Monday, 12 March 2012

Israel: Day 4 Of Missile Barrages In Pictures

Gaza Launches Missiles
Chinese made missiles, funded by Iran, fired by Salafists

Iron Dome Responds

Missile Strikes, But Doesn't Detonate

Damage: Religious School (Yeshiva)

No Shelter Nearby: Taking Cover

Sheltering Underground

Amateur footage of missile hit, click here (if the link doesn't show, you may need to log into facebook first)

If any of these images are used without permission, please msg below and we'll gladly provide a link or credit.

Posted by Caped Crusader

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  1. Israel needs to stop bowing down to the demands of the West and give Gaza a taste of its own medicine, these people simply want to destroy Israel and everyone in it, they deserve no mercy! Great work JDL!