Thursday, 23 February 2012

Jody Mcintyre Exposed

A JDL UK Expose: Jody McIntyre is a hate mongering, racist, anti-semite who uses his disability as a manipulative tool, Jody shot to fame after he falsely accused the police of dragging him out of his wheelchair, which has since been disproved, at last years student riots.

He has thousands of cretinous leftie followers on Twitter who worship him as a Chomskyite truth-teller against capitalist, neocon, zionist injustice etc. In reality, he is a proud Hamas supporter & the personification of the worst excesses of the non-thinking Left. He has now been sacked by the Independent for his Twitter comments trying to incite people to riot in London.

Anyone who has watched this evasive interview of his on BBC from last year will be more than familiar with his cunning technique of dodging a question, instead posing another of his own, especially about his main doctrine "Palestine".

Jody McIntyre got his "claim to fame" during the student protests last year in London, He was removed from his wheelchair by police (police who had been bombarded with Left Wing violence and hatred all day) and moved to the side of the street.  His complaints and crocodile tears about his treatment were quickly picked up by the media looking for a police ‘disproportionate force’ and in a flash he was on Sky News and the BBC claiming he had been ‘brutally attacked by the Police’.

Unfortunately for Jody, the BBC interview showed him up to be slippery and evasive individual and his story was extremely unstable as the footage was not clear at all.  When challenged about his self description as a ‘revolutionary’ who believes in ‘direct action’ McIntyre sought to get off the subject as quickly as possible, typically trying to drag the topic of "Palestine" into the interview but the interviewer was having none of it.  Clearly it would be inconvenient to present himself as a merely concerned citizen when the reality is he goes out of his way to get stuck into the thick of the action, violence and unrest anytime there is a protest, no matter what the cause.  However, McIntyre can be seen trying to crawl away from the police officer in the middle of the road as he resisted before being pulled to the kerb where he wouldn’t cause an obstruction.

Jody on his feet surrounded by his thuggish Palestinian entourage
So here we had this poor, wheelchair bound, downtrodden, young man who just wanted too engage in a "peaceful, democratic protest", being mistreated by the police. Not once, but twice.  But did we?  Because, before this incident, McIntyre had been right at the front of violent clashes with the police.  He deliberately put himself there despite knowing violence was taking place. The man even describes what happened on his blog! Here is a preview:

" As we parked up, and began walking back down the Strand, we saw a crowd emerging from Aldwych; around 2000 students had set off from LSE. However, they were only marching down one side of the road, and we were in a militant mood. Me and Finlay crossed over, into the oncoming traffic, and within seconds the whole crowd had followed.

It was an endless sea of people, but unfortunately, they had been corralled by police and NUS stewards into one lane of the dual carriageway. Me and Finlay immediately set to work, tearing down the metal barriers which separated the two lanes. Oncoming traffic drivers looked on in wonder.

The people with the music system must have had the same thought. All of a sudden, the bicycle burst out of the crowd, rushing through the pair of armed police guarding the private road of the Treasury. A group of 200 followed, including me in my wheelchair, and Finlay pushing at full speed. A dubstep tune came on, and the chanting began; “Fuck Cameron! Fuck Cameron! Fuck Cameron! Fuck Cameron!” Not the Treasury’s proudest day.

The building was occupied on the day the Browne Review was released, so here the police were ready for us. We flooded into the courtyard, but the riot cops were called within minutes. As batons began to swing, me and Finlay stood our ground on the front line. I stood up on my wheelchair, but attempts to re-take the courtyard soon fizzled out as a riot van was brought in.

In front of us, a huge glass building towered; it was the Conservative Party’s Headquarters, and it was under attack. The crowd was so tightly packed that even with the wheelchair, it was a huge effort to force our way through. Around half way we gave up. The crowd was swaying. "They’re smashing the windows!"

Me and Finlay looked at each other. We knew that we had to make it to the front. Kareem started pushing the wheelchair again, and Finlay cleared a path in front of us.

