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The Kaffirese dictionary

These are the words which are used within the world of Islam and the "kuffar" (Infidel - i.e. those who despise Islam) 
Learn them well. Perhaps some degenerate has used one of these words towards you? 


KAFFIR/KUFFAR/KUFR (noun) Derogatory term of HATE SPEECH used to describe ANYONE who ISN'T a follower of 'the religion of peace'.

KAFFIROPHOBE: (noun) INFIDEL HATER & also Weapon of silence used to deter critics of free speech, freedom of expression and equal rights.

KAFFIROPHOBIA: (noun) Term used to describe the HATE, BIGOTRY and INTOLERANCE aimed at ANYONE who doesn't submit to 'the religion of peace'

CAUCASIAPHOBE: (n) One who HATES WHITE PEOPLE but doesn't see this as being RACIST and think they can spout this BILE with IMPUNITY

GYNOPHOBE: (noun) One who HATES and FEARS women and treats them as INFERIOR beings and de-personalised, tent wearing, 3rd class SLAVES

ISLAMOPHILE: (noun) One who just LOVES everything that the 'religion of peace' has to offer, because they are SO 'cultural' and 'right on'

ISLAMOPHANT: (Islamo-sycophant) (n) Term used to describe those who FACILITATE and DEFEND the spread of 'the religion of peace' See QUISLING

TAQIYYA: (n) Blatant LIES told to INFIDELS for the cause of spreading 'peace & tolerance' see also KITMAN, MURUNA, TAWRIYA

TAWRIYA: (n) The religiously sanctioned RIGHT, for the 'peaceful & tolerant' to LIE to INFIDELS, with a CLEAR CONSCIENCE. See: TAQIYYA

KITMAN: (n) The ancient art of skillfully diverting attention AWAY from UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS when discussing 'the religion of peace'

TAQIYYA ARTIST: (noun) One who is skilled in the art of DECEPTION and EVASION when promoting and defending 'the religion of peace', i.e BULLSHITTER

'PULLING A KITMAN': term used to describe an EVASIVE tactic used to divert attention away from the subject at hand, when discussing 'p&t'

KAFFIRISH: (n) Term pertaining to the behaviour, customs and dietary habits of INFIDELS. i.e. It is KAFFIRISH to enjoy bacon sandwiches.

JIHADIWADI: (noun) One of the 'peaceful & tolerant' homegrown terrorist wannabes. Usually suffers OEDIPUS COMPLEX BY-PROXY and GYNOPHOBIA

JIHADIWADIPADDY: (n) A PETULANT, ranting mob of angry HATE PREACHERS and/or JIHADIWADIES, stamping feet and being OFFENDED.

MARIJUANAPHOBIA: (noun) A psychological condition, synonymous with ISLAMOPHOBIA, due to the inherent FEAR of being STONED.

WEIRDY-BEARDY (noun): a HATE PREACHER whose moral standing is inversely proportional to length of beard. See also KAFFIROPHOBE, JIHADIWADI

RESPECT: (n) Something constantly DEMANDED by 'peaceful & tolerant' SUPREMACISTS whilst providing NO valid reason for being or DESERVING of it.

OXYMORON: (n) Something that is the complete OPPOSITE of what its name implies. i.e. Religion of Peace, UAF, SWP, ANTIFA etc.

ISLAMONAUSEA (noun): The feeling of being SICK to the stomach at every HYPOCRITICAL reference to the term: 'the religion of peace'

ISLAMOFAUXBIA: Term used to describe anything MINOR that the KAFFIR do, that the TERMINALLY OFFENDED use to CLAIM 'OPPRESSION' and 'OFFENCE'

ISLAMOPHYLAXIS: (n) Any activity carried out in the name of COUNTER-JIHADISM. FINANCIOBOYCOTTISM being the easiest.

CONTEXT: (noun) A TAQIYYA (blatant lie) to try to confuse INFIDELS about the TRUE nature of 'the religion of peace'. See also 'BULLSHITTING'

ISLAMO-ANAPHYLAXIS: (noun) The severe, ANGRY, red swelling, one feels at the daily news of yet another outbreak of 'peace & tolerance'

PEACE: (noun) a state of nirvana, sought by the 'peaceful & tolerant' which will ONLY occur when the INFIDELS have been SLAUGHTERED.

TOLERANCE: (n) An OXYMORONIC state of mind and being to the 'peaceful and tolerant'. ISLAMOFASCISTS DO NOT exhibit TOLERANCE to KAFFIR.

JIZYA: (n) EXTORTION MONEY demanded from DHIMMIS in 'p&t' countries, by the 'peaceful & tolerant' for not submitting to 'peace & tolerance'

DHIMMI: (n) 1) A 2nd class human in a 'peaceful & tolerant' country, who does not submit to 'peace and tolerance', FORCED to pay JIZYA.


FASIQ: (act) The use of EVIL WESTERN TECHNOLOGY by the 'peaceful and tolerant' which is forbidden..unless it's to spread 'peace & tolerance'

CLITORIDECTOMY: (FGM) The vile practice of slicing off a girl's clitoris & labia and stitching up her vagina to appease PATHETIC men's egos

MUFA'KHATHAT: Vile, 3rd world practice, of the 'peaceful and tolerant' in which a toddler's inner thighs are used as a masturbation tool

MU'TAH: A temporary marriage contract that allows a 'bit on the side' without contravening strict adultery laws. HALAL PROSTITUTION

MISYAR: (n) Like MