Monday, 12 March 2012

Iron Dome: How Does It Work?

With the rockets continuously raining down on 1 million Israeli heads (and counting), it might be of interest to learn something about the way Israel's largely successful iron Dome works.

Here we see the first four stages of how it works. Of course, this doesn't reveal the complex procedure behind the scenes, the calculations etc.

But first up, some re-tweaking is in order as shown in the formula below...

...and lo and behold what you end up with is this...

There. Problem solved.

Okay okay, after another heavy day of shelling here and Bibi saying 'we'll hit them hard'  blaming Iran for the current escalation (and they have a history of this whenever the heat's turned up on them), and Gaza rockets reaching farther and father into Israel, what I really wanted to post was this article over at

"Bibi, Can You Bomb Iran Already Or Just Shut Up!"

By Caped Crusader

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