Friday, 30 March 2012

The Islamic Trojan Horse George Galloway Wins Bradford By-election

Today is a sickening day for the mostly "democratic state" of Britain, First we will give you a brief explanation of who we are talking about, George Galloway is the man who saluted Sadam, called for Arabs to attack British soldiers and stated Israel has no right to exist, holds a Gazan passport, has shaken hands with high ranking members of Hamas and openly supports vile Islam terror groups such as Hizbullah and Hamas. 

Galloway holds a talk show on a British station called talksport and he has free reign to spew his bile, anybody who calls in to the show to show their disgust is called "Ignorant, racist, fascist, islamophobe" before they are cut off and George then explains in his own words how they are "not as clever as him and do not deserve to speak". George should be banned from the air waves due to his vile and hateful views on Israel, the United States and support for Muslim terrorists, yet Talk sport continue to employ him because his views provoke a lot of angry calls, calls at premium rates which brings a large profit to Talk sport.

Below is a shocking but also quite amusing must see video of George Galloway acting very angry towards the director of "undercover Mosque" which exposed the vile scholars and speeches being given in many London Mosques, George attacked Jews, Christians and non-Jewish Zionists (But not Muslims, ever!) George starts democratically and then finishes by becoming very annoyed and shouting, slandering and insulting and refusing to listen to what the director (A smart man who has very good view points) has to say to defend himself against the Muslim crocodile tears. (The debate begins to become very heated at around 3:40)

George Galloway is a traitor to the country he lives in, his Islamic influenced Marxist-filled rants are the epitome of multiculturalism and Dhimmitude. Traitors like him will deliver the UK and its population to the fascist theocrats of Islam whose agenda is an Islamic Republic of Britain. These Dhimmi politicians must be stopped before they succeed in stabbing their peoples in the back and delivering them to an alien ideology that is determined to wage war on British society until it submits to their will, using a trojan horse tactic.

Below is a video of george threatening anybody who threatens to change the Muslim way of life, they will have "to fight their way through 10,000 dead bodies first", this is the man who has the Muslim block vote behind his foothold in British politics? G-d help us...

Here is more footage of Galloway on a British reality TV show Big Brother, pretending to be ... a cat, yes, you read that correct, a cat. Very Bizarre, another reason i would not want this freak to be my MP.

George Galloway won the Bradford by-election yesterday, he won via the Muslim block vote. He called his election result "the Bradford spring" (his version of the Arab spring) and promised his election in Bradford is a vote for an "uprising"

ARTICLE UPDATE: George Galloway and his mob of supporters were massing in Bradford for their victory parade and to gloat on their election win when an English born man, one of the few non-Muslims left in Bradford, walked up to the crowd alone and threw eggs at Galloway and mob and calling him a parasite and a sycophant, he was then threatened, abused and pushed and dragged away by Galloway's street army of young Muslim thugs ready to protect him, like they did in Tower Hamlets. The JDL UK say well done to that man! He showed bravery in the face of the freedom hating Muslim thugs and exercised his right to show his disgust at this man gaining power in his home town, before his freedom of speech was crushed by Galloway's savages. I hope there is a lot more eggs coming towards the hateful Galloway, Video below thanks to ITN news:

Article Update 2: sources close to one of the candidates in the Bradford West by-election has revealed that as newsworthy as yesterday’s victory for George Galloway proved to be, there is much more of interest that will shortly be forthcoming. Not only was the result itself unusual, but so was some of the behaviour that attended the campaign. 

“Labour supporters had to have a police escort out of Odsal Sports Centre last night after threats from Respect supporters.”

How strange. Why would Respect supporters threaten their Labour equivalents, and what was the nature of these threats? Were they simply a display of an overly vigorous partisan verbal aggression, or something more substantial and sinister?

Ken Livingstone and George Galloway, two pea's in a pod.

Unsurprisingly, given the demographic makeup of Bradford West, there have also been serious allegations of postal vote rigging, with the claim being made that residents at some addresses had voted over 100 times. Apparently, The Daily Telegraph is conducting an investigation into these allegations so we should hear more about this in the days or weeks to come. Whilst the journalists at the BBC purport to be puzzled by the result of this election, any objective observer can see that the Islamic factor was key to determining its outcome. As such, it highlights the reality that Respect is an emergent Islamist party, irrespective of the fact that Galloway himself says he is not a Muslim. Galloway has thus far proven to be adept at saddling and riding the Islamist tiger, and has been willing to employ inflammatory oratory to stir up Muslim emotions as illustrated in this video of one of his speeches made in Tower Hamlets. Now that he has successfully demonstrated the appeal of Islamic demagogy, how many others might follow in his footsteps? Labour have sown the seed of identity politics, and now they are reaping the Islamist whirlwind. 

The next stage of the Caliphate has begun, this is British Democracy ... Arab style!

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For more information on the  MUSLIM "Respect" party, see HERE.

- Jewish Defence League United Kingdom-


  1. Galloway is Scottish and even the Scots call him a traitor, which he is of course.
    When he mentioned the "EDL" would have to go through 10,000 bodies first, I only prayed he would be one of these bodies, as I would definitely have infinite pleasure in stepping on his filthy carcass. I hope he doesn't think that his little rhetoric will be able to stop us; in fact it gives us even more determination. I would make it 20,000 bodies with gusto!

    This filthy animal only won in Bradford because apart from him being an Islamic cock sucker, Bradford is an Islamic enclave and as with all "reputable" Islamic enclaves they must live to their reputation of Jew haters, British Haters, Gay haters, USA haters, Israel haters, etc...and any Muslim who fits the above description, which let's face it is the MAJORITY, will feel "at home" voting for such vermin, as they have a lot in common.

    Physically he reminds me of that paedophile beast from Austria, Joseph Fritzl. The similarities are striking.

  2. Dhimmi scumbags such as these will rue the day they sold out- no amount of $$$ in the world can ever account for being a sellout- ask Judas Iscariot.

  3. What a repulsive,slimy fucker! I wouldn't piss on galloway if he was on fire . What's his obsession with the so- called ' Palestinians'?- I prefer to call them syrians.why doesn't this anti- British piece of shit fuck off to a Muslim country ? Islam is an imperialistic,fascist,racist cult- their way or no way. I would advise people to boycott co- op stores as they are refusing to sell israeli goods - spineless Wankers!

  4. Genesis 12:2-3

    “I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all people on the earth will be blessed through you.”

    I guess the Musloid koranimals will have to learn the hard way.