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Calderdale Council Robin Tuddenham exposed as a Jew hater and having friends who encourage children to think like the 7/7 terrorists

Robin Tuddenham

Following our email to Calderdale Council, directed to Mr. Robin Tuddenham, where we have asked him to cancel the virulent and anti-Semitic screening of the film "The Promise", scheduled to be screened by the equally virulent and morally disturbed anti-Semitic group "Halifax Friends of Palestine" at the King's Cross library between the times of 5-7pm on the days 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd February, he replied as follows:

I am writing in response to your email on the planned events at King Cross library, which include screening the series ‘The Promise’.

Calderdale Council supports cultural events for all our communities. This reflects our organisational values ‘Everyone Different, Everyone Matters’. It is regrettable to receive this email in the same week that the Council has run a moving and well attended Holocaust Memorial Ceremony in partnership with Calderdale Interfaith Council.

The library has been booked by a local organisation to screen this drama which was produced by Channel 4 last year. This drama has previously been screened at Hebden Bridge Picture House. It is important to note that the production is a drama and this is reflected in the OFCOM judgement in response to complaints made when it was originally screened.

I attach the OFCOM judgement for your information, which did not uphold the complaints made.

In view of this, the Council has no intention of cancelling these events.

We then investigated a bit about Mr. Robin Tuddenham and we came across some rather disturbing facts inside Calderdale Council and had the opportunity to have a glimpse inside the mind of this individual and those he works with, whom we have concluded to be nothing more than anti-Semitic in its core.

Also we discovered that the "Halifax Friends of Palestine" are connected to the "EDL News" crowd from a pathetic group on facebook called "Exposing racism online". Unfortunately these demented individuals have no morality and end up exposing their own hate and racism by constantly attacking Israel and associating themselves with many who also do.

As proof we have Mr. Suhail Choudhury of OSHS Ltd (Also using the name Sohail Iqbal) After a small search we realised he is also linked with other companies as Simply Transit, who is the company hosting the website for "Halifax Friends of Palestine" and for "EDL News". How cosy to have all these Islamists cooperating with the communist scum!

Anyway, here are some interesting facts about Mr. Robin Tuddenham:

"Robin Tuddenham was the head of community safety (what a mistake!!!) who left his post in January to take up a similar role at Calderdale Council, an authority in West Yorkshire. His departure comes just weeks before the first independent probe into the mismanagement of millions of pounds of taxpayers' money is expected to be made public"

The article about it is here

Continuing with Mr. Robin Tuddenham, you might find the below transcript interesting in the light of his stance on The Promise video. I just see this man as a traitor, a hypocrite and appeaser of Islam, plus using/latching onto the PREVENT programme strategy as partially for job creation purposes. 

Here is trying to persuade the Select Committee that he knows all about the PREVENT strategy programme and that the local authorities (of which he is part of) are more than capable in working alongside the PREVENT programme.  See this link for the  transcript of oral evidence to be published as HC 65-iii House of Commons minutes of evidence taken before communities and local government committee - preventing violent extremism Amana Centre, Birmingham. 

Tuddenham (sort of Curriculum Vitae)  - Linkedin

In Calderdale council there is another very dodgy individual by the name of Sail Suleman who is a supposed Hate Crime Co-ordinator.  Incidentaly this same Sail Suleman, a Muslim, has encouraged children to think like the 7/7 terrorists. His excuse?  He reckons that by thinking like a terrorist, the children will "figure out" if the atrocities were right or wrong to be committed. Can you believe it?

The article about Mr. Sail Suleman promoting "Think like a terrorist" in schools is here.
You can also contact Sail here

Sail Suleman (Hate Crime Co-ordinator)
Tel: 01422 392869
Email: sail.suleman@calderdale.gov.uk

Now here is another email from one of our supporters, which I wish to share with you.

Dear JDL,
Thank you for your actions in response to the enclosed concern.
It may interest you to know that I rang the branch Library due to screen said anti-Jewish film and was referred to the area manager at the main central library who said he would get back to me on the issues raised.
I later attended the Holocaust Memorial Event (Israel has never been mentioned a single time in relation to the Holocaust despite my attending at these events for some years now) hosted by the local Inter-Faith group chaired by a Mr Raja Khan and whilst there spoke to the Calderdale Hate Crime Co-ordinator in attendance thereat - a Mr Sail Suleman - about my concerns and he asked me to put these in writing and send them to him.
This I did, putting my concerns on an evidential basis and in an appropriate manner and awaited response accordingly.
I have today telephoned the aforementioned area manager back asking for an update in this respect and he stated that he had been informed by the Chief Law Officer, Ian Hughes, that if I had any concerns I would have to raise them seperately with him and that said area manager was not permitted to discuss issues evidencing Calderdale Council's facilitation of anti-semitism with me.
Likewise, evidenced concerns appropriately put to Calderdale's Hate Crime co-ordinator at his request - and pertinent questions raised in respect of anti-semitism being effectively promoted as a cultural norm within Calderdale - have not been responded to and will only be responded to if communicated separately and exclusively to Ian Hughes, Calderdale Council's Chief Law Officer.
Clearly Mr Hughes is attempting to use his office to block further enquiry in this regard and to effectively marginalise those who would stand up and speak out against the facilitation of Jew-hatred within Calderdale. This Council is refusing point blank to address or to respond to my legitimate and evidenced concerns of anti-semitism appropriately and properly put - orally and in writing - to officers of this Council. It will only address such issues if they are separately and exclusively sent to its Chief Law Officer.
'Sole point of contact' is a well known device used to contrive and effect the blocking of enquiry and the minimisation of negative publicity
Jews and their supporters should never submit to such tactics - Calderdale Council should be actively confronting and addressing all evidenced concerns of anti-semitism however these are put to it - not refusing to respond to evidenced Jew-hatred unless those standing up and speaking out conform to restrictions it imposes - which restrictions are, significantly, only imposed upon those raising concerns of anti-semitism.
This is but one further instance of the facilitation of Jew-hatred by Calderdale Council - possibly the worst being the exploitation of 8 year old schoolkids being photographed, alongside Halifax Friends of Palestine activists and their teachers, holding "Palestinian" propaganda pamphlets demonising IDF soldiers. Such photographs were then put on the Internet without the parents permission and circulated worldwide - no doubt to further respectabilise Jew-hatred and caricature the state of Israel as a force of oppression. 

Calderdale council would do well in dismissing both of these people: Mr. Robin Tuddenham and Mr. Sail Suleman if it wants to be seen as a pro-active council who is truly stamping out racism and jew hatred.

See here for Robin Tuddenham's little friend Farzan Ahmed, a Nazi scumbag, Jew hating Muslim vermin.

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