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One of the ways the left works is to silence opposition. It’s not enough to get their message out, they have to stop any opposing information reaching the public, or how else will they get anyone to believe them? And by keeping most people in the dark, this is essentially how socialism has managed to remain within society and culture after the most blood-thirsty century in the history of mankind. And let’s make no mistake about it, the socialists tally amounts to 100 million dead due to the 40 or so regimes it created. This is more or less the same amount of casualties claimed in WWI and WWII combined!1

If you hear that the Crusades were wars of aggression, that these are the principle acts of the Christian world against Islam, which created an overwhelming sense of hostility in the Muslim world which remains to this day, you’re likely to believe it.

If, on the other hand, you hear that the Crusades were launched after four and a half centuries of Islamic colonial expansion, rape, pillage, and the final straw being that of taking Christendom’s most holy city, Jerusalem, then you might think otherwise about the Crusades, and especially about the left's propaganda about Muslims being eternal victims.2

But the same revisionism has happened in Britain and Europe with the Israel-Palestine conflict. Only one side of the story has been told for such a long time, people now believe the Arab narrative; they now believe that there was such a thing as a Palestinian Arab/Muslim presence in the Holy Land going back from time immemorial, and some even believe that Jews have no historic presence there.

This is the way the left works.

Similarly, back in 2003, when Israel was debating evicting Jews from Gaza, the left managed to close down one of the sole voices opposed to the self-ethnic cleansing. A radio station called ‘Arutz Sheva’ (Chanel Seven). Member of Knesset (MK) Zehava Galon, leader of the Meretz Party faction, was instrumental in seeing to it (through the leftist Supreme Court) that the radio station was closed. This happened in October of that year.

With one of the single opposing voices being closed, the communists were left to put its view out, without being challenged by any ‘troublesome’ right wingers, or reality (reality like Israel was at the height of a terror war in 2003 in which over 1000 Israelis had been killed, and to remove any Jewish presence in Gaza might be construed as a reward for that terror).

But as a footnote, it is interesting that in the left’s current narrative of the conflict, these evictions from Gaza have become an inconvenient truth. Any time they attempt to justify rockets fired by Hamas on Israel, they simply remove the most incriminating fact which shows Israel’s actions for peace.

Now however, with a right-wing Likud government in power, we’re seeing the blowback. Benjamin Netanyahu’s party is attempting to pry the left’s vice-like grip on Israel’s public institutions, media and Supreme Court, by passing several ground-breaking bills.

These bills include the main reason for Israel’s poor image around the world, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations), having their funding severely restricted; and copying the US practice of interviewing Supreme Court judges before they take office; but one of the most egregious issues being that of NGOs evicting Jews from Judea & Samaria through the law courts (even though illegal Arab construction goes unpunished).

Unsurprisingly, the left aren’t happy. Chief among those is Zehava Galon who said she feels her freedom fading. Let us hope this feeling of hers continues.


1 Casualties for both world wars amounts to roughly 100 million: 35 million in WWI; 60 million in WWII

Robert Spencer’s The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) (one of the best introductions to jihad, and the Crusades)

2A Similarly, if you’re Jewish, you might not like the Crusades for their massacre of the Jews in the Rhineland in the First Crusade. But if you heard that the numbers of Jews massacred by Muslims a few years before this atrocity, in Granada, Spain, equalled or exceeded those killed by the Christians (in fact, wiping out the Jewish community there), and that this was nothing compared to what the Muslims did to Jews in Northern Africa, or when they invaded the Holy Land, you might not think better of the Crusaders, but any (rational) person would think far less of the Muslims colonial practices and the fictitious 'Golden Age' of Jews under Islam.

But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. I think I can hear the left crying out that these Muslims were simply ahead of their time and angry over ’67 (that is, nineteen sixty seven).

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