday in a specially built room in Oslo Court, it was watched all around the world. The trial is expected to carry on for a number of weeks and is mostly covered for certain periods via a live feed.

At the beginning of the trial, Officials and Court members shook Breivik's hand as if to give a façade that they were not corrupt in the trial of this man. Anders Breivik spoke out and refused to recognize the court as the court room was being held by Leftists who were connected to the Marxist government of Norway. Quite rightly, because it was a classic Kangaroo court. the judges and prosecution were constantly staring at Breivik wide eyed, they were like a bunch of children trying an adult, they looked completely unprofessional and out of their league. A man like Breivik in a case such as this surely deserves a better trial than that?

Here is the video of Anders Breivik in the courtroom:

Norway's NRK television will broadcast parts of the trial, but is not allowed to show Breivik's testimony. Breivik's views and his new manifesto are not allowed to be aired by the "Democratic Government of Norway", Since Breivik's trial, a number of new anti-Islamic groups have sprung up all over Europe (I can guarantee you they had sprung up even before Breivik). The Left's worst nightmare is to allow the truth about the Muslim Invasion of Europe and its backlash and future to be broadcast on National TV and form more anti-Islamic resistance groups in Europe. Make no mistake they fear Breivik.

Due to the Norwegian censorship, Breivik does not have a chance to defend himself against the Leftist slander constantly being thrown to undermine him and his views. So I will; here are three of the misconceptions I saw while I was on the net this morning:

"Breivik made a Nazi Salute in court": Breivik raised a clenched fist in a knights Templar salute, the Leftists have tried to manipulate this and turn it into a Nazi salute. Here is a shock for the Left: The raised fist (a salute given by the ancient Romans to their leader) has been used by the civil liberties movement, the feminist movement, Nelson Mandela, various communist groups, The Black Panthers, the Labor movement and scores of others who fit your bill to show the same thing. Also, the Young Pioneers (A Soviet Communist youth organization) adopted a modified Nazi salute after the Second World War as their group salute.

"Breivik broke down crying in court": Breivik crying in court is being made to look like he is showing remorse, when in reality, he cried when his video manifesto was played, He is not the only one who begins to feel emotional when bluntly reminded of the crime of destruction, shame and appeasement that the Left Wing government put in place have commited against my country, and my people.

"Breivik is insane": It amazes me, or should I say sickens me, how a Muslim can strap an explosive vest to themselves and their children, walk into a crowded area and detonate, killing countless civilians and is then simply declared "a fanatic", or how a Muslim can shoot 4 innocent (including school children) Jews dead, brutally stone a 12 year old rape victim to death for adultery, murder their wives, sisters and daughters in honour killings, murder artists for their freedom of expression, behead aid workers, soldiers, IT experts and then simply be declared a "Radical" despite carrying out their actions from a book that was written by a war criminal, rapist, psychotic and paedophile. Breivik has never commited a crime before Utoya in his life and when he conducted the operation that no Muslim could dream of, he spent 3 years planning and funding it.  If you can tell me that another insane man can do what he did I would love to hear it. I have also read his manifesto, to tell me that it was written by a mentally insane person is laughable. Any leftist reading this, you should read his manifesto in full before you pass judgement, who knows, It might cure you of your Leftist disease.

These are not the words of an insane man to me:

"Anders Breivik is a child murderer": Firstly, what happened on Utoya was regrettable, but those to blame are those who held the rally, the Labour Youth and the Norwegian government. Breivik killed nobody under the age of 14 in the shootings, they were young adults. The rally at Utoya was certainly no "kids day out" it was an Far Left indoctrination weekend, set on a picturesque island, only the day before those attending were holding "Boycott Israel" banners to show the cameras. You tell me what "child" attends political meetings? You tell me what "child" is classed as an up and coming Politician? They were not children, they were young adults. I hold the same amount of sympathy for the those on Utoya as I would if somebody committed this act on a Hitler Youth camp in the 1940's, or were they just "children" as well?

Anti-Semitic hate was being peddled at the island, I read this about one random survivor for example: "Vegard Groeslie Wennesland wants to finish the master's dissertation he intended to edit on the island of Utoeya last July, when he survived Norway's most violent attack since World War 2. But for several months the 28-year-old student at the University of Oslo has struggled to focus on his paper, which looks at the political life of Lebanon's Palestinian refugee camps."

The Kangaroo Court Continues and I hope each day of the trial the Leftist court and officials quiver and show themselves for the corrupt cowards they are.

I will be keeping a close watch and will write an update article every week on the trial, stay tuned.

For more Information on Breivik see our previous article on him and his motives.

