Thursday, 9 February 2012

Open Letter To The Israeli PM

Dear Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu,

In light of recent events, I felt compelled to write and ask what is going on, not because I actually care what you think any more, or even think you'll read this after your recent betrayal of Israel, which enabled you to win in the Likud primaries, but because I want as many people to realise who you are. 

You're lucky in that Israel is a country always at war. Israelis usually feel vulnerable, especially when its enemies are lurking in the shadows with their knives and forks sharpened for a kill, as they've been ever since Barack Obama came to power. So it is almost with a sense of unease that I write this to you, only a week after the Likud primaries with the disgraceful campaign offering Jews on the alter of sacrifice as appeasement for the left in your coalition. Just a week later and it all seems a distant memory and much to my shame, a lot of the anger I had towards some of the actions you permitted has gone. But it will return, as it has so often done during your premiership.

No sooner had the primaries finished, it was back to business as usual; Iran, Obama, and national security. Once again, the nation of Israel looks towards you for reassurance. But despite my sense of patriotism, I write this as a matter of principle fearing that one day again soon, people will ask about you and another of your policies when it happens to affect them next time.

Herein then, is a short compendium of some of your wonderful 'accomplishments' since being elected.

Since you came to power the left have done nothing but try and remove you from power. The left always need a fall guy, and over the years you have been their "George W Bush", if only you didn't give such good speeches. First it was the controversy over your hotel bills when you went abroad as Prime Minister (I wondered where the media expected you to stay, a B&B?), then when that failed it was ramping up the Gilad Shalit campaign into overdrive, with the left holding you accountable (why wouldn’t they? After all it happened under Ehud Olmert’s watch). Then of course everyone remembers the housing protesters, which were ultimately hijacked by the same people that kicked you out of office last time you were PM. On top of that there’s the hostile relationship with the US, which had many people in uproar several times over your statements and perceived actions, such as an official housing freeze for 8 months, as well as an unofficial housing freeze ever since.

But through it all I told people not to worry. I told them to keep calm because you’re a shrewd politician and just walking the tightrope of international diplomacy, manoeuvring your way around Obama and the Quartet, talking the talk, but in the mean time buying more time for Israel until the Americans kick the Alinskyite Mafia out of the White House.

I told my friends you have the country’s best interests at heart (although at the back of my mind what you did in Hebron last time you were PM kept bothering me). As it turned out, your speech in the US Congress confirmed what I had said. Your statement that Israel was willing to pay a very painful price for peace, I thought, was just talk. Seeing as the jihadists next door have refused to negotiate, even after an 8 month housing freeze, your statement was tantamount to restating the conflict. In political-speak it meant nothing. You were essentially calling Mahmud Abbas’ bluff, and received 350 standing ovations from both Democrats and Republicans in Congress. Of course, lecturing the Kenyan community organiser was your finest moment.

But it seems that in 2011, stopping the intifada, the flotilla, the flytilla, the intifada, the nakba, the snack bar and whatever else, did something to you because since the summer you yourself have been flying left at an alarming rate. In effect what it all means is furthering the career of one of the most irritating men in Israeli politics, Ehud Barak, and ensuring that the minority idiots who put the minority of leftist idiots into your coalition government, will preside over an increasingly fed up right-wing majority of Israelis. This will, sooner of later, have disastrous consequences, which of course you and your chums will condemn.

If it weren’t for the story of Pua Palmer, the widow who gave birth last week to a daughter whose father and infant brother were murdered by Arabs who threw a rock at his moving vehicle late September 2011, I would’ve forgotten about the cover-up. Never mind the media ignoring the story, our police force and media insulted our intelligence by denying that Arabs had committed the crime. Their orders to do this could only have come from higher up.

And who could forget the Carmel Fire, which accidentally started in several places at once. No perpetrators there. Nope. Arabs don't even enter into it. Of course not.

In contrast to this, and the perfect example of the kinds of leftist hypocrisy you yourself have now adopted, are your responses to ‘price tagging’. In one of the more serious cases of a mosque being burned, far from any evidence being found as to who the perpetrators were, you still blamed Jews for it. 

Update: Muslims did it. Care to apologise?

I wonder, was this in order to provide an excuse to demolish yet more Jewish homes? The continual turning of the screws on the orthodox community led to the unfortunate incident in which an IDF convoy on its way to demolish more homes (an abuse of the IDF, it was not intended for leftist state terrorism) was attacked and vandalised by some of the hilltop youth. Of course, with our sons and daughters serving in the army, this naturally inflamed mainstream public opinion against the orthodox, leading to their further demonization by the Israeli media. Hey, it almost sounds like someone's been taking lessons from Barry!

And as if preparing to ethnically cleanse Jews from Migron, Oz Tiziyon etc. isn’t enough, there is the latest episode: Arab MKs committing acts of treason, making statements in support of the murder of Israeli citizens and endorsing books by proto-fascist authors in London (all at the Israeli tax payer's expense), smearing not only Israel, but statements which provide legitimacy to Muslims in the diaspora to attack Jews...

* * *

So you’ve released 1027 Arab terrorists from prison in exchange for Gilad Shalit; allowed Ehud Barak to run riot in Yesha and created the next ‘price tag generation’ in the process (shame, that'll delay peace from being achieved for a few more years to come); lied when you said you’d annex Judea and Samaria if our neighbours attempted to change the status of land at the UN (declare a Palestinian State), and recently blocked many more Jews from being elected into the Likud party (you prefer leftists). But it seems, Mahmud Abbas has called your bluff, because seeing as you've not done what you said you'd do, he's now approached the UN in his latest quest for Israeli de-legitimisation: having key Israeli beauty spots declared 'Palestinian'. Is it any wonder he doesn't even feel the need to keep up the charade of 'peace' talks any more?

And I haven’t even mentioned the battles with Israel’s leftist Supreme Court to make the judge vetting process more like the US, which you caved in to; or the NGO transparency bill, in which you saved the Supreme Court from rejected by ...shelving it yourself.

* * * 

An army base is safer in Tel Aviv than it would be in Gaza, but nevertheless you’re still in favour of evicting Jewish residents from Judea and Samaria even though Syria and Jordan teeter on the brink making that territory a crucial buffer zone to mainland Israel.

You continue to go along with Obama’s plan of carrying on as normal in the Middle East, allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to take hold of neighbouring countries, but you’re so adamant about implementing your suicidal plans you’re even prepared to fire ministers who oppose demolition of the so-called ‘settlements’.

It's a painful thought, but I can quite clearly imagine a repeat of the Oslo/Arafat years when the Muslim Brotherhood are in control of Syria and Jordan, and you attempt to back Abbas against insurgents, as if they're against him, while Abbas comes out the winner, playing us against the MB while terrorism against against Israel continues, with Abbas the hero of the Arab world as chief of the resistance.

In your defence, I almost hear you ask what about the international situation? What about Iran, in case of a strike on Iran we'll need to use one of the Arab regime's airspace. Could this be why you're treating the Yesha Jews so poorly; in order to keep a 'secret' coalition together? But even this doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Is there anyone who seriously thinks the Saudis won't allow us to use their airspace in order to take out their 1400 year rival, regardless of what we do? In fact, showing weakness and lack of resolve is the best way of making the Saudis doubt our conviction over Iran. Obviously, you've stopped believing in the strong horse theory long ago.

We all seem to remember what the policies of Ehud Barak and Ariel Sharon gave us, except for you. Arafat’s Second Intifada, which was started shortly after Barak pulled us out of Lebanon and paved the way (or rather vacated it) for Hezbollah to annex Southern Lebanon, which led to Gilad Shalit's capture, and a couple of weeks later the Second Lebanon War, is just one of those lessons from history you seem determined to ignore. You continue to fly headlong into reckless policies that have been proven to cause the loss of life, all for your political manoeuvring.

Ariel Sharon’s reward to the ‘Palestinians’ for waging a 3 year intifada against us and killing over a thousand of us led to his politely labelled ‘disengagement from Gaza’ (actually self-ethnic cleansing) which has obviously led to thousands of rockets being fired on southern residents, in which you’ve done nothing to protect them.

* * * 

To top all this off, we now seem to be witnessing the unravelling of your policy. After Obama's first year in government, you seem to have adopted a 'talk the talk' but not 'walk the walk' policy with regards to the peace. That strategy was a good thing; you thought you could just wait until Obama, like the last few Presidents, would wake up to the reality, and realise just how futile peace with these monsters is, then just leave the situation well alone. If Obama didn't want to send you bunker busting bombs, or allow Israeli nuclear scientists to attend a conference in the US on atomic technology, then fine. You'd have Israel sit quietly and wait for Obama to be evicted. But this has allowed one threat after another to materialise, without us taking care of them, and then on top of that, the Muslim Brotherhood revolutions started (did I say that? Obviously I mean Arab Spring. As we all know, it has nothing to do with Islamic fundamentalism and the coming war for the caliphate).

Whatever deals you thought you made with Obama turns out to have just been tactics where Obama was buying more time for Iran, rather than you outsmarting him. Are you surprised Obama's double-crossed you?

In conclusion, these are mostly short-term problems. The underlying complaint is that in allowing the eviction of Jewish mothers and infants in the middle of the night into near freezing temperatures (based on false Arab claims to the land), you managed to make the very purpose of having a Jewish State defunct; you made Jews homeless in their homeland, you took away their dignity where their only 'crime' was doing what the Jews' Holy book and international law permit them to do - build on their land.

Did you think you helped Israel's image internationally with these acts? Do you think that Israel's detractors around the world would applaud those actions and say 'yes, Israel did the right thing.' Or do you think they said 'you see, we were right all along. We need to fight even harder now.'

And what about those Arab MKs, surely there is no better endorsement of their views, and no greater encouragement to the anti-Zionist movement, than their continued membership of our Knesset? Is there a point in continuing to argue Israel's case when Arabs who espouse views no different to Arafat, Mashaal, or any other enemy of Israel, are allowed to continue - and in the case of Zoabi, engage in active terrorism against the state, without even punishment? No wonder the degenerate Anat Kam feels her sentence is a little harsh...!

It is amazing to me that among the politically literate, deep scepticism about Ehud Barak and Shimon Peres' integrity is widespread, but that you are not generally perceived to be in that same category. 

The only person more ridiculous to me than yourself is the Kadima head, Tsipi 'love me' Livni. It’s a shame that instead of using her predicament of comic irrelevance as a warning, you have taken her as a model upon which to aspire. The only bit of luck you have on your side is that the media, in continuing to reinforce the clich├ęd image of yourself as a ‘hawk’ they’ve inadvertently provided the cover to all your outrageous political manoeuvring.

I think you owe it to us to be honest and tell us once and for all, are you hoping to run in the election campaign for any newly created Palestinian State?

We all know the saying ‘they always come for the Jews first’, and history has proven this time and time again. But I never thought that in the process of our government attempting to protect us, normal everyday Israeli citizens would have to apply this saying to their own government.

The JDL-UK Team.


  1. We in israel feel the same way (well, most of us).
    we don't know what to do anymore....our politicians are corrupted and they care only for their money and seat in the Knesset.
    we are waiting for a man like Rabbi Meir Kahane, he really cared for the Jews.
    sorry for the typos...cellular.