Friday, 25 November 2011

The Left in Israel

Here is a picture from a lecture I attended this week in Tel Aviv University. It was about 'the violence of the right wing', and in the picture we can see a student at the podium with a symbol on her t-shirt calling for an intifada, much like the riots witnessed in Britain earlier this year, which have claimed thousands of Jewish lives in the past. 

In other words, the organizers were holding an event to make themselves feel morally justified over their victims (Jews), claiming that their targets should be murdered because the Jewish right to land is non-existent.

In a small detail which these leftists obviously overlooked, just outside the lecture hall were some glass cabinets showing ancient archaeological finds - Jewish remains - consisting mostly of pottery. Each of those several thousand years old.

Adding to this irony (the Left's speciality), in a remarkable display of segregationist mentality (one is tempted to say apartheid – you know, in the proper sense of the word) entry was refused to Michal Ben Ari MK (Member of Knesset). Is there any other country in the world that would be able to get away with refusing a Member of Parliament, or a Congressman/woman entry into a public lecture?

So what was the attitude outside the lecture hall where an unlikely crew of skinny students barred entry for Jews? Was there debate about the issues, was there an impromptu discussion as both sides tackled what each of them saw as the heart of each other’s positions? Nope. There was silence, effectively. There was everything other than debate.

When the left have nothing to say to you, they'll often resort to doing anything, as long as it doesn't involve engaging intellectually.
Sometimes they’ll descend into mockery or sarcasm by saying 'uh-huh, yeahhh, ahhh okay' whilst you’re talking, in an attempt to make you feel stupid. Of course here, the intention was to show total contempt, as if what anyone says is not worthy of a reply, and only worthy of filming for their amusement later on.

And this is very much to do with the philosophical base of the left.

The leftists can partly be forgiven for not answering any points made by the group of Jewish students wanting to get in, because they don’t have any answers (the left’s ideological base is not grounded in facts, but rhetoric). And when watching leftist come up against Jews that have studied the Talmud or been to a yeshiva (religious school), well, watching the left try to debate them is a little like watching a hunter shooting eggs in a nest... cruel I know, but fun nonetheless!

It was Socrates, the ancient Greek, that so inspired Western civilisation with his cross examinations (logic); it was the Jewish Talmudic tradition of dissecting every thought with questions - curiosity/intellectual freedom - that provided a core base from which science would eventually rise, and in turn the Judeo/Christian civilisation would be born, giving the freedom for all this to develop, including the development of democracy and our courts of law.

Socialism rejects the very core of this creation. The Communist Manifesto recommends ‘Abolition of the family!’1 The left embraces irrationality, emotions over facts and historic revisionism (such as a fictitious 'Palestinian' people with their fictitious history).

During WWII Winston Churchill spoke many times about his contempt for the fascists that were overturning Europe (the same irrational beings that have done the same with the world now). When Churchill spoke about the Nazis and the fact that he 'could not rest knowing he breathes the same air as these people', or that he wouldn't stop until 'every trace, every footprint of theirs has been wiped from this earth', I understood the depth of his feeling. The more I encounter the left, the more I feel this should be my mission, and the mission of every Western loving democratic friend.
Expose them, ridicule them; hold up a mirror in front of them. If they refuse to see how ugly and hypocritical they are (and they will), expose them for everyone else’s amusement.

1 The Communist Manifesto (W/Engels translation of 1888) Penguin edition 2002 p.239

Marx goes on to say “On what foundation is the present family, the bourgeoisie [capitalists, employers] family, based? On capital, on private gain.” He goes on “But this state of things finds its compliment in the practical absence of the family among the proletarians [the workers].” So in other words, the capitalist family exists at the expense of the worker’s family. Of course, while you’d be forgiven for thinking Marx is just crying out a social injustice, the only ‘small’ problem is that if the ‘evil rich capitalist’ family were to disappear (as Marx goes on to advocate), then there’d be no other families. Because the rich families create the jobs in order so that the poorer ones may feed themselves, no matter how undesirable their working conditions at the time.

This example of superficial thinking perfectly encapsulates the left, and explains why so many millions of people died under socialist regimes, even though later regimes (such as the Soviets) had watered Marx down significantly. For more see: Communism: A History by Richard Pipes

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