And see here how the corrupt "Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) in the UK works


  1. Thank You for this, think it just about covers the truth the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

  2. Points covered superbly and comprehensively. Thank you for exposing the hypocrisy of the leftist hegemony!!

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  4. You Sir, are a backwards ape and the epitome of an oxyMORON! You seem to have acquired some strange degree of Stockholm syndrome towards those who have held your kind captive - resulting in their death - which can only be viewed as pathetic. The only re-assurance the global public has with you is that your lack of testicles will result in the end of your bloodline. Good day, you mess

  5. That's what you get when governemnt doesn't listen to the voice of people. They keep shoving down more PCMC stuff, they can expect more Breiviks popping up - worldwide. Unfortunately. There is a cause and effect at play. Government of Finland is at fault. Government of Finland needs to stop causing people behave so "irrationally"! Breivik was very clear in his statements and attempts to communicate PRIOR to what he did. PCMC decided not to hear any opposition. Yup, try to bottle up the pressure....!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. This happened in Norway you idiot

  6. We don't normally read the communist "Guardian" but in an article posted yesterday, we quote Erik Dale: "one out of four Norwegians knew, or knew of, one or more of the victims. They are around every dinner table, in every school and lunch room, on the bus and on the television." -

    This just goes to show how deeply ingrained and infiltrated by leftist communist/socialistss Norway' society is.

    We quote him again: "Much has been said about how Norway reacted as a nation in the immediate aftermath of the attacks, but in 10 weeks we will know what this nation is really made of." -

    We won't hold our breath for Norway, as the infiltration of the left and the appeasement for Islamofacism has crippled this once thriving and successful civilization to the point where they can no longer distinguish RIGHT from wrong. Norway's deliberation in making Breivik a scapegoat is their demise and exposes their lack of capability to blame themselves for the way they have forced Norwegians to absorb thousands of criminals, and for the biased and Jew hating society they are breeding. Norwegian politicians should be the ones tried for the extent of their criminal policies and for imposing upon its citizens a life of horror and constant crime by Islamic immigrants.
    100% of Norway's rape crimes are committed by Muslims. What does that tell you?

    A country that forces its citizens to live under such conditions, highly resembling South Africa, is a criminal country.

    1. 100% of Norway's rapes are not caused by Muslims. Stop your pathetic lying.

    2. The greatest percentage of rapes are by Muslims and not only in Norway:


    3. That doesn't say that even 5O% of rapes were from muslims you idiot!
      The ony part that enumorates percentages is this one, data taken from 15O rape case only, and in the city of Oslo which has the highest percentage of a muslim population:
      % of rapists

      Where the hell did you get 1OO% percent??
      You are a fool and the jewish community is actually getting pissed of at your propaganda aka you better get your facts straight FOOL

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    5. Resident who thinks he knows it all.
      Debunk this: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/145161#.T5vPX7OXTpg

      "Norway’s police issues report with amazing statistic: all assault rapes in Oslo in 2010 were perpetrated by Muslims". Therefore 100% of the assault rapes are by Muslims.

      "The report was cited by an official Norwegian television station, which interviewed a victim who said that her rapist explained to her that his religion permits him to rape her."

      You are a nobody to speak for the Jewish community. We speak for them.
      Jews in our community are extremely fed up and pissed off with Muslim terrorism all over the world. We have facts.

      Oh and your attempt of percentage above was laughable. Did you pull that out of your ass?

  7. Yes.. I agree entirely. Nobody is trying to justify Breivik horrible actions.. but these leftist traitors are to blame for all that had happened. Their policies will create really horror future for the coming generations to the unimaginable extent and it will be much much worse than anything that Breivik ever done, unless we act.. and soon.

  8. So basically you're glad these kids died because they were the Hitler Youth.

    I'll be glad when someone hoses down one of your rallies with machine gun bullets.

    1. No. No one is "glad" they died. I personally blame their parents for encouraging these young people to attack the only democratic country in the Middle East. As it happens someone got really mad at it.

  9. I am an anti-Zionist Jew with utmost respect and sympathy for the plight of the Palestinians... does that make me an anti-Semite?
    You're a complete moron.

    1. No, it doesn't make you an anti-Semite. It makes you a Jew hater and someone who does not care at all for the victims of the holocaust, since Israel was created to accommodate those who fled from Nazi Europe. It seems YOU don't agree that Jews should feel safe in their own country. It makes you also an ignorant of the highest scale, because there is no such thing as a "Palestinian" people or a "Palestinian plight".

    2. You support those who wish our destruction and removal from our land of Israel. You have fell for the lies our enemies try to feed us. I will let you decide whether you are an anti-Semite or not, I just wonder how you can sleep at night, knowing your fellow Jews are being bombarded with rockets, bricks and stones and yet you encourage the Arabs, Shame on you.

