Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Iran bans the Simpsons a month after banning Barbie

The government of Iran has stated that a new ban on the Simpson's dolls will be enforced. A British newspaper reported on Monday.

The secretary of Iran’s Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults ("Iranian child Morality control") told an Iranian newspaper: “We do not want to promote this cartoon by importing any of the toys or merchandise.”

He added that any doll on which genitals are distinguishable, as well as dolls of adults, are banned in the Islamic Republic as well, as are toys with speakers that blare out the voices of any Western singers or toy kitchen sets that include glasses for drinking alcoholic beverages.

Although he did not care to comment on what was actually wrong with the Simpson's cartoon or merchandise that would justify a ban being enforced, He added that dolls of Spider man and Superman were authorised for sale because “they help oppressed people and they have a positive stance.” While Farjoo said that all-American super-heroes like Superman and Spider-Man were still welcome in Iran, the values of the Simpson's, a famously self-centred and irreligious bunch, were not

The ban on the Simpson's comes only a month after the Islamic Republic banned barbie dolls produced by the a U.S. based company, as well as the accessories any of the dolls come with.

The Barbie ban is part of the response to tightened sanctions against the Islamic Republic by Western nations.

UK JDL Comment: "According to the Iranian regime, Imprisoning, torturing and executing children for organising a water fight in a public area is fully justifiable under Islamic law but innocent cartoons and toys such as Barbie and the Simpson's are what is "Corroding the morals of Iranian youth", The Iranian regime needs a serious reality check, and fast (or preferably they should suffer destruction).

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