Monday, 20 February 2012

JDL UK Expose Violent Respect Party Chairman Carole Swords

Carole Swords, were to begin? With a stake in the "Viva Palestina" money making train, Carole Swords is the East London based Respect parties chairman and very own mirror image of Nick Griffin. She is a hard line Jew hater, although I imagine she is too ignorant too realize she herself is Jewish, she took part in the Gaza flotilla of 2010, actively promotes hatred, engages in violence and proposes that Jews "go back to bloody Russia", read on.

Read our post exposing a second violent Jew hater in the UK, Jody Mcintyre, Here.

JDL comments in red:

From the Jewish Chronicle:

A hard line anti-Israel activist has been convicted of slapping a Jewish man during a protest last summer. Carole Swords, who is chairman of the Tower Hamlets Respect Party and Viva Palestina supporter, attacked Harvey Garfield as he attempted to defend Israeli products from potential vandalism by protesters.

This is typical, the respect party, led by the foaming Israel hater, Islamic appeaser and brainwashed turncoat George Galloway, The British Muslims "token White guy". The respect party is an openly pro Islamic, anti-Israel party. Here is a video of George Galloway trying but failing to use Fascist techniques to silence the director of the Dispatches program, Undercover Mosque. Galloway is also a presenter on Iranian propaganda network: Press TV.

Carole Swords, of East London, entered a Tesco store in Covent Garden on the afternoon of August 13 last year after attending an anti-Israel demonstration outside the nearby Ahava cosmetics store. Pro-Israel Volunteer Harvey Garfield was at the supermarket helping the supermarket staff to protect Israeli products in the store from potential acts of vandalism by the Pro-Palestine mob.

One of the respect parties chair members assaulting a Jewish man does not surprise me, The loud but mostly useless pro-Palestine mob are good for nothing except spreading hatred and violence based upon false foundations, in this case they produced their violence against a Jewish man who was putting himself at risk to protect a supermarket brave enough to stock Israeli produce from these thugs.

On trial at City of London Magistrates Court on Thursday, 59-year-old Swords claimed Mr Garfield had harassed and attacked her as she entered the store to buy a drink. But magistrates viewed CCTV footage of the incident and agreed with the prosecution's case that Swords used "threatening and abusive words or behaviour to cause harassment".

Like a cornered rat, Carole tried to snake her way out of the situation by giving lies to the court, thankfully she was proved wrong.

The court heard how she told Mr Garfield "don't you f***ing follow me" before turning around and landing the blow, knocking Mr Garfields glasses to the floor.

Due to Mr Garfield volunteering to protect the Israeli products, I imagine he would have been suspicious of a Kuffiah wearing, loud mouth, ignorant left winger, does this merit the right to punch him in the face? Of course not!

Swords, whose mother was from a Russian Jewish family, was found guilty on one charge of a public order offence and given a conditional discharge. She must also pay court costs of £250.

Carole Swords is a vile, self hating racist, she was recently filmed telling Jews to “Go back to bloody Russia!". I truly pity Swords mother, as I am a Jew whose family has its roots in Eastern Europe, specifically Poland and Southern Russia and know how they have experienced the pogroms and massacres put upon them through the generations, Her Mother should be deeply ashamed of her daughter Carole Swords, who is fighting alongside Islamic Fascists and appeasers and hopes for the same hell her past relatives lived through to be put upon us again in Israel. Well done Harvey Garfield for protecting the Israeli produce!

Below is the video of Carole Swords making the comment about Jews returning to Russia, the comment is made at 1:45 into the video.

Below are some pictures of Carole Swords from the public domain:

Carole Swords stood next to George Galloway
Carole Swords at a Pro-Palestine hate festival.
Carole Swords gazing lovingly at Hamas Officials

  Jewish Defence League UK 


  1. When Oona King was fighting to retain her seat as the MP for Bethnal Green South, she was subjected to shocking anti-semitic and racist abuse by the left-islamic alliance behind the "Respect" Party.

    After 30 years as a voter in Britain, Oona King was the best MP I ever had. She vote all the right ways on progressive issues, and she regarded the war in Iraq as a real quandry. In the end, I believe she was too good to be a scummy politician like the rest of them.

    I hope she has gone on to better things. Now I have a sharia-compliant Bengali woman MP, who thinks nothing of going along to gender-segregated public meetings.

  2. Swords is getting cosy with Hamas officials, Those are the same people who upon finding out her mother is Jewish would wish too wipe her off the face of the earth, What a sad, misguided woman she really is.

  3. That's the Supreme Führer of the Judea & Samaria Branch of Hamas - just in front of Sword. He's such a Brown Exotic killer, isn't he? So sexy. Love the beard and his hands are so soft. He's not a heartless white killer like Bush or Blair or a bigot like the EDL. All Praise to the Brown Exotics and their Leftist Middle-Class Enablers.

  4. Oh, yeh! The blogs looking good. Bravo.