  10. As a Norwegian, it hurts to read how you describe Breivik´s mass murder. He murdered ordinary Norwegian teenagers at Utøya and innocent pedestrians on the streets of Oslo. Yes, most Norwegians know someone who knows someone who died. There is no legal system in the world that can justify such actions, not even in war. I accept your right to have your opinion about Islam and immigration, but defending Breivik´s actions is unacceptable. The alternative is total anarchy as we find in some "failed states". I assure you, you do not want to live in such a society. No civilisation has ever accepted private wars like that of Breivik. Not even the Roman Empire or Nazi Germany. His victims were real people like you and me, of flesh and blood, with feelings and dear ones. Please stop making him a hero. He is a criminal, and should be treated as such.

    1. As a Norwegian you should know first hand how the Left have infiltrated all systems and institutions of Norwegian society. The Norwegian Labour Party crushed any Right leaning opposition by labelling them as sub-Human, Nazi, Fascist pigs etc.

      You cannot hold a Leftist dictatorship and then not be surprised by the consequences.

    2. Ordinary they may have been perhaps but not "innocent". What do you consider innocent? I think that people who call for the destruction of a whole country are not innocent. These young people were doing just that on Utoya. We are not defending Breivik, we are pointing out the reasons why he did what he did. Whether that is justified or not is not for us to decide. We also have family or know someone who died, not only at the hands of Nazis/Communists/National Socialists (Which is what these young people were and also their parents) but also at the hands of Muslims in conquered Islamic countries. 1,000,000 Jews have been expelled and thousands more killed in their countries such as Yemen, Morocco, Turkey, Afghanistan, Arabia, etc.. when Muslims invaded them.

      If there isn't a legal system in the world that can justify certain actions, then the system is a failure. And what do YOU know of war? How can you tell what is or is not "justified" in wars? How many wars have you seen or been in?

      You may have your own opinions but you cannot have your own "facts". We as humans decide what is acceptable or unacceptable in view of terrorism and our own self defence. No one is "defending" Breivik's actions, I personally think that killing these young people was an error on his part. He got the wrong target unfortunately. But as for private wars, you are wrong. Our societies are waging full war on us. They are forcing us to accept and tolerate the intolerable aliens who bring with them a barbaric custom, abuse our laws, commit atrocities and horrendous crimes against our people, and are not even being punished accordingly. They are shovelling multiculturalism down our throats, only in reality this is not multiculturalism, but MONOculturalism. They are forcing us to not only tolerate Islam but make this evil thing part of our daily lives.

      What Breivik did was not a private war. He did not benefit financially from it, like Pablo Escobar from Colombia for example. His victims were NOTHING like me, they may have flesh and blood and feelings but so do animals, and insects.

  11. If you sympathise or support Breivik you're no better than the Islamic terrorists you claim to be so ardently opposed, no one has the right to commit such horrific acts. Multiculturalism will not bring about the hellish future you predict, rampant intolerance, ignorance and the divides that creates in society will. You seem almost proud when you say no Muslim could conceive of such an attack, disgusting stance. It doesn't matter who pulls the trigger or hits the detinator: white supremacist or Muslim jihadist, it makes the world a darker place when you try and enforce a misguided ideology on innocent people. Forget left or right, people need to wake up to our common humanity, and quickly

    1. Do you think Muslims have the right to commit the crimes they do, whether in their lands or ours? Do you think they have the right to force female children to be genitally mutilated? Do you think they have the right to kill anyone who leaves Islam? Do you think they have the right to MURDER animals in such brutal manner and force us to eat their meat? Do you think they have the right to force women to marry people they do not want?

      No, sympathising with Breivik does not make me one of these animals. Breivik did not do any of the crimes I listed above. He tried to stop them. Maybe he chose the wrong way of doing it, but that was the intention. Islam makes the world a darker place. Go and study the History of Islam and Muslims, and how they brought destruction, and evil to all the lands they have conquered by their sword.
      Do not preach to me about "humanity" for you know nothing of it.

  12. If you sympathise with or condone Breivik you are no better than the Islamic extremists you claim to oppose. No one has the right to commit such horrific acts, and it doesn't matter who pulled the trigger or hit the detinator. Whether It's a white supremacist or an al qaeda terrorist, violent enforcement of a misguided ideology makes the world darker for those innocent people trying to live their lives. The hellish future you predict will be brought about, not by multiculturalism, but by ideologues like Breivik. Such men marred the twentieth century and if we do not learn lessons of toleration and peaceful conflict resolution they will decimate this one too. Breivik may consider himself so different and righteous compared to jihadists, but Stalin and Hitler were convinced of their respective superiority and rightness. If you read the history books they are both down as purveyors of misery and Banes of humanity.

