Friday, 10 February 2012

A "Jewish Settler" (Meaning a real Jew from the land of Israel) plans to run against Netanyahu in Israel's Primary elections

A Right wing Jewish settler who has a proposal to pay Palestinians to leave the West Bank and Gaza regions is going to run against Netanyahu in Tuesday's ruling party primary election.

His name is Moshe Feiglin and although he may have little chance of defeating Bibi, he will deliver an embarrassing blow to the Israeli Prime Minister in his 4th try for leadership of the Likud party.

Moshe Feiglin

Feiglin receive a third of the vote in the closed party primary elections, reflecting the view of right wing Jews that Benjamin Netanyahu, despite his uncompromising worldview, is not strong or ruthless enough to carry on his position of prime minister of Israel.

Feiglin said: "I am providing an alternative, The world expects much more than creating a terrorist country right in the heart of the land of the Bible." (He is referring to a Palestinian state in the West Bank)

Israeli nationalists firmly believe and acknowledge that the West Bank must remain under Israeli control for religious and security reasons. Though Netanyahu may have backed this view for years, his movement has edged toward compromise recently, Netanyahu himself has even openly accepted a proposal of creating a Palestinian state.

Feiglin founded the Jewish nationalist movement that blocked highway intersections around Israel in 1995 to protest against the partial peace accords between Israel and the Palestinians and he strongly opposes any further peace talks.

Security Forces uprooting Jewish Settlers from their homes in Hebron, Like the current Israeli Government under Netanyahu proposes in Migron 

Feiglin proposes annexing the West Bank and retaking Gaza from were Israel withdrew in 2005 and bolstering a Jewish majority by offering emigration incentive packages of $350,000 to each Arab family in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Mildly extreme positions like these have the backing of a fast growing and loud percentage of Israelis.

Netanyahu called the snap leadership primary in his Likud Party a year ahead of schedule, raising the possibility of an early general election later on this year. Bibi is apparently so popular in his own party that no Likud Cabinet ministers or lawmakers dare to challenge him, this leaves Feiglin as the only other candidate.

Feiglin has steadily gained a lot of support over the last three times he has attempted election for Likud party leadership, from winning 3.5 percent of the vote in his first campaign 9 years ago, to taking up nearly a quarter of the vote in 2007. Analysts are very divided about how the underdog would affect the ruling party.

If Feiglin wins more than 30 percent of the votes in the primaries, it could push the Likud party's base far to the right politically.

Feiglin's expected gains in Tuesday's primaries come as Jewish religious nationalists, Kahanists and Settlers are preparing for a showdown with the government over plans to evict the unauthorised Migron settlement, which some of the traitorous figures within the Israeli government say was built on unlawfully seized land from private "Palestinian" landowners in 2001.

Hard-line lawmakers are threatening to bolt Netanyahu's coalition if Migron is dismantled, and Feiglin's campaign could add more pressure to Netanyahu to find a solution that will satisfy the Jewish settlers.

Feiglin said: "Netanyahu is fighting a war of survival. But there is no survival without a vision, He is losing credit."

UK JDL Comment: Bibi is no longer fit to lead the nation of Israel, His recent decisions have proved he is far more concerned about his personal presentation as a "good Jew" to other countries leadership and the UN and trying to please them in vain, While abandoning the best interests of his people and double crossing the brave Jewish Settlers in Judea and Samaria by demolishing their homes and treating them like common criminals, whereas Jewish Settlers fight tooth and nail and live under constant threat of attack or death from the Arab population to keep Jewish Strongholds in Judea and Samaria and keep their grip on the beloved peice of land that the Israeli government appear to hand over to the Arab Population at their free will.

A strong, right wing and Kahanist leadership is needed to lead a country like Israel with hate filled neighbours and in such a hostile and unforgiving environment, My opinion: Respect and Best of luck Feiglin! Will he beat Bibi? Probably not, But if he gains more popularity and comes close to beating Bibi it will send a strong message to the Israeli government and public that the once "minority" of right wing Jews in Israel are now the Majority! To Bibi i say: The land of Israel should be ruled by the sword not the pen!

When Feiglin properly exposes the Nazi origins of the Palestinian Movement, something he is well aware of, to the Israeli and Global public, then he and his movement will be a force to be reckoned with. They will have significantly altered the Israeli political grammar. Until then, the Globalist media can and will dismiss them as "nasty right wing religious Jews" who seek to end a "peace deal" with "local indigenous Arabs", or similar.


  1. Apart form being old news.

    G-d help us if he gets elected. The problem I see is that he will reduce Netanyahu's vote and that could spell danger

  2. Hi Shirl, I always wanted people to vote for Feiglin. He is the BEST choice for the whole of Israel. Moshe Feiglin is no settler. He is a JEW living in Jewish land. And I hope that he wins the elections. He has more guts than any of the Knesset members and fights for Israel. A true Zionist.