Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Syrian soldiers have invaded Lebanon

You won't see this in the media right now, just in Israeli sites and blogs. 
Syrian troops have invaded Lebanon.


"Syrian troops fired machine guns on a border town in northern Lebanon, but Beirut denied reports that Assad’s crossed the border. Reuters reported that Syrian soldiers invaded Lebanon. (Are you really surprised?) 

One report stated that nearly three dozen Syrian troops destroyed a farmbuilding in Lebanon and fought rebels who had fled there. (They fought against innocent people by destroying farm buildings.)

One resident reported that soldiers crossed the border in armored personnel carriers. (They mean business)
Heavy gunfire was heard Tuesday morning, according to the Beirut Daily Star. No casualties were reported at the village of Al-Joura in Masharih al-Qaa, which has served as a passage for Syrian soldiers and civilians trying to escape the carnage in Syria. (So now Assad is sending his troops to murder the ones who tried to escape his regime and stop them from talking.)

At least six more people were killed Tuesday morning in a suburb of Damascus and in Homs, one of the strongest areas of opposition to the regime that it says has killed more than 10,000 people. (Then they claim Israel is the tyrant..hmmmm)

Assad reportedly visited Homs morning in a sign that his soldiers have successfully suppressed rebel forces. 
The Beirut newspaper reported that Syrian President Bashar Assad has accepted Kofi Anan’s plan to end the violence, but Assad previously has verbally accepted several proposals without executing them.
An opposition leader who has fled to Turkey told the Star, "The Syrian government is going to depend on propaganda as it has over the past few months - propaganda of armed terrorists. The government denies that there is a popular uprising in the country, saying the revolt is being driven by terrorists.”


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