    1. Muhammad marred an entire civilization. He has brought evil and destruction to the pre-Islamic Arabs. His legacy was of destruction.
      What Breivik did is NOTHING in comparison with the millions of lives Muhammad and his marauders destroyed, not to mention the Slave trade in Africa. How many millions of black Africans have been murdered, castrated and enslaved by Muslims throughout the years.... go learn.

    2. Who cares about black monkeys?

  13. Insulting comments such as from the tree hugger Pete Norman from the "expose hippies" -https://www.facebook.com/petenormanthetreechap had to be deleted. The coward did not even post as himself but as "Anonymous".

    We don't mind anonymous posts as long as you will debate and discuss the articles. Calling people names will not be tolerated here.

  14. Is this blog just for insiders? I commented on how this looks from a Norwegian perspective, and was censored. If you censor everything that does not fit your world view, there is little opportunity for dialog, and you lose cred in society as a whole.

    1. No. We just did not realise that the comments were set for moderation and were not being advised to us by email. We have now published them all.

  15. Thank god the authorities are rounding up the loons. becareful what you say;)

    1. Maybe these "loons" will start rounding up the "authorities" one day... be careful which side you are on.

    2. JDL you are right Israel rules!

  16. Brevik should be treated like any other mass murderer and no blame can lie on anyone else.I can't believe there are human beings on this page(you)that actually respect this monster of a man.Genocide is the ultimate cowardice.

    1. Nahh.. I think Muhammad beats the record for the biggest mass murderer and genocidal maniac in all of History. He even beats Vlad the impaler.
      There was none more evil than Muhammad the fake prophet.

    2. I agree. Unfortunately mass murderers aren't treated like Brevik, hence our wanting to write about this and start a discussion that should be had in the media, but which isn't because of current values.

      Hating Jews isn't bad and is even excused in our current society with the Pavlovian response that anything that happens to Jews, anywhere they are in the world, or anything Muslims do to anyone else, anywhere in the world, is because of Israel or the West. This IS blaming ANYTHING else other than the criminals.

      Where does it say we support Brevik?

  17. What did killing all those youngsters do that was of any benefit?,real God fearers know murder is wrong,its funny how like look up to like.What is it,the more somebody murders,the higher league you see them in?

    1. No. We don't put Muhammad in a higher league. In fact we agree with Dante on this one.

  18. Hasn't their been enough death on each side? We need a better solution then going tick for tack. Neither side is innocent and it's time to end this hatred. This is manufactured fear and hate. Undoubtedly there are people who profit greatly from this conflict.

    1. Yes, the better solution: Ban Islam, Communism and Socialism.

    2. You're absolutely right, enough of the tick for tack. We need to defeat the jihadists, and I dont' mean in Afghanistan or Iraq.

      Yes, there are people who profit from this conflict, the Muslims whose religion tells them that to wage war is good. And the politicians only interested in oil deals (look at Libya and the Lockerbie bomber, or the West trading with Iran allowing them to acquire nukes), and don't give a damn what happens to the country or civilisation once they leave office.

      People aren't stupid (well, not all of us) we see what's happening. The crimes committed, the rapes, the honour killings, the gangs and Anti-Semitism. This is headed in the exact same situation we saw prior to WWII. But it's like standing in downtown Manhattan on 10th Sept, 2001 screaming to everyone that they need to wake up; no one's listening.

  19. Random Norwegian.24 April 2012 at 06:23

    You claim leftist in Norway has ruined Norway... What would you know of this? To my knowledge, you're not Norwegian, and I really doubt you know much about our country whatsoever, past or present. :/

    Norway in general reacted to this very well, and is giving the man a fair trial. A Norwegian man posted the following quote on a forum, that describes the Norwegian peoples reaction very well:

    “In the safest, most boring country, the worst lone gunman shooting happens. The worst in the world, in history. But it will not make our country worse. The safe, boring democracy will supply him with a defense lawyer as is his right. He will not get more than 21 years in prison as is the maximum extent of the law. Our democracy does not allow for enough punishment to satisfy my need for revenge, as is its intention. We will not become worse, we will be better. We lived in a land where this is possible, even easy. And we will keep living in a land where this is possible, even easy. We are open, we are free and we are together. We are vulnerable by choice. And we will keep on like that, that’s how we want to live. We will not be worse because of the worst. We must be good because of the best.”

    Another thing that a lot of people has been saying is that we should respond to hate with love, that we shouldn't let fear ruin us, that we should respond with more democracy.

    Perhaps you don't understand such a concept, because you seem to be pretty hateful yourself.

    Norway is also doing a lot more than many countries in keeping the memory of the holocaust alive. Many 10th grade classes go on a school trip with the white busses to learn, to see the concentration camps. I've been on such a trip myself, and there were plenty of wet eyes after hearing the horrors that went on there. In other words, Norwegian teenagers grieve for what happened to Jews, gypsies, war prisoners, Norwegians, Polish and many others.

