Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Today, Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, his two children (aged 6 and 3), and with Miriam Monsonego (aged 8 Z"L) were buried in Jerusalem. It was their first time to Eretz Yisrael.

On hearing of the tragic killings, for some reason the eulogy at the end of the film Exodus came to mind...

The context of this scene is the start of our Independence war (1948), but it is the continuation of a very old war for the Jewish people. Following the funeral, we see the men and women jump into their trucks and off to fight on the front lines.

We're living at a time in history which is full of tension (and Iran is just one piece of the puzzle). This is the quiet before the storm, the quiet bit in the run up to something significant. This is the bit of history where our children and grandchildren are going to ask us, couldn't we see what was coming?

Of course, with the benefit of hindsight, it's easier to admit what many Jews currently don't want to know. If history teaches us anything, it is firstly that history always repeats itself, and second, that people never learn from history.

As if to underline the point of all this madness, Catherine Ashton made it very clear that the victims of Toulouse were the same as the victims in Gaza. In other words, the Hitlerian Muslim murderer in Toulouse was no different to the IDF.

This means that according to Ashton, Israel is responsible for the inadvertent deaths of children used as human shields, but that Hamas, who uses these human shields (a war crime) and child soldiers (war crime) as a tactic of warfare, is exonerated. (*1)

Even for Israelis, known for their chutzpah (cheek), this was way over the line. To say it was a bit rich, would be a gross understatement. (*2) Ashton's comments only added to our pain but the point was clear (and it is the same point made in Exodus); Jews will not know peace or be given respect, not even when they grieve.

The environment in which the Toulouse murders happened is the creation of amoral bureaucrats like Catherine Ashton, one of the many slimey cogs in the EU machine that has led to that continent's current woes. As Bibi today stated, the 'confusion' of morals between merciless killers and the inadvertent killing of human shields, is what has encouraged this murder to take place.

One of the lessons for humanity after the Shoah (Holocaust), was that we must stand up to evil wherever and whenever we find it. The inconvenient truth most in Europe (and Germany) seem to have overlooked is that in order to stand up to evil and denounce it, it takes courage.

As Douglas Murray brilliantly put it (I'm paraphrasing from a video now deleted from youtube), "[in the face of growing Islamic aggression in Europe, politicians are all too happy to denounce neo-Nazism, and 'right wing fascism' like as if this is still the biggest threat we face... They're still fighting the last war, and expect to win awards for denouncing that enemy."

In light of the Toulouse massacre, the French ambassador to Israel said there is no need for Jews to flee France. He has his agenda, the Jewish people have our own.

Please follow the example of the bereaved families and come home.

By Caped Crusader


*1.  international law is quite clear on human shields

“the presence of a protected person [civilian] may not be used to render certain areas immune from military operations”. This means that civilians cannot, with their presence, protect military installations, for example from military attack. They can not be used as human shields (article 28 IVGC). The use of civilians to protect the military is an illegal method of warfare misusing their vulnerability and protected status by forcing them to take part in the hostilities. The involvement of civilians puts them under jeopardy and in fact strips them of their protection.

Even so, Israel still takes precautions not required such as warning civilians before bombings. This is why, despite all the hype, Israel is never prosecuted, and would not be successfully prosecuted for war crimes. (Incidentally, the quote is from an anti-Israel site. Their quotation of the law isn't wrong, it's how they apply it that is doubtful.)

*2. Ashton is an EU bureaucrat. The EU pays UNWRA which has a unique definition for the 'Palestinians' in which descendants of the original 'refugees' inherit their parents refugee status. No other refugee has needed this unique definition, and all other refugees have their human rights fulfilled with the standard definition of a refugee. This is a blatant attempt to not only keep the Israel-Arab conflict alive, but to expand it with each generation. Furthermore, the EU funds NGOs to create propaganda and provoke situations in which to create yet more propaganda, which the EU then uses as 'evidence' against Israel. And only in Muslim countries is Antisemitism worse than in Europe, thanks to a media which marches in lock-step with the EU's hostility to the Jewish State.

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