Thursday, 16 February 2012

Disgusting Personal Bias Keeps Jewish Nationalists in Jail

In Jerusalem, state prosecutors are keeping Jewish nationalist activists behind bars due to their personal bias. Several Jews have been kept in an Israeli jail until trial for charges of vandalism.

A Jewish Nationalist goes face to face with an IDF soldier during the state ordered eviction of his home in Hevron.
Nachi Eyal (Legal Forum head) expressed shock as prosecutors fought an order releasing right-wing activists who protested two months ago in Qasr al-Yahud, He said “We have checked the precedents regarding anarchists in Bilin and Nalin, and we were shocked to find that there were no cases in which left-wing activists were arrested in similar circumstances”

The Qasr al-Yahud protesters have been held in prison for several weeks. The release order would see them freed until trial but under very tight restrictions.

A similar situation is happening in the case of Oryan Nizri, She is a young Jewish woman who has been accused of vandalizing an Arab man’s property in the town of Luban a-Sharkiya. Nizri is accused of puncturing bags of cement and leaving anti-Islamic graffiti.

Just like the Qasr al-Yahud protesters, Nizri was to be released until trial but under strict conditions, some of these conditions included supervised house arrest, But, Jerusalem state prosecutors have filed an appeal aimed at keeping her in jail.

Her attorneys say the situation is unprecedented. They said vandalism is not a charge that has previously been used to justify detention until trial.

Legal experts confirmed the attorneys claims and said “It is not customary to arrest suspects for breaking laws regarding graffiti or property damage, There is no doubt that if the detainees were left-wing activists or Arabs the police would not have arrested them even for a single day, and probably would not have attached any importance to the complaint.”

With the departure of Shai Nitzan from the Prosecutor’s Office they said “we have hoped for a new spirit, a balanced professional approach which would see each case individually and not ideologically.

JDL UK Comment: "Jewish Nationalists are the unsung heroes and defenders of the real Jewish Homeland, Yet they are being treated like common criminals by the Israeli authority. This is a disgrace!"


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