Friday, 16 March 2012

UK Jails run by Muslims

The Muslim prison population in England and Wales has sharply increased in recent years. Former inmates and prison officers claim gangs of Muslim prisoners are an increasingly powerful force. (No wonder. There are more Muslim criminals in the world than any other). 
A former inmate called Jay says: “Muslims run it. Muslims run the prisons and there’s nothing the officers can do about it. For a Muslim you’d say it’s good but for a non-Muslim, it’s very, very bad." (Start giving them some pork scratchings for breakfast and make them study Buddhism everyday. Who knows, they might even redeem their evil souls).
Jay has spent many years inside various prisons in the South of England. It is a claim which is backed by former prison officers and other inmates.
Jay, 24, is a Muslim and has been in and out of prison for most of his life. (No surprises there.)  He openly admits to helping to convert non-Muslim inmates to Islam and has meted out violence against anyone who dares to “disrespect” his religion. (He has no religion. Islam is a cult).
He first went to prison when he was 15 and said there were hardly any Muslims inmates back then. (Did he rape his sister? Hmm, maybe not, as this is allowed in Islam). 
“At the beginning not many knew about Islam. There weren’t many converts. The mosque was empty, but nowadays jails are run mostly by the Muslims,” he said. (This is a failure from our society. Put tough and patriotic prison officers there and stop this Islamic nonsense). 
“There are certain brothers that convert purely on the basis that they read Islam and they want to believe in something that does good for them. Then other people because they want to be looked after. (Islam surely is the best ideology for criminals).
“I’ve been in jail five times and on my last occasion, I’ve seen jails being run by Muslim inmates.
“Muslim prayers on a Friday are very, very busy. In some prisons there’s no space. In one jail I was in, they do the prayers in two sessions because there’s no space.” (So they all have brown noses then...)
Muslims represent 12% (9,795) of the prison population in England and Wales, according to the latest available figures from 2008. This has risen by 50% over five years.
In some high security prisons, the figures are well above average.
In 2008, Muslim prisoners accounted for a third (34%) of prisoners in HMP Whitemoor, in March, Cambridgeshire, and about a quarter (24%) of inmates in HMP Long Lartin, in Evesham, Worcestershire.
Speaking anonymously, a former prison officer, who worked at HMP Long Lartin, told the Donal MacIntyre programme about cases where non-Muslim prisoners were seriously assaulted and intimidated for refusing to abide by unofficial rules imposed by Muslim gangs, about eating pork or listening to Western music. (The Muslim prisoners should have then be put in solitaries for a good few months. Why wasn't this done?)
“Muslim gangs was something I was very concerned about – the situation changed where underworld gangsters who used to keep discipline and order were no longer in charge in the prison,” she said.
“The younger guys, who were being forced to convert, were doing it more for protection from a Muslim gang rather than follow the faith – most of them weren’t interested in the faith. 
“I knew one lad quite well who was approached by the radical Muslims, and he changed. He just seemed very frightened all the time. (There you go. Pisslam, the religion of piss) 
“He used to be forced to pray at certain times and I know for a fact they would be woken in the middle of the night to pray.
“He even grew a long beard even though he didn’t want to. I asked him why he grew the beard and he said ‘It’s survival miss, survival". (Shame on our government for turning a blind eye to this corruption and putting innocent people to share prisons with these koranimals). 

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