Monday, 14 November 2011

Iranian's face 5 years in Jail for visiting the state of Israel!

Iran is clearly worried of possible sabotage or an attack at the hands of Israel and has raised to five years the jail term for the "crime of visiting Israel." State television reported on Monday that the Iranian parliament approved an amendment that raises the jail term to 2-5 years from the current three months.

The original ban on traveling to the Jewish state, usually referred to by Iran as the "Zionist regime,” was inaugurated by the Shah in 1972, who refused to allow Iranians to visit communist countries.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s regime has so far arrested a large number of Iranians and executing many of them, for allegedly spying for Israel.

Israel also has been blamed responsible for the Stuxnet virus that paralyzed centrifuges at an Iranian nuclear plant, and for several assassinations and “accidents” that killed nuclear scientists.
Earlier this week, a Revolutionary Guards army base explosion killed at least 17 soldiers, including one of the country’s senior missile experts. Some reports stated that there were two explosions at two bases.
One Israeli missile expert said that the explosions probably was an accident, but others have offered circumstantial evidence countering Iranian claims that it was ammunition and not a missile that exploded.
Authorities allowed several of 45 ambulances that rushed to the scene, and there were signs that the explosions may have been from the air and not the ground.

Fascism was defeated, Nazism was defeated, Communist goverments such as the Mao and Stalinist regime's have been defeated and now the Iranian regime must be brought down!

The bloodthirsty and murderous police of Iran!

- UK JDL -


  1. I do not agree that communism was defeated. It is very much alive in Israel and Europe.

  2. Good point, Agreed, That was meant as in Communist style governments such as Stalin and Mao but i have altered it now so as not to cause confusion.