Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Muslim women flock to lay floral tributes to Muhammed Merah

Muslim women in France have flocked to the childhood home of Muhammed Merah, "they want to retain a good image of Merah and blasted the media for painting his as a monster."

Muslims worshipping a child killer who was following Muhammeds orders in the Koran, Muslims actions are now so bad, they fail to shock me any more, I have learned to accept it as the norm from them, unbelievable.


  1. So this is how these Muslim "women" try to "restore dignity" to the Muslim community, huh? By laying flowers on a MURDERER'S doorstep.
    It says it all about Islam, in case anyone still doubt. Murdering Jews and gloating about it earns you a place in Muslim heaven.

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