It wasn’t long before the next surge came. A Mexican wave of bodies. I fell out of my wheelchair and pushed through two cops. Finlay stood behind me, the wheelchair still in his hands.

Scores of demonstrators followed. Finlay came running in with the wheelchair a couple of minutes later. Victorious chants rang in the air; “Tory scum! Tory scum!” “When they say cut back, we say fight back!”

But then, the chants changed… “To the stairs! To the stairs!” Two policemen blocking a tiny door were soon brushed aside, and around fifty of us forced our way through before they had a chance to re-seal the entrance.

It was an epic mission to the top. Nine floors; eighteen flights of stairs. Two friends carried my wheelchair, and I walked. We couldn’t give up now.

When we finally made it to the roof, a feeling of calm descended. I looked over the edge; thousands of students, three massive bonfires and masses of passion still occupied the courtyard. The Tory’s HQ was on it’s last legs. And we were on the roof. "
Jody fighting with the Police before he was removed from his wheelchair
Mcintyre is not exactly innocent now is he?  All of this criminal activity, yet no complaints about being disabled or struggling.  Yet the moment the police moved him out of harms way on a street, Jody McIntyre was screaming blue murder and using his cerebral palsy and seemingly sporadic wheelchair use to underline their sheer evil and lack of concern for the disabled.
Jody doesn't let his disability get in the way of a good ol' Jihad
So here we have a man who is given a platform in The Guardian, The Independent and the Communist New Statesman, out in the thick of the violence until the early morning hours and inciting people elsewhere to riot in similar fashion.  A man who went on to condemn the police as troublemakers as properties, vehicles and businesses were torched, journalists and media were attacked and robbed, bystanders were mugged, and residents overrun by thugs who broke down their doors to steal from their homes.

The bad news for McIntyre was that not only was the part he played in the street part of the violence documented by a photographer, but the photographer even posted a blog piece explaining what Mcintyre had done and why his subsequent complaint was vexatious. It is a must read.  One of the photos included in it is of McIntyre, on his feet, about to hit a police officer, known in legal parlance as assault, clearly his wheelchair is a vital piece of equipment to you, isn't it Jody?

Mcintyre on his feet about to assault a police officer

Any Newspaper that endorses people like and including Jody Mcintyre will show themselves as part of this country’s enemy within who endorse and provide assistance those who engage in pre-meditated criminality, be it as a battering ram on wheels or walkabout agitator?

It is time to end the glorification of anti-Semetic, hate mongering, troublemakers like McInytre. It’s time for these papers to withdraw their endorsement and put an end to the Jody McIntyre media roadshow.

“Life on Wheels”? More like life on wheels apart from when he’s on his feet walking up staircases to join thugs throwing objects at police officers, trekking through South America or giving interviews. Jody even stood on his wheelchair! He only plays on his disability when it makes the police look bad. If he was able bodied he would be throwing the poles and bricks with the rest of them. The only word for Mcintyre is scum and It is high time he was arrested for incitement or such. The time has come for the Met to bite the bullet and let the lefties make a martyr out of him, he has been shown many times now, for what he is. He will get no sympathy outside anarchist/leftie/Communist circles. The rubbish he wrote for the Guardian is awful, even by their standards. End the roadshow, arrest him!

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  1. My dear friend Ciaran Goggins a man of letters (mostly from the DWP and Job Seekers) told me that Jody was given a bad press by the right wing press because he was a freedom fighter and anti-establishment, apart from drawing state benefits. That said I should declare that they might have been romantically involved at one time.

  2. A quick tip. Derek Haslam of 11 Lynn Rd, PE38, Norfolk, UK is a leading far right anti semite. Whilst the Jewosh community are used to such dreck, Haslam is "upping his game" and linking to neo nazis in Europe, his daughter in law is Ukrainian, nuff said.

  3. Yet the retard prick/commie can walk?