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'Mosque-busters' leaflet delivered by EDL activist in Purley

An article was posted here, on thisiscroydontoday, claiming the man who posted  "Mosque Buster" leaflets in Croydon is a "far right activist" from the EDL English Defence League. See JDL comments in RED. 

The article says:

"The man attempting to stir up fears over plans to build a mosque in Purley is a far-right activist and avid supporter of the woman accused of racially abusing people on a tram."  - Note how the "media" loves to portray anyone and everyone who complains about mosques, Muslims or Islam as "Far right activists". 

English Defence League member Frank Day proudly claims to have put leaflets through the doors of 600 homes in the area. Good. We are proud of him too. 

His "Does Croydon need a mosque here?" leaflet contains information about a proposal to build an Islamic centre at 5 Russell Hill Place. [ ]
It urges residents to fight the application in the belief it will cause traffic issues.

Not only it will cause traffic issues but it will also cause radicalisation of our youth and as we all know, most mosques are used to harbour terrorists, to preach honour killings and discrimination of women,  to radicalise people, and to preach their segregational hate, as well as their intolerance for homosexuals. 

But despite his apparent concerns over parking issues in Purley, Mr Day lives six miles away on the New Addington estate – and freely admits he would object to a mosque being built anywhere. So would we. And...? We have every right to exercise our democratic right to protest against anything we find damaging to our society. 

Resident and Purley and Woodcote Residents' Association member Andrew Frazer was one of those to have received a letter. He said: "He (Mr Day) dropped a leaflet through the door and came back later after delivering some through other doors.

"He said, 'we don't agree with it, we are dead against it, we want as many people to complain to Croydon Council as possible'. So this idiot Andrew Frazer is an Islam enabler, and a retard who cares nothing for women's rights or the radicalisation of the country he lives in. In short he is a leftard. 

"He visited twice and when he came back after the first time he said 'if you want to find out more go to Mosque Busters by typing it into Google'."
We tracked Mr Day to his home in Arnhem Drive, which he shares with his 86-year-old mother. 
This is proof that the leftist media is invading people's privacy and disclosing personal issues online. Sickening. 

Here he told us that the information contained in his leaflets came directly from "Mosquebuster" Gavin Boby.  Excellent! We support Mr. Gavin Boby. He is a great lawyer and we wish him very good luck with this wonderful project. Someone has to act on our behalf after all! 

Mr Boby is a professional planning consultant who has posted videos on the internet advising people how to defeat applications for Islamic places of worship. Great job Gavin!! 

Mr Day, who was arrested at an EDL rally in November, told the Advertiser that "they" (Muslims) were "taking over" and that "one mosque is too many".  Too right! 
The 64-year-old added he had attended a court appearance of Emma West, who is accused of racially abusing people on a tram, to show his support.
Purley and Woodcote Residents' Association chairman Tarsem Flora said: "People are not silly and can come to their own conclusions. But if they are at all concerned then of course they can contact us."

Purley councillor Badsha Quadir - A MUSLIM of course - has said he believes the leaflets are 'racially motivated' and is seeking advice from police. Islam is not a race, so Muslims better stop trying to play the race card. 

He told the Advertiser: "My colleagues and I are concerned about this extremist leafleting. "I understand residents are concerned. It is not for people to come from New Addington and say what should happen in Purley. "I would not go to New Addington and comment on their amenities. People can do what they please, principally the indigenous residents of this country. If English people do not wish a mosque to be built in their area or in surrounding areas where they live, they have every right to complain and protest, and that includes leafleting. 

"The leaflet appears racially motivated and I will speak to the borough commander about this issue and see what he can do."  Learn this, ye ignorant! These leaflets are NOT racially motivated because Islam is not a race. People are worried about having yet another mosque being built, if what we have is not enough already, so deal with it. 

Police advised anyone concerned by the leaflets or the manner in which they were being given out to contact their local safer neighbourhood team on 020 8721 2467.  And what can the police do against people who complain against a genuine threat? Shouldn't the police be on the side of the people of this country who pay their wages to protect them from Islamo-fascist radicals?? 

In December last year the Advertisered how members of Purley Islamic Community Centre revealed plans for a place of worship to double up as a community centre, with a formal planning application registered by the council last month." - This is what Muslims do. They keep hijacking all the community centres in the areas and changing them into mosques, which do not serve the community at all, but serve only Muslims themselves. This practice must stop NOW!! 

We encourage residents to protest hard, loud and clear to Croydon council to STOP the building of more mosques and to stop allowing Muslims to use general community centres, which are supposed to be for all the communities, as MOSQUES.

We do not need any more mosques in the UK!

- JDL UK Team - 

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