Monday, 23 January 2012

The virulent Jew-hatred from Calderdale council

This is not the first time that Calderdale Council has decided to succumb to the forces of evil, and use its council headquarters to promote virulent Jew-hatred and facilitate anti-Israel propaganda.
Last year they promoted "Palestine day" in Halifax and distributed virulent and hateful anti-Jew literature. Note that I am not using the wrong terminology of anti-"Semitism", since their hate is purely directed towards JEWS ONLY, not other "Semitic" people.

We have received the below email on 21/01/12 from a friend of Israel, and he describes yet another action of Jew-hatred from Calderdale Council, where the council has allowed the "Halifax Friends of Palestine" (A group of RACIST, FASCIST, NAZI, OBNOXIOUS, ANTI-JEWISH and ANTI-ISRAELI idiots, who promote a country that does NOT exist)  to screen the extremely biased and misleading Channel 4 "drama" - "The Promise", which in itself has received overwhelming complaints from Jews and non-Jews, pointing out the blatant Jew-hatred from the film makers. 

Please refer to the below email where the numbers for contacting the council is given, and get calling. 
We need to show these vile racists that we will not tolerate them using PUBLIC FUNDS, paid with OUR TAXES to promote virulent Jew-hatred in our land. 
Demand the sacking of anyone involved in such racist action. 


Dear JDL,
Calderdale Council in West Yorkshire has a long history of facilitating anti-semitic and anti-Israel propaganda.
I wish to bring to your attention the latest example of the facilitation of anti-semitism by these wretched and notorious haters of the State of Israel. Calderdale Council is now publicising the screening of the anti-semitic Channel 4 drama "The Promise" by Halifax Friends of Palestine -  at one of its libraries located within a predominantly Muslim area of Halifax - via the use of its neighbourhood circulars.
This same area recently had "Kill the Jews" and "Free Gaza" spray-painted in red within the hallway of the local college.
"The Promise" will be shown on consecutive Thursdays on the 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd February, at King Cross Library in Halifax. If anyone is under any illusion as to its virulently anti-semitic and anti-Israeli stance please reference -
I will be reporting this as a hate incident and complaining to the Council that it is allowing its public facilities to be used yet again to further the propogation of hatred against Jews and against Israel.
If anyone wishes to communicate their disgust at the continuing denigration of Jews and the ongoing demonisation of Israel by Calderdale Council using public monies the Library's contact number is 01422 288028 / 288026. The contact number for Community Cohesion is 01422 393180.
A True Friend of Israel and of Jews
PS:  JDL has my permission to do whatsoever it likes with this e-mail.

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  1. Got proof of this "racism" or "ethnic cleansing"? Show us figures. We would expect figures to correspond with your idiotic comments, coward "anonymous".