Thursday, 17 November 2011

How Islamic Iran is destroying their young generation

This article is to demonstrate how the Islamic regime of Iran is oppressing the youth of the country and the Fascism used to hold their grip on power.

In Summer 2011, Political agents of the Iranian regime spread out across Tehran to question toy shop owners about whether fake water guns used in a recent public waterfight had been imported from America. But Why all this fuss? What is so sinister about a water fight among playful youth at a water park? Nothing.

After joining a page/event on Face book that advertised the public water fight, a group of around 800 young men and women were amongst those who showed up at the park and They were surprised to find many others were there and just as eager to drench anyone in sight, They chased strangers and new friends around a giant water fountain, screaming and laughing as they splashed each other with water from toy guns, bottles and plastic bags and had a lot of fun.

One of the participants (who did not want to be named for fear of reprisals by the Iranian police) Said this: "We had an absolute blast. I have never had so much fun in my life, It was a very rare chance for men and women, boys and girls to hang out in a public place and have fun without being harassed and bullied by the Iranian authorities".

Pictures of the young men and women, their tight coats and colorful scarves drenched, squirting water at young men in wet T-shirts surfaced on websites and newspapers this made the Iranian authorities absolutely furious and created an uproar that reached the Iranian parliament.

Iranian Security forces are now hunting down the organizers and participants of the water  episode down through their Face book accounts and have detained many of their friends. The Face book page for Water Wars in Tehran had over 19,000 members and 22 local fight chapters for cities across Iran, including small cities like Marageh.

Earlier this month, Tehran police arrested the admins of the Face book page for Shiraz Water Wars and 17 young men and women who were playing in a water park in the southern coastal city of Bandar Abbas were detained in an Iranian prison. Authorities also paraded the detained young people on national television, forcing them to confess, a move typically reserved by Iran for political detainees or prisoners.

"Police will deal forcefully with park violators who are threatening the security and peace of our society here in Iran" The Tehran police chief said.

One of the reasons the Iranian authorities came down so extreme on the organizers and participants is because by wetting each other with water guns (regarding the women who took part) the wet clothing would show the countures and the body shape of women and this is morally prohibited in Islam, Therefore it is dangerous to take part in a water fight in Iran.

Another reason is that it is believed Ahmedinijad was paranoid that these young people were training with the water guns to form a coup and overthrow the Islamic regime, Fun fact for you Mahmoud, A real firearm is a big difference to a water gun but then again you do not know the difference between innocence and paranoia.

I have listed 3 pictures below of the water fight in Tehran and the joy on these peoples faces is priceless, They are enjoying the only chance of a little fun and freedom they can grasp and the thought of Iran quenching that joy by detaining these people in an Iranian hellhole prison just makes me sick!


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  1. How shameful is the Iranian Regime! How cruel and perverse against its own people. Shouldn't governments keep people happy so that they would always be loved and get more votes? Making people fear you, will ensure they also hate you.

    They look so happy playing, and it's just such a child's game! My soul cries for them!