    Yet you don't seem much phased about the murder of 69 children. And that's what they are, in every way, at least in Norway, you are a child by law until you reach 18.

    And really, there's nothing "Hitler Youth" with the Labour party youth camps. Most political parties in Norway have similar things, and many people engage politically in such a fashion. It's not "leftist brainwashing" as you seem to indicate. If so, there's just as much "rightist brainwashing" going on, because the right parties also have young members.

    Just because you're old enough to learn about politics, does not mean you are in any way old enough to be considered an adult. So that's just bullshit. And they were just as innocent as any other young teenager, just because they had an interest in politics, doesn't mean they're corrupt, or evil, or racist like you claim them to be.

    You seem to hate Anti-Semitism.. And I agree, it's bad. But so is this hatred you seem to hold for muslims. In other words, you've sunk to their level. :/

    Also, one of the points here is purely a lie. You said that "Breivik crying in court is being made to look like he is showing remorse". It's very clear in the Norwegian media, and has been repeated time and time again that Breivik has shown no sign of remorse, and that he started crying when watching his video.

    They're contemplating whether he is even capable of showing empathy. They wouldn't exactly claim that at the same time as they say "Hey look, he's showing remorse for his actions!"

    I think a lot of people would feel better if he did show remorse. So what you're saying, that they're trying to make him seem worse, kinda contradicts your claim that they're trying to make him seem remorseful.

    You claim that that leftists are spreading lies... ever heard the saying "Pot calling the kettle black"?

    1. Random Norwegian24 April 2012 at 06:26

      "Yet you don't seem much phased about the murder of 69 children. And that's what they are, in every way, at least in Norway, you are a child by law until you reach 18."

      Sorry, I wrote wrong here. Should be phased with the murder of multiple children, not 69, 69 people the total count of all the people who died at Utøya. My apologies.

    2. I might not be Norwegian, but I have Norwegian friends who are as fed up as Breivik is. We know enough about your country, worry not. It's you who do not know much about the dhimmified situation you are in.

      Norway may be the most boring country in the world but it surely isn't the safest, principally for women, definitely not when Muslim men keep on raping Norwegian women. Your country is already in demise, and your people are being raped and abused by Muslims with their sharia. Your deliberate attempt to remain blind to it cannot last. Sooner or later the truth will hit you and when it does it may be far too late. You are being raped by desert rats of the 7th century, so none of your "civilized" and "tolerant" behaviour can save you now.

      The man who wrote this: "We are vulnerable by choice. And we will keep on like that, that’s how we want to live." is an imbecile.

      Muslims prey on your vulnerability and if you have indeed CHOSEN to be this way then your nation is a weak and pathetic one. Fortunately for you, there are still BRAVE NORWEGIANS LIKE BREIVIK who had enough of your deliberate vulnerability and libertine desire to be scorned and abused by other nations. You may want to be raped and humiliated but it does not mean the rest of Norwegians do.

      You respond to Muslim hate with love, and they will gang rape you even more. Your nation is not a wise one and it does not know how to be strong when it needs to be. Love is good but it must be measured and given to those who deserve, and not to those who do not.

      You say:
      "Perhaps you don't understand such a concept, because you seem to be pretty hateful yourself."

      Your imbecility is astonishing. It is the same as asking a rape victim to now offer her behind, to the rapist, for it to be ripped apart.
      Your insanity sickens me, mainly because you try to denigrate those who fight against evil by calling them hateful. I have no words to describe the disgust I feel towards "Leftard-liberal-Hippy-utopic-imbecile-types" like you, who jump around holding flowers between your fingers while your brothers and sisters are being raped and murdered.

      Wake up from your hibernation! This is real!

      "Norway is also doing a lot more than many countries in keeping the memory of the holocaust alive."

      I do not give a damn about Nazis who pretend to care for dead Jews and yet allow the Murderous Nazi Muslims to invade their land and give them a platform. Your nation has not changed.
      You speak about the "horrors" of the holocaust and yet open the back door for the Nazis to enter your private chambers. You are a nation of insane morons and I am now starting to understand even better what Breivik did.

      "Yet you don't seem much phased about the murder of 69 children."
      They were not children. They were young adults (Like Hitler youth) who were brainwashed into demonizing Israel and Jews. Why should I be phased? These same hitlerite types of Utoya have danced in joy when Israeli children were murdered by Islamofascist Nazis, the same Fakestinian Nazis they and YOU support. The same fascist animals who have absolutely no regard whatsoever for life or human rights.

      You seem to be extremely naive to what is happening around you but I do not feel sorry for you. At this day and age there is no reason to remain ignorant at all. Your ignorance is your weakness and the enemy's strength.

