Monday, 26 March 2012

Terrorist Abu Qatada is given a new and bigger home in England

Abu Qatada is the happiest man in England, as he has just been given a bigger and more expensive property in Wembley at the cost of London's taxpayer (Thanks Theresa May, you moron!) instead of being deported to Jordan to be punished for the crimes he committed there.

Left: Abu Qatada and one of his bin bag wives with shopping bags from Morrisons. 

The Daily mail has covered the story HERE.

This is what happens in sorry old England, when a Muslim terrorist is freed from prison they get new and expensive houses at the cost of the taxpayers, while thousands of English people are still on the council housing lists, and have been for many years!

I know people who have severe disabilities, and others with children who are made to live on the top floor of old buildings, while Islamic terrorists and their hateful families are given big houses with gardens and a new lease of life. 

According to the article Abu Qatada "asked" to be moved due to complaints from the old property owner who discovered his identity. 
How many decent hard working English people do you know who have asked to be moved due to the bad conditions of their property and never even got an offer?
How many English families with children live in 1 or 2 bedroom flats due to the lack of affordable housing? And then this terrorist koranimal is given a free house as soon as he comes our of jail??

Something is definitely wrong here. The morality of some of our politicians and of the home secretary are twisted. They have decided to reward Islamofascist terrorists and punish the decent working people of this country, and I think it's time we hold them fully accountable for their disgusting lack of  good judgement.

What kind of message are these idiots giving to our people?

"The terror suspect has told relatives in his native Jordan that he is the ‘happiest man in England’ after he was rehoused to the more expensive property.
His wife and five children are also said to be ‘delighted’ with the move, because their new home has more bedrooms, a bigger garden and more modern fittings."

But of course they are!!!! What an affront to our tolerance! 

‘It is better for the family. They are all very happy in the larger house. 
‘My brother cannot work so the British government fund his family to live there. The new house is costing more but he does not have to pay it because there is no way he can earn money.’

So here we have a useless Islamofascist hate preacher, who supports the killing of Jews, homosexuals, barbaric Sharia, oppression of women, female genital mutilation, etc... being given a free ride on our (Taxpayers) back, in a country he despises and from the kuffar he hates. 

Thanks Theresa May, you moron!! And shame on you! You are not fit to be Home Secretary or represent the views of the people in this country. You should resign if you have any dignity! 


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