Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Fogel Family Massacre - One Year On...

Today is the one year anniversary (according to the Jewish calendar) of the Fogel Family massacre.

The massacre is evidence not just of how much hatred the Muslims have towards us, but what each and every one of them is capable of with their own bare hands. For those that haven't seen the pictures from the horror, I advise you to take a look at them. The Fogel Family home looked worse than a slaughter house. But it wasn't an abattoir or a battlefield, it was a family home and a children's bedroom.

But we've seen this kind of genocidal hatred before, such as during the 2nd intifada when two IDF reservists mistakenly wandered into Ramallah and were lynched.

This begs the question how can we understand something like this. The short answer is that there is nothing to understand. In July of 2011, a survey came out which showed that 73% of so-called 'Palestinians' wanted to wipe out the Jews. 80% agreed with article 15 of the Hamas charter (Jihad for the liberation of Palestine is a personal duty), this means either by suicide bombings or self-sacrifice should Iran manage to send a nuclear bomb to Israel.

Indeed, if you take the only historical comparison of Nazi Germany, the 'Palestinians' are far worse. We know the effects post-WWII when the allied armies forced Germans to walk through the concentration camps and see exactly what was being done. With the Fogel massacre, we see the exact opposite, we see celebration.

In this era of supposed human rights, of the growing strength of international law (UN) and political correctness, the most evil measure of barbarism in the world is claimed to be the victim. We have fallen into the fatal trap of endlessly talking and trying to understand and reason with our enemies. But when we're confronted by such evil the only sensible cause of action is to destroy it.

The allies didn't negotiate with Hitler, they destroyed him. Neville Chamberlain tried to negotiate and Britain paid the price. The Fogel Family murderers were and are on the scale of depravity on which it is not possible to descend any further. The last person to be executed in Israel was Adolph Eichmann, and this is the only sentence befitting these murderers.

It shows the misunderstanding our leadership has, at a military, legal and political level, that a unanimous decision to have the two murderers wiped from the face of this earth was not given. Instead they were given 5 life sentences each.

Rabbi Meir Kahane speaking 30 years ago.

The Caped Crusader

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  1. We keep saying, Kahane was right. He is still right and always will be right.
    The way to deal with Muslim murderers is to give them a taste of their own medicine.