Tuesday, 15 November 2011

EU wants to ban film on rape victims of Afghanistan

According to an article written today on the Evening Standard by Investigations Reporter Tom Harper, the EU has threatened legal action against a film maker based in London, after she made a documentary that exposed abuse of women in Afghanistan.

Film maker Clementine Malpas was hired by the EU to highlight the plight of battered wives and rape victims convicted of "moral crimes" by misogynist Afghan courts.  But 24 hours before the film was due to be released EU officials blocked its release stating they did not want to upset "relations with the justice institutions" in Afghanistan, and they have now accused Ms Malpas 30, of breaching her contract after claims the film was shown to outside viewers.

This is just another kick in the teeth to all those who put their lives in danger to highlight such plights and a disgraceful betrayal to the very women who have suffered untold abuse at the hands of their male counterparts.

Ms. Malpas obtained written consent for the film from Gulnaz 19, who was jailed for 12 years on accusation of "adultery" after being raped, and also from Farida 26, who was also jailed for "adultery" after fleeing her abusive husband.  Afghanistan is an Islamic country and Islamic countries impose Sharia Law on its residents. Under Sharia Law rape is considered "Zina" (Adultery).  Muslims obviously do not have the same moral standards that we do, neither are they able to comprehend that a woman who has been raped is a victim of a heinous crime and not a willing participant in the cheating game called adultery.

In the West, adultery (also called philandery) is sexual infidelity to one's spouse, and is a form of extramarital sex. It is originally referred only to sex between a woman or a man who is married and a person other than his/her spouse.  Rape on the other hand is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse, which is initiated by one of more persons against another person without that person's consent.

By these definitions we can clearly understand that Muslims do not possess the same moral standards or understanding of things as we in the West do.

Gulnaz and Farida both risked their personal safety to speak out about their treatment at the hands of the Afghani Judicial system and Gulnaz was filmed saying "I have to [do the film] because when everybody sees this it will be a lesson for them and these things won't happen in Afghanistan."
Her husband's cousin raped her, making her pregnant, but when she went to the police she was jailed in Kabul, where she currently is with her small baby daughter.

The EU has tried to silence the voices of these two women and G-d knows how many more have had their voices silenced despite their personal safety being at risk.  The EU insists that it is protecting the women by hiding their identities but their claims have no merit as these women are not protected, they are in jail for being victims of a crime. This truly exposes not only the malignant ideology of Islam as a perverted cult but also the mindset of EU leaders, who rather appease the Afghani Government rather than highlighting such evil practices.

The brave Ms. Malpas has accused the EU of silencing these victims against their will, and friends of Ms. Malpas said it was a bizarre position for an international delegation publicly committed to improving women's rights to have done so.

The full article can be found here .

What is more shocking is that not only EU officials are trying to silence these victims, they are also threatening Ms. Malpas with legal action under accusations of leaking her footage to outsiders.
This is very worrying since it seems that EU officials are in fact coward Dhimmis who are afraid to tackle the issue head on simply because it is caused by a belief system which they have allowed to flourish under our noses, and that belief system is called Islam.

Please share this article with as many people as possible, as it is our firm intention to expose the corrupt workings of the EU to everyone. These victims must not be silenced.  We demand this film and the evils of the Islamic ideology to be exposed. 


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  1. Excellent post! The EU/Fourth Reich as usual is running with its tail between its legs at the sight of 7th century barbarism! Cowardly SCUM!!