Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Muslim Sail Suleman - forces boxing club to close down to replace it with a MOSQUE!!

Trainers Dave Morley and Ian McKenzie

A Muslim called Sail Suleman - who is a friend of the Calderdale Nazi Jew hater Farzan Ahmed and the white trash Islamo-fascist supporter, Robbin Tuddenham (Also from Calderdale Council) has made a boxing gym HOMELESS in order to build a MOSQUE!!

Here is the complete article on it. 

This same Sail Suleman once told school kids to think like suicide bombers.
Full article here. This man has no morality and certainly should not be sitting in any public or community panel, least of all one of Hate crime coordinator at Calderdale MBC, since his own "religion" is one of pure hate and discrimination, not to mention racism. 

"They had been training youngsters, women and older amateur boxers there for more than 30 years. The public hall, owned by the Muslim community, is being renovated into a Mosque."

We should stop Muslim communities owning places that belong to the ENGLISH communities and that are used by them for something positive. Mosques are not positive, they are places of segregation and discrimination, not to mention places where potential terrorists are recruited for Jihad.

"Haslingden Public Hall is a landmark building dating back to the 1860s.   Public hall committee member Sail Suleman said: “We gave the club six months notice because we knew we were going to renovate the boxing side of the hall. They used the premises free of charge for almost six years. "

Since the place is a landmark building dating back to 1860 how is it possible that we have been sold out to Muslims? 

Please share this article to show the damage Muslim communities are doing to our own communities and to show support to the trainers Dave Morley and Ian McKenzie who are doing a fantastic job. 


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