Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Ken Livingstone - The Communist Jew hating, Islamist appeaser and SHAME of London


Is a far-left Communist?
Is homophobic?
Is a Jew hater?
Is friends with Islamofascist terrorists?

Frankly I could go on describing the many "qualities" of Ken Livingstone, but I rather show you who this man truly is. First of all, he is a liar. You should never believe in anything he says because as his past records show, he simply cannot be trusted.

Here you will see a leaked tape of Commie Ken defending the Jew hating "Sheikh" Qaradawi at a Barnet event. 

Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an Egyptian national, is internationally infamous for his anti-Semitic views and has previously been banned from entering the United Kingdom following comments he made supporting suicide bombings against Israeli women.  In the leaked tape Ken states that “the fact that the man believes Palestinians have a right to defend their nation does not make him a hate preacher.”

‘Sheikh’ al-Qaradawi has most recently been reported as saying Hitler was sent as “divine punishment” for the Jews, and opposes the existence of Israel

Commie Ken with an air of self importance, together with his best friend, the Jew hating and homophobic Islamofascist hate preacher Yusuf al Qaradawi. 

Do decent Londoners really want to have a COMMUNIST JEW HATING AND HOMOPHOBIC Mayor again? 

The LGBT community has also demanded Commie Ken to be BANNED from the London Pride as we can see here, due to his anti-gay views. 

How can Londoners tolerate a man with such lack of proper judgement of what is right or wrong? How disgraceful it would be for London's image if Londoners vote for such a far-left communist who expresses such intolerant and INTOLERABLE views!!  And of course, let's NOT FORGET that Commie Ken has made thousands of pounds from the Islamic terrorist regime by presenting an Iranian TV channel funded by the famously-homophobic state, and that he was suspended once for comparing a Jew to a concentration camp guard and he REFUSED to apologise!

Here is another link from newstatesman exposing Commie Ken for his appalling and sickening views on gays and Jews. 

Londoners must REMEMBER all these things before casting their votes. This is not about politics but about making the right choices for London and supporting what is right. 

Make no mistake. Ken Livingstone is no friend to the Jews. He is an Islamist supporter, he supports female oppression, and is full on anti-Israel, which means, he is a RACIST of the highest degree, and would not think twice before openly condoning a genocide in Israel, in favour of his Islamofascist allies.  The animal even called Boris Johnson "Hitler", while comparing himself to Churchill!! Now, it seems not only Commie Ken cannot look at his own dirty behind, he has delusions of grandeur.

This weasel, this vermin, can only dream of being like Churchill who was indeed a Great Leader!  The time has come for Londoners to tell Commie Ken to "JOG ON". He does not belong in politics, and certainly he has no place of honour in the hearts of Londoners. He belongs in the sewers and this is where we should send him to.

Here we have a great article from Bare Naked Islam exposing Ken Livingstone saying I will make London a "beacon for Islam". This is NOT what we want for London. Ken Livingstone has been exposed as the best friend of terrorists and Jew hating scum. Apart from that, we can confidently say that anyone supporting Islam is also supporting paedophilia, rape, forced marriages, honour killings, female genital mutilation, genocide against non-Muslims, and so on.  Is this what Londoners wish for London? Should we have a mayor who supports everything we find so abhorrent in human behaviour? 

What is profoundly disturbing is that Human Rights organisations turn a blind eye to all these things, while LABOUR supports it.  Ken is being funded by the corrupt Labour party, a party not interested in the rights of the common people, unless you are a Muslim.

Commie Ken with another Jew hating scumbag - George Galloway. Traitor to British values and another one on the Iranian Press TV payroll.  Both sickening individuals.

London has no need for a Communist Jew and gay hating Mayor. In fact people like Ken Livingstone should be publicly shamed.
Labour has run its course. They did nothing but destroy London's image with their fake claim of working for the people. They are not working for the people of London, that's for sure. They are simply forcing us to accept their communist and socialist retrograde views. Well, they can piss off! 

We had enough of your crap!! Move to Iran, you sick individual and take your daughters with you! Don't forget to buy them a burqa!!

We just wanted to say this to you Ken, you little worm. A BIG...

From the GREAT JDL UK Team

We hope BORIS JOHNSON kicks your sorry old ass!! We might even give him some steel cap boots for the job.  

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  1. with Boris Johnson, you see what you get, but with Ken Livingstone, unless you are foreign, you will get nothing - except sidelined.