Saturday, 18 February 2012

British Museum glorifies Islamic Apartheid - Feb 2012

The British Museum is currently holding an exhibition on the Hajj - Journey to the heart of Islam - the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. 

The exhibition on the Hajj was the least informative exhibition I've ever seen (alas, it was also the busiest exhibition I've ever seen).  

It didn't mention that non-muslims face the death penalty if found in Mecca or Medina.  It did say how the British explorer Sir Richard Burton went on the Hajj, but it didn't say that he had to pretend to be a muslim, or else they would have killed him.  Can you imagine an exhibition in the British Museum glorifying racial segregation in the US in the 1950s?  Or one glorifying the Nazis and their racial segregation?

The motorway sign they proudly displayed made no comparison with apartheid in South Africa.  The curators missed every of opportunity to make any social, cultural and religious comparisons.  They were probably too scared to say anything remotely critical, in case they were accused of islamofauxbia.  I was surprised to see the motorway sign there at all.  Perhaps that was as close as they could get to commenting on islamic apartheid.  

"No mention was made that Medina had been a Jewish city before Islam.  No mention that Mecca was a multi-cultural society, before Mohammed imposed Islam on everyone.  No mention that churches are not allowed to be built in Saudi Arabia.  There is much to be done to inform people about the truth, but the British Museum is involved in propaganda not education."

The Dhimmis in attendance at the exhibition were all acting like they were at some great religious ceremony.  My companion and I talked loudly about all the different negative things about islam, and often found the Dhimmis eavesdropping on our conversations (no-one ever challenged us).  But as a learning experience, it was profoundly underwhelming.  

The recent exhibition at the British Museum about Christian reliquary and the exhibition of the (few) remaining treasures of Afghanistan were far more interesting than this blatant propaganda for islam.  There was a huge map showing all the routes that the "pilgrims" take to Mecca.  The route from Britain was obviously supposed to show that we are now considered Dar al Islam too.

On the opening night of such an exhibition, Members of the British Museum get to have a privileged view of the new exhibition.  When the Hajj exhibition opened, the members were left waiting outside for 40 minutes in the cold, whilst the Saudi royal family were shown around.  When the Members were allowed in, there was no alcohol on sale (which is not the norm).  

Karen Armstrong (hagiographer of Mohammed) is on the board of the British Museum, and there are rumours that the Director of the British Museum has converted to islam.  That would explain why there was an "open day" for Bangladeshis a few months ago.  I don't ever remember the British Museum having an open day directed at London's Irish, Jewish, Caribbean or Hindu citizens.

All attempts to "educate" the general public about islam failed.  The more we know about it, the less we like it.  The Dhimmi liberal enablers of islamisation are reduced to producing crude propaganda, such as this exhibition.  Perhaps now the Members of the British Museum have had a taste of Sharia, they will decide they prefer to hold on to their Shiraz.  As Ayatollah Khomeini said: "there is no fun in islam".

There was no sign of Amnesty International outside the exhibition, protesting about child marriages in Saudi Arabia, or protesting about gay people being executed there, or the lack of religious freedom for non-muslims who live there.  Such Dhimmi liberals are busy slandering and castigating Israel, hoping the rest of the world will not notice the horrific human rights abuses to be found all over the islamic world.  The more such libtards can keep Israel in the news, the more they can prevent the islamic world from receiving justifiable exposure.

- JDL UK Team - 


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  2. Acchalamu Alaikum.
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