      You said: "Just because you're old enough to learn about politics, does not mean you are in any way old enough to be considered an adult."

      But it seems they were old enough to DEMONIZE Israel and call for the boycott of a country they have NEVER visited and knew NOTHING about. Right? Who are you trying to fool? Yes they were RACIST. This is pure racism.

    3. "You seem to hate Anti-Semitism.. And I agree, it's bad. But so is this hatred you seem to hold for muslims. In other words, you've sunk to their level."

      I do not hate Muslims. I hate Islam (Their ideology) and I despise those who follow it, for Islam commands them to HATE EVERY NON-MUSLIM.
      It would be very hard for me to sink to their level but if I have to, I rather be on their level then 6foot under.

      A fighter should never show remorse for defeating his enemies. So do not expect Breivik to do so. It's the Norwegian government that has FAILED the Norwegians and this is a consequence of their actions.

    4. I love it when I hear a Norwegian claim they are "free". Norway is communism lite. They bar Harvard professors from speaking because said professor is considered "pro-Izrael". The gov provides the majority of funding through various "cultural initiatives" for the most popular sources of media in Norway. Therefore Norwegians hear what their communist lite government wants them to hear. The gov tells parents whether they can spank their children or not. No you ignorant inbred sheep farmers, I'm not saying you should agree or disagree with spanking. I'm saying you should be pissed that your government gets to make up your mind for you. Worst of all Scandinavia, particularly Norway is known for what is called "Janteloven". It's essentially the name given to the Norwegian ideal that penis envy and jealousy are ok, and that it's acceptable to drag others down or kill their individualism out of insecurity.

  20. Breivik is certainly not insane, however it is the Norwegian government who are insane, I am not excusing Anders Breivik for his murderous actions, however when you consider this socialistic Norwegian government's attitude to Jew-hatred, giving every help to their Islamic-immigrants, but dictating to the Norwegian jewish community that if they don't want to be targeted, abused assaulted by Muslims, they must refrain from wearing any jewish identifiable clothing, jewellery and Kippa wearing, they should also refraion from commemorating Yom-hashoah (holocaust memorial day) refrain from any pro-Israel marches. Breivik's victims on Utoya-island were illustrating their hatred towards Israel by displaying anti-Israel placards. That isn't what I call a gathering of young people to enjoy a weekend away. These same Breivik victims would undoubtedly have been filled with joy if a similar attrocity would have been perpetrated against Israeli civilians by Arab terrorists.

  21. Random Norwegian5 May 2012 at 12:10

    I for one have never heard any of the kids or young adults on Utøya dancing in joy when Jews have been killed. Please do show me a link to an article where every one of these people have shown joy of this?

    Maybe someone in Arbeiderpartiet has. I really doubt it, but perhaps. And even if some have, you can't really be blaming a 14 year old for it? You can't seriously think that the two fourteen year olds that were killed on that island knew that much abou Israel's situation, or that ANY of them would be happy by the deaths, or "demonization" as you called it, of any people, jews or otherwise?

    That's ignorant of YOU.

    I don't live in Norway anymore, having moved to Denmark in August of last year, but I've never seen Jews being portrayed in a bad light. The only group of people being demonized in Norway would be Muslims. Anything else is most likely pretty hushhush, and not something you hear about, and would only be happening in certain circles. But then, that happens everywhere.

    Personally, I believe the immigration politics in Norway is stupid. I believe of an inbetween thing between the right and the left - let people in, but if they commit crimes, they can get the hell out.

    Another thing is, I haven't insulted you. You go around insulting me.

    As for the Norwegian people and rape by muslims. Perhaps. But it certainly isn't as bad as you, ad certainly not as bad as Breivik portrays it to be.

    Soem people did a bit of research about Breiviks claims, among them the claim that "More than 90 000 of my Norwegian sisters have been raped by Muslims in Norway since 1960 until today. Several of these have been gang raped or have taken suicide because of the rape."

    The research that was done about this claim revealed the following:

    "This criminal action hasn't been broken down to show the rapists ethnicity or country of origin in any public statistics. Additionally, it is most likely big dark numbers when it comes to rapes in Norway. SSB have registered about 14000 in Norway in the actual years (1960 - 2011) but most likely the number is 10 times as high. About 1 in 10 rapes is reported."

    Breivik's numbers are ridiculously high. But the truth is, both yours and Breiviks claims about such massive rapes by Muslims is all speculations. There's no proof. And as I said, I'm all for sending someone who commits a crime out of Norway. :/

    That does NOT mean we should deny innocent people, and "throw them to the wolves". I don't believe letting a few people (because the rapists are few compared to the non-rapists) ruin for the many.

    Breivik also claimed that several hundreds of Norwegians had also been killed since 1960 by Muslims. Also bullshit, because about 1500 Norwegians have been killed since 1960, 105 of them had been killed, not by Muslims specifically, but by "foreign" criminals.

