Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Coming Storm?

Once again it seems we’re on the crossroads of history. Once again we’re witnessing the rise of Anti-Semitism, and again of something much greater not too far behind it.

In this globalised world, we all feel the effects of what happens on the other side of the planet. With the openly Anti-Jewish vandalism in Brooklyn two days after the anniversary of Kristallnacht, and the anniversary of the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane, these combined messages from history scream out their profound message.
The murderer of Rabbi Kahane was later convicted of the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing. The five or so terror groups affiliated with that operation later went on to form al Qaeda (with the mujahidin that fought against the Soviets in Afghanistan), and we know the rest of that story... Brave soldiers and undercover agents are still risking their lives and dying from that particular chapter in history. Is there a clearer, more succinct example from history of the saying ‘they always come for the Jews first’?

And yet we’re still in the same episode in history. For more than a decade, this chapter has been unfolding before our eyes. For the last decade or so, we’ve been hearing Jewish voices asking about the purpose of demonising Israel. Where will it all lead they ask?

Then there’s the Israel/Palestine conflict being used as an excuse to legitimise every act of aggression by Muslims against Jews (and others) throughout the West. Would the Israel/Palestine conflict be so prominent in our collective conscious if there were no Muslim immigrants in Europe or America? Of course not. Why do we not hear about Thailand, the Philippines, Nigeria, Kenya? This ‘legitimising’ violence is something that happened before, and is designed to pressure political decision making in the West against Israel which the left (in the media and academia) have been totally willing to aid.

In Andrew G Bostom’s ‘The Legacy of Jihad’ he writes (on p.54) that in the 8th century, the treatment of Christian Egyptians very much depended on how Constantinople (the centre of the Christian world at the time) conducted relations with the Caliphate (Islamic Pope). He also writes that ‘when the Arabic armies suffered repeated defeats ...[the] governor of Egypt  ... unleashed a persecution against the Orthodox [Christians] in Alexandria in 704, which went on for several years.’ But over in Spain during the same period, the treatment was just the same: ‘Moreover, if one dhimmi (Christian or Jew having accepted Muslim rule) harmed a Muslim, the whole [non-Muslim] community lost its status of protection, leaving it open to pillage, enslavement, and arbitrary killing (p.56)1.

But we see more than mere persecution of Jews by Muslims in Europe today. This persecution is at a political level now, where the Muslim minorities in Europe are greater in size than those of the Jews. Therefore there is an added incentive for amoral political leaders to consider the Muslim vote over those of the Jews; today, short-sighted politicians use numbers of immigrants, not their contribution to society, too weigh up the pros and cons in their decision-making process.

Today, the ‘Nazis’ don’t have a superior army (as Hitler did), but they have oil. Today, the Quartet, established to preside over the ‘peace’ process, is all too happy to pressure Israel to implement suicidal and unjust initiatives, so that they may appease the oil-rich Arab regimes. And the single issue of oil seems to shape all policies in the West and every political decision.

The appeasement crisis in the run up to WWII cost the British their empire. When Britain finally decided to do something about the Nazis and declare war on Germany, the British had 5 military divisions, the Germans had 100. What should be clear by now is that even after 9/11, 7/7, and the riots earlier this year, Western powers can’t or won’t do enough to protect themselves, or their own minorities. This too should be a lesson for Jews living in Eurabia today.

The stunning myopia of the political elites and their refusal to see an obvious threat resonates with Israelis and their supporters, as much as it did the British public back in the 1930s. Whether it’s the international community’s criticism of Israel in defending itself or (as Caroline Glick2 put it) ‘reading between the lines of [Iranian president] Ahmadinejad’s hate speech, in order to read messages of peace’, or cries about Anti-Semitism from Muslim perpetrators in Europe being ignored, the strong tradition of politicians burying their heads in the sand is as strong as ever.

If Israel (and/or coalition) does take out Iran’s nuclear facilities, but makes the mistake of not helping Iran’s opposition to come to power, it’s clear the current environment in the West will only get worse (let's not forget the Eurozone crisis as well). And if we aren’t already in the run up to a Mid East initiated WWIII, Jews throughout the West had better get prepared for things to get much worse; because after Iran, there’s Turkey to consider, and Egypt after that. Then? Who knows. With an European intelligentsia that likes to portray everything as Israel or the Jew's fault, those in the Diaspora had better be prepared for a lot more demonization - and its consequences - when it comes time to deal with Turkey and Egypt.

We have to learn to defend ourselves, individually. Because what we saw with the riots earlier this year in the UK is only a taste of things to come, should a big war break out. Reading history, it's clear that Muslims and socialists use civil unrest and violence as a political tool (fascism). Just don't make yourselves a footnote in the long, bloody history of jihad or socialist tyranny.

It’s clear that generation after generation of Anti-Semite will prosecute us for being ourselves, for daring to identify with our historic homeland, and being a part of that homeland when Israel defends herself. This is the price, it seems, we pay for being the chosen ones.
To translate an increasingly popular saying in Israel: Kahane was right.



1. The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims

2. Shackled Warrior: Israel and the Global Jihad

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