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One British Mothers Shocking Account of the Anti-Semitic attacks her children suffer in the UK

One British Mothers Shocking Account of the Anti-Semitic attacks her children suffer in the UK:

Every weekday morning I drive to a building surrounded by razor wire. It has  bomb-proof windows, security guards posted next to its tall, iron gates, and sturdy fences that ring the perimeters. Access to anyone is by entry phone — or by convincing the guards you have a right to enter.

So do I work in a prison? No. I have children who attend a Jewish school near our home in Manchester.

Though the security at the school may sound shockingly heavy-handed, my sons barely notice it and we parents gratefully accept it. However, every so often I ask myself: is this how we really need to  protect a school in modern Britain? (We don't see Muslim schools being protected in the same manner, mainly because it's Muslims who are perpetrating such terrorist acts on peoples of other faiths) 

I was driving when the news came through on the radio and, shaking hard, I just about managed to manoeuvre the car through the morning traffic as I fought to take it in. As soon as I could, I pulled over to phone my husband and tell him what had happened.

One of the Jewish School children shot dead in Toulouse
(May her soul rest in peace, and the soul of her murderer burn in hell together with Muhammad for all eternity) 
Not only was there deep shock and profound sorrow, there was something else, too — a cold dread that fingered the spine. Put simply, I was terrified. For the sorry truth is that schools like my children’s would not need such protection if there was a not a genuine threat in  Britain, too. Don’t believe me? Three of my four children attend Jewish schools (the fourth is now on a gap year), and over recent years they, along with many of their friends and classmates, have been targets for anti-Semitic abuse. (Anti-Semitic abuse is encouraged also by the racist leftists in the UK, those who are into the trend of attending racist and anti-Jew "Palestinian" protests).

Only recently, my 13-year-old son and his friends were walking home from the local Jewish high school when a group of  yobs from across the road taunted them by shouting: ‘You Jews, Zeig Heil! We  hate you, Jews.’ (If I was one of those Jews I would have beaten the shit out of these "youths" while chanting Elohim Gadol!) 

Ask any of the pupils about this kind of incident and they will tell you — to quote my 16-year-old son — that ‘it happens all the time’. (And the shameful thing is that most Jews, including youngsters do nothing to stop it. Learn how to fight and show these animals that picking on a Jew will be a big mistake!)

These are not teenagers who are ultra-orthodox, so there are no overt signs of their religion, except that they are  walking home from a Jewish school. They look like any other scruffy kids as they amble along with their skewed ties, untucked shirts, backpacks and pockets jammed with jaw-rotting sweets. But even that relative anonymity doesn’t protect them. (Then go and join a good martial arts class and learn to protect yourselves.)

The tragedy in France has crystallised the fear of every Jewish parent in this country. The son of one friend of mine had eggs thrown at him by a group of youths as he made his way home, while another was actually set upon by a trio of mindless young idiots — though he managed to break free and run away, thankfully, with just a few bruises. Little wonder that on the afternoon of the Toulouse murders, as I went to collect my seven-year-old daughter from school, the atmosphere in the playground was febrile with what I can only describe as a collective terror.

For the tragedy in France has crystallised the fear of every Jewish parent in this country: that racial hatred takes no prisoners — even innocent ones — and can, in the worst-case scenario, lead to unimaginable tragedy. Thank goodness that our  children, buoyed by youthful  optimism, seem almost to take it in their stride. Part of me admires their fortitude. (Youthful optimism is not enough. Learn to throw a good punch and a killer kick too.)

As a mother, I would fight like a lioness with anyone who threatened their safety.
But I don’t want my teenage sons yoked to my side by a prevailing fear of anti-Semitic attack. I want to raise them to hold their heads high, to be proud of their Jewish heritage, to contribute to and integrate with the wider community and, above all, to know who they are. (Then put them to learn Krav Maga at least. Equip them for the battle that life may demand of them one day. This is true love from a parent to his/her child.) 

Unfortunately, being Jewish and going to a Jewish school puts them in the firing line for threatening and abusive behaviour. (And as long as we tolerate it, it will continue. Put a stop to it by fighting back). 

Where I live, the situation is compounded by the fact that more anti-Semitic crime took place in Greater Manchester than London last year, despite seven times more Jews living in the capital. (That's because London has the JDL and we will hunt these animals down if they mess with our Jews).