    That's faaar from the hundreds of murders commited by only muslims as Breivik claims. :/

    Breivik has made a lot of insane claims, such as claiming that his ancestors having lived in Norway for 12 000 years. You know, because everyone can trace their linage back 12 000 years, and you know, people lived in Norway back then. Not.

    My point is, Breivik is full of bullshit.
    Breivik didn't kill political evil masterminds like you make it seem.

    He killed young people who had an interest in politics. And yes, some of them were children. 14 year olds are children.

    1. Random Norwegian,

      It is a common and known fact that Leftist liberals dance in glee when Israel is attacked, or when an Israeli business is being made to close down. They also rejoice when they harass Israelis on University campuses or Israeli soldiers as well as women and children are murdered by Arabs. You do not need "links" for that. It's a fact. There are hundreds of links all over the internet if you truly wish to see this.

      Those people in the Island of Utoya were leftists, they were part of a communist/socialist party. This is the same party that Hitler belonged to, and has the same ideology of Stalin, who murdered millions of people. It's the same as China too.

      And yes, I can blame a 14 year old for doing this. If they are old enough to be attending political party brainwashing lessons and going around preaching to their friends to boycott Israel, then they are also old enough to do some research online even and educate themselves, before they embark in such evil path. There have been thousands of emperors and kings aged 14, and below. There have also been thousands of warriors at that age in the past. Human nature has not changed, what has changed is how we view human nature.

      If these 14 year old did not know much about Israel, why didn't they contest or challenge their elders when they called for a boycott of Israel? Why didn't they research about Israel before demonizing and following on the same train of thought their peers did? What is their excuse?

      If Muslims were demonized in Norway they would not be still immigrating there, and Norway would not have left their borders open to them. I still cannot believe how ignorant you are. Are you not aware of the things they are getting away with, in Norway? That is our point. They are committing heinous crimes and not only the Norwegian government is NOT kicking them out, they are NOT punishing them either. They are punishing their victims instead. Do you believe this is justice?

      The rapes in Norway are very bad, believe me. Being raped is worse than being shot, ask any woman. Principally gang raped. And it worse than what you think. Much worse. It's the media that is not telling us everything. They are whitewashing Islam and Muslims, while the victims' plight go unheard.

      I don't know if you know this but Muslims are allowed and even encouraged to rape non-Muslims. And this is what they do, while they go unpunished. These are not just crimes, these are religious supremacist crimes against non-Muslim women, in order to show Muslim dominance, which makes the crime even more appalling. They rape in the name of their deity.

      You need to understand that not all rape is reported. If 10,000 rapes are reported, the real figures are 80,000 you can be sure of that. Besides the media tries its best not to say Muslims did it, sometimes they use the words Asian. You must learn how to understand that the media is now working for the Norwegian government, which in turn is responsible for enabling these murderous rapists into your country (and ours). And you are wrong about the numbers and proof. There are thousands more claims which have not been reported and there is an overwhelming amount of evidence. Just because some of these people are not convicted it doesn't mean they haven't done the crime. Again, the courts are part of the government. They are all Socialist/communist and will NEVER tell you the truth. EVER.

      Why are so many Muslims coming to Europe, do you even know? Why don't they remain in their country if they HATE the WEST so much and only come here to IMPOSE Sharia law? Many of them (the innocent ones) have LEFT their countries because of the violence of sharia, and yet those who come to Europe or are born here, think sharia is good.

    2. If they love Islam and Islamic countries so much, why don't they return to their own lands? I tell you why. It's because they are here to CONQUER our countries by demographics, so that they can use our DEMOCRACY and elect their own Muslim representatives who will impose sharia on everyone, and do away with democracy afterwards.
      I am sad you cannot see it.

      Instead of attacking Breivik, I suggest you focus on learning about Islam and Muslims, what their cult teaches them and what they believe. I think you need to know these things before you start attacking those who are sacrificing their lives so that your families and the next generation can have a FREE LAND, free from Islamic violence. Just look at ALL the Islamic countries in the world. If Islam was a good thing how come these countries are the most appalling in Human Rights? How come they are the POOREST? How come they are the worst abusers of women and animals? Tell me that. What has Islam and Muslims to offer us in the West apart from their immoral and satanic corruption?

      Breivik did what he did to raise awareness of the evils that have taken over your land and your spirit.

    3. Burn in hell you dirty jew may hamas kill all you motherfuckers in israel you demonic people. How can your like a man who killed innocent women and children you devil zionist peace if shit go die!!! If i knew you on person i would of killed you already fir supporting such a criminal. How would you like if that was your familiy that got kiloed by this monster hey? well as you are a dirtu filthy jew you wont care because satan lives in your heart.

