Saturday, 17 March 2012

Get it right. It's ISRAEL, not "Palestine".

Don't you get sick and tired of listening to the name "Palestine" over and over again? Well, I do, and the reason I am sick of it is because Palestine has NEVER existed as a country anywhere else in the planet, but in the minds of RACIST BIGOTS.  Throughout history there has never been a country named "Palestine", so why are these Arab people suddenly referring to themselves as "Palestinians" or claiming a heritage that has never existed?  

Philistine is the land that has existed and Philistine is gone. Besides, the Philistines were  were a people who lived in the southern coast of Canaan at the beginning of the Iron age (circa 1175 BC), they were not Arabs and did not come from Arabia. They were people of the seas, with no fixed borders to the East. These people were constantly trying to attack their neighbours, the Israelites. Hence the Philistines were at the time the main enemies of the Jews.  Since they were not Arabs, they did not have Arab customs, language or religion; in fact they worshipped their own deities, which by the way had no Allah in it, but were Baal, Astarte, Dagon, etc.

The word Philistine may come from the Hebrew root word פלש (P-L-S) meaning invaders. Another historian suggests that the name Philistine is a corruption of the Greek "phyle histia" ("tribe of the hearth", with the Ionic spelling of "hestia").

Therefore Arabs who claim to be Palestinians or having Palestinian heritage are lying, and are just pawns in a political game to destabilize Israel, by claiming to belong to a group of people that have never existed. These Philistines had connections to the Mycenaean people (Not Arabs) and proof of that was found when they excavated Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ekron and Gath, four of the five Philistines cities in Canaan. 

 As for the Philistine language, yes you guessed it, it's not Arabic. In fact there is evidence that they spoke some Indo-European language and were not a Semitic people. They had a lot more in common with the Greeks and the Anatolians. 

Having established now that the Ancient Philistines have absolutely no connection with the fake "Palestinians" of today, we can safely conclude that these people claiming to be "Palestinian" are nothing but Arabs from Syria, Iran, Jordan, Egypt and other Arab speaking places, who were given a fake identity by the late paedophile murderer Yasser Arafat, in order to attack Israel and claim Jewish land for themselves under false pretenses.

Anyone supporting the "Palestinian" cause is supporting mass genocide of Jews and Jew hatred. They are consequently also supporting everything our western culture detests, i.e. everything that Islam praises, such as "honour killings, murder of homosexuals, female genital mutilation, oppression of women, denigration of non-Muslims, slavery, paedophilia, barbaric atrocities and punishments belonging to a 7th Century time (Sharia), etc. Furthermore they are supporting neo-Nazism as well as supremacy of a particular group of people over others. 
Those who support "Palestinian" causes, are against Human Rights, Freedom and Liberty. And in my opinion they should all be made to live in the same place and conditions they wish for others, i.e as slaves to their masters, and being subjected to the things they preach towards others.

The Philistines are gone, but now we have peculiar breed of Arab terrorism, caused by the radicalisation of young minds to follow Islam in Muhammad's footsteps, committing the same atrocities he did in his days. 

There have been thousands of victims of Arab terror in the last few years and it's time for us all to deal with this situation and put an end to it by all means necessary, if we are to preserve our freedoms and our advanced culture.

Please stand against the Islamization of your countries. Do not let Muslims demand things they are not prepared to offer in their own countries. 
Our politicians must start learning that we are not their subjects, and they are only in power because we put them there to do our bidding. Allowing infiltration of the enemy into our political system is unacceptable and we will no longer tolerate it! 

Muslims "demand" to build mosques in our countries, so we must demand to build churches, synagogues, and other temples in theirs. It cannot be a one sided request. Our politicians must learn that we will no longer tolerate appeasing the enemy, the enemy must be destroyed in order for progress to flourish. 
It's time the world wakes up and learns that Islam is not a religion of peace, but a tyrannical ideology that seeks to repress and dominate all others.

We are a free society. There is no place for tyrannical ideologies in our lands.

JDL UK Team 


  1. you dont know anything stop talking and shut up

    1. Glad to have touched a nerve. We know far more than you think. I suggest you return to your deserts and leave the west at once. Things are not looking good here for you.