Thursday, 9 February 2012

More anti-Semitic attacks in Manchester than London in 2011

More anti-Semitic attacks took place in Manchester than in London in 2011, despite seven times more Jews living in the capital.

Nearly half of the 586 anti-Semitic crimes reported in the UK happened in Greater Manchester, The overall UK figure was the fourth highest since records began in 1984. Greater Manchester Police said the increase reflected a greater reporting of incidents.

There were 244 reported anti-Semitic crimes in Greater Manchester, These included street attacks, threats, vandalism and desecration of Jewish property, with 201 in London.

London's Jewish population stands at 149,800 compared with Greater Manchester's 21,700.

One incident of extreme violence took place when a Jewish family were filling up their car at a petrol station and occurred as follows: As one of the family members crossed the forecourt to make payment, a car with two women inside reversed sharply into her this knocked her to the ground, The two women then got out of their car, screamed"Dirty Jew" and spat on the injured woman lying on the ground, before getting back into the car and driving away.

The rise continues the pattern whereby a higher proportion of the anti-Semitic incidents reported occur in Greater Manchester than should be the case, given the relative sizes of the Jewish communities in Manchester and in London.

Among the incidents across the UK in 2011 were 92 assaults, 63 incidents of vandalism, 394 reports of abuse and 29 direct threats. The rise in Greater Manchester was recorded due to major efforts to ensure all incidents were actually recorded, police said.

UK JDL Comment: "Due to the surge in anti-Semitic attacks far across Europe, from Poland to the United Kingdom, When Jews are attacked they must understand that filing a complaint will not make this sickening problem go away, There is more than enough evidence to show that the hatred again Jews and Israel is becoming far worse and reaching dangerous levels, so there are 2 options, Join us at the UK JDL and fight back against what is happening and try to make a difference or sit in silence hoping in vain that the corrupt EU backed powers at be will change things, Think again for no help is coming to us, It is up to Jews to do something about it now, You decide."


  1. A box of dog s**t was left on my door step, 'shu Jew' wrote on my fence & mezuzahs stolen of my door by Mormans & BNP types in Manchester.

    Was verbaly asaulted by Dave Jones of the BNP or whatever his party is in the OL area. (I did beat him up after)

    All in 2011.

    I didnt report any of it.

    I've only once seen CRT patrol this comunity so far this year bar standing on shul doors on Shabbos.

    Theres plenty of young JEWISH lads round here, whilst I dont support the UK Jdl because of there political & goysh links I support the aims & ideas.

  2. Anonymous,
    Do you mean CST patrol? I have never seen a CST member (ever) fight against a Muslim or a Jew attacker.
    We at JDL UK do not discriminate against goyim because they are our biggest supporters. We have no political links with anyone, but we support a range of groups and personalities who share our aims and ideals.

    Get these Jewish lads to contact us. We need to step up our tactics and get some people trained in defence.
    And most of all we need coordination, and only by being in contact with us we can achieve this.


    JDL UK Team