    4. Jewish peace of shit how can you support a killer. May hamas kill all motherfuckers jews like you because that is what they deserve. Fuck israel and mark my words israel will burn to the ground soon

  22. Random Norwegian5 May 2012 at 12:10

    I can assure you and Samir here, that they would NOT have been filled with joy if something like this had happened to Israeli civilians by Arab terrorists.
    That's bullshit. No one, besides some pretty twisted people, would celebrate something like this.

    And tell me, how did they show hatred towards Israel? Don't just spew out a whole lot of propeganda, come with valid sources. Come with videos.

    And a phrase from a politician in that party doesn't count. Just because one person is of that opinion, doesn't mean all 69 people who died shared such an opinion. I can assure you, if this had happened to the Israeli people, Norwegians, besides a few twisted ones, would find no happiness in it.

    It's an atrocity that shouldn't happen to anyone. :/

    1. Norwegian, you cannot assure anyone of anything because you do not have proof for your claims, while we have facts for ours.
      This is what these people are. Twisted and evil. Communism/Socialism/Islam = Nazis. They have the same evil ideology and all of them have something in common. They hate Jews.
      But this is not about Jews only, this is about every non-Muslim in the world.

      Have a look at this article The payback principle: http://www.jdl-uk.org/2012/04/payback-principle.html where we provided EVIDENCE that these people were peddling hate against Israel. The article quotes from the source article as well. It's not propaganda, but fact.

      I am afraid that you can ONLY speak for YOURSELF on this.

    2. See what Mr. Pracon had to say he thought it was a test how Israelis act in Gaza.That guy is brainwashed.Read the article to get to his comments http://naudengels.blogspot.com/2011/08/village-of-norway.html

  23. For any race to denounce another race, is vile.

  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  25. No doubt Breivik did something horrible but why should he be called the next Hitler while a ton more crimes perpetuated by Muslims are merely tolerated and not even punished under a blanket of politically correct lies?

    Are you Europeans lost every bit your rationality to mindless liberalism?

  26. "Are you Europeans lost every bit your rationality to mindless liberalism?"

    Most of them have.

    I cried my last tears for this country (Norway) a long time ago. In 2040 will there be more immigrants than ethnic norwegians in Oslo. It's a shame.

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  28. Every sane person has condemned what Anders Breivik has committed.
    However Norway and Sweden have become one of the most Jew-hating countries in the world today.before the influx of Muslim immigrants, the Small Jewish community lived in peace and certainly no fear, however today this has become a different story, what transpires in the middle east has nothing whatsoever to do with the relatively small Jewish community of Norway numbering about 1,500 of which I understand around 800 are now leaving because of such Jew-hatred which has been
    perpetuated by Muslims who have cowardly scapegoated the tiny Norwegian Jewish community on all the ills which have befallen the Arab and Islamic world.
    The socialist government has done absolutely nothing to curb the abuse, the physical attacks, including communal property attacks against the whole Jewish community. Possibly it suits these left-wing white Norwegians who have always been latent anti-Semites, with exceptions, as there are always exceptions for people with good hearts and strong wills who have tried to protect Jews as some of them did during world war two.

  29. I think you have done a very good job with this article. I don't agree with killing at all, but I don't believe that we are ever told the truth by the mainstream media on any matter especially on Breivik. I would have really admired him if he had not killed these kids -- but I can't admire murder. On every other point I agree.

  30. Thank you for disclosing facts that were never reported by the Muslim biased western news media. It is frightening what has happened to the Scandanavian countries. Western governments and their lackeys who have perpetrated the " multicultural dream " fantasy are all guilty of treason.

    Pity it wasn't the politicians Breivik got.............

    Keep up your good work.

  31. There is an update to the Breivik story.. Look at what Breivik said in 2014, not reported by the press

    Norway: Mass murderer Breivik reveals himself a Nazi, says ...
    12 Jan 2014 - The terrorist Anders Behring Breivik has sent a letter to the international media. .... Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch has cited over 150 times in ...
    Breivik tried to undermine counter-jihad, admits Nazi goals

    14 Jan 2014 - Contrast that to the huge media barrage when Breivik's “manifesto” ... But now, when Breivik says he was a Nazi and was not only not ..... You will receive a daily mailing containing links to the stories posted at Jihad Watch in ...

    Murderer Breivik opposed Spencer and other counter-jihadists
    27 Jan 2014 - Here Fjordman has more from mass murderer Anders Breivik's recent .... As the author Robert Spencer noted on Jihad Watch: The New York ...

    Mass murderer Breivik details his plan to destroy counter ...
    28 Jan 2014 - And Breivik has openly expressed his admiration for the techniques of ... a daily mailing containing links to the stories posted at Jihad Watch in ...