Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Obedient Wives Club urges women: Be prostitutes to your husbands

An ISLAMIC group that supports polygamy and originated in Malaysia , is urging women to act like "prostitutes in the bedroom to please their men". And now they have opened a branch in London to preach more of their diatribe to British women. "The Obedient Wives Club is part of a global Ikhwan group which claims polygamy will lead to a harmonious society. It urges women to be submissive and keep their spouses happy in the bedroom. "

Meet Ikhwan vice-president Rohaya Mohamed, the perfect female "doormat" who has absolutely no dignity, integrity or self-respect. 

Rohaya could possibly be forgiven for her ignorance regarding free women's lives in the West but she cannot be forgiven for her utter failure to understand that when men cheat it is because they want to, and that includes polygamy,  and not because we fail as women or because we are not "prostitute enough" for our partners. She also fails to grasp the simple psychological damage that polygamy causes to those who are subjected to it.

Rohaya in her lack of intelligence, go as far as claiming that "women could curb social ills by serving their husbands better than a first class prostitute". Is she for real??
Let me get this right: According to Rohaya if a woman is like a first class prostitute in bed with her husband, she can curb social ills. What "social ills" is this woman referring to? I for one would like to know.

Likewise if a woman is like a prostitute in the bedroom, why then would her husband need polygamy? Prostitutes in the west are not submissive. Far from it, they actually choose who they sleep with and there is no submission in this at all, it's payment up front first, thank you very much!
The submission this ignorant individual is speaking about is simply allowing your man to prostitute himself with as many women as he wants, while the partner still behaves like a whore in the bedroom. Does that make any sense to you? It surely doesn't to me.

The whole point of being like a prostitute in the bedroom, to satisfy your partner, is to ensure that he will not cheat. So praising polygamy is not only plain stupid and wrong, but outrageously immoral. Polygamy is one of society's ills, in case this doormat of a woman does not realise it.

Members of the group, which is run from a Greenwich restaurant (Shame on the owner!) are appearing on a debate about polygamy in London tonight. They say they want to show Muslims in Britain that the practice can work.  Well, they are wasting their time if they think they can convince free women to be submissive and doormat-like to their husbands. They will only expose their lack of self-respect for all to see, and they should be scorned for it at that!

Polygamy is demeaning to women, and reduces women to a mere object in a man's life. Not only that but it is also a sacrilege against the sacredness of marriage before the law.  In Britain polygamy is illegal, and yet I do not see polygamous men jailed for it. Why not? Why is our government turning a blind eye to people of Muslim beliefs when they are committing illegal acts on British soil but when a British man does the same he is immediately punished for it?
Why are we allowing one law for them and another for us? This utter immorality brought to us by Islam and Muslims, has to stop immediately.

The founder of the group, a certain Mohd Ali (A man, no doubt) said there were "misconceptions" about polygamy and "we want to share our experience to show it can work".   What misconceptions is this polygamous and immoral man talking about?
There are no misconceptions that I can see, but a simple observation that polygamy hurts whoever is on the receiving end.
And why is this immoral male prostitute preaching only polygamy for men? Why doesn't he show us his bravery and preach it also for women? Now that is something I would like to see. Let's see how he feels when his own wife cheats on him with several men and thus "curb social ills" as well.

He says: "One of the problems in Malaysia is that there are men who might keep a mistress or go with someone else because they don't have a satisfactory married life".

Well my dear hypocrite, I have a solution for these "problems", although I must say that this is not a "problem" only in Malaysia but all over the world. Some men are cheats. That's life.
But the solution is simple. If a man cheats, divorce him. Problem solved.
What I do not understand is that these people are Muslims and as per their Muslim Sharia law, they should be stoned to death for adultery, which is precisely what polygamy is.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to grasp the fact that if a man is married and he "marries" someone else, he is plainly an adulterer and should be punished according to the laws of his own country/beliefs. So promoting this immorality to people who do not wish to be corrupted by the evils of Islam is plainly wrong.
If a man is not satisfied with his wife, he is free to divorce her and choose another. Why would he opt for the worst of all methods which is to cause as much hurt to his wife as possible, by copulating with another in their very marital home?

This is just one of the evils Islam is bringing to our shores and we should do well in addressing this immorality and ensuring that our laws do not make any provision whatsoever for such people. If they want to be polygamous then they can leave this country and practice their immoral ways according to their religion in the countries they have come from.

Polygamy in Britain is illegal. Let's keep it that way. One sex should never have the upper hand over the other. This is Britain and here males and females are equal before the law. Our law.



  1. The children of Israel are the descendents of a polygamous family, a man with two wives: Jacob, having Leah and Rachel. In the original Torah given by Ha'El, male dominance is made ABSOLUTELY clear, from authority over households to the fact that He permitted no priestesses. As for prostitution...which is, definitively, an abhorrent concept (sex without Holy Covenant)...I can only assure you that female submissiveness has always been a 'under the table' reality in the wider majority of such...transactions...given the number of occasions where males are reported as abusive.

    In the end, while the Islamic organization is absolutely in the wrong, at least one fundamental notion...of decrying 'prudishness-once-married' a very viable one, else the concept of "ball and chain" wouldn't even exist. And I need only assure you, such concept is fully Western.

    Cordially yours,
    a Dominant Male

  2. Cylon,

    Obviously you know nothing real about the true children of Israel. Most of the holy texts were lost before the first exile. The Torah you read now is NOT the same as it was given to Moses. Therefore all your conclusions are based on "Rabbinical" Torah rather than G-d's Torah.

    In Nature there is no such thing as "male superiority". This only exists in the minds of bigoted ignorants who fail to grasp the true nature of both sexes. And to make it absolutely clear to you, the first religions were based on mother nature, planetary movements (astrological positions) and the goddesses. The ancients were right.