There is no obvious reason for this except, perhaps, it is easier to target the tight-knit Jewish community in Manchester, which is concentrated in an area that is relatively small compared to  London’s sprawl.  In terms of the aggressors, there doesn’t seem to be any consistent racial or religious profile.

Mourners in Toulouse in France this week. Angela Epstein says she was terrified when she heard the news of the killings.

The victims of anti-Semitic violence in the UK include two Jewish schoolgirls who were approached by two other youngsters who held cigarette lighters up to them and threatened to ‘burn you like Hitler’. (If they knew martial arts, they could put these cigarette lighters... you know where) 

On another occasion, a lit firework was thrown from a car at three Jewish schoolchildren as they walked home. Let me ask the non-Jewish mothers and fathers reading this: wouldn’t your blood chill if pupils at your children’s school were being threatened  this way?
(Yes, and I would hunt them down, find them and deal with them.) 

I try to give my sons obvious advice such as never allow yourselves to be goaded into a street fight, and if someone yells abuse from a car, try to get the number plate. (My friend’s son who was covered in eggs did this, and police tracked down and charged the culprit.)
(Big deal. He should have got a good beating from a Jew instead. Charging him is not enough).

So why is Britain’s 350,000-strong Jewish community and particularly its children under the kind of attack that has uncomfortable echoes of 1930s Germany? (Because most of them are pathetic dhimmis and Islamic appeasers. They have no courage to fight back.) 

'My own children, along with many classmates, are only too happy to integrate' (Muslims are not).

The simple answer could be that anyone who seems different (To Muslims) will always be a butt for old-fashioned xenophobia, patriarchal bigotry and inherited prejudice.
Perhaps, and this is far more depressing, it’s down to a cultural hatred of Jews that has bled through the generations, creating an unapologetic loathing of anything to do with our religion. (It stems from Muhammad's attempt to convert to Judaism twice and failing twice. He hated the Jews thenceforth and ensured he perpetuated this legacy in his Qu'ran).

Certainly I believe anti-Semitic attacks are influenced by events in Israel — the CST, which also  monitors incidents against Jewish people and organisations — said anti-Semitic incidents spiked during last year’s conflict in Gaza. (Monitoring does not mean fixing the problem, and this has nothing to do with Gaza. It has to do with Muslims being brainwashed by their Imams to hate Jews because they covet what the Jews have. Life, Freedom and Liberty). 

But the vitriolic feelings that manifest themselves in this country must be fuelled by something more than politics. I simply fail to understand how a tiny democracy in the Middle East, one that is no larger than Wales and surrounded by hostile neighbours, elicits  such loathing. (Because this tiny democracy is endorsed by G-d. This surely upsets a few people...) 

In the end, I’m afraid I believe  that our children are a target because no one fears a Jewish reprisal. As comedian Jackie Mason once said, ‘Nobody ever crossed the street to avoid a group of Jewish accountants.’ (Then it's time to bring back the "Kosher Nostra gang" and make these animals fear the Jew armed with combat skills.) 

It sounds light-hearted but it’s true. We don’t make excessive demands for the State to absorb our culture. We just want to live a peaceful coexistence.
So what of the legacy of the  terrible events in Toulouse? Well, security at our school could barely get any tighter. Though judging from the pale, pinched faces of parents on the school run this week, confidence in what is already a well-fortified system is understandably shaken.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter how hard we Jews work to feel part of a broader culture, there will always be others who won’t stop reminding our children that we’re not. (Don't give in to bullies. Fight them back).

My own children — along with many classmates — are only too happy to integrate. They attend a Jewish school because my husband and I want them to get a first-class secular education as well as knowledge of their heritage and tradition. (Ensure Jewish schools also include Krav Maga in their curriculum then). 

That way, as they make the journey to adulthood, they can have a foot in the Jewish and the non-Jewish world, with no recourse to mutual exclusivity.
What a pity the yobs who yell Nazi slurs at them as they make their way to and from school will never see it that way.

JDL UK Comment: This sickening revelation on Anti-Semitism in the UK needs to be spread viral, people must know what is happening, recently many attacks have occurred on British Jews, Synagogues and Jewish cemeteries. The CST are not doing a good enough job, I will say their presence is appreciated but it is not good enough! the attacks are still occurring and something needs to be done! Join the JDL to make a difference!

Rabbi Meir Kahane once said: "Every Jew a .22" and how right he was, Jews now deserve a right to be legally armed to be able protect themselves in the UK and Europe, Do something David Cameron! Anything! these disgusting attacks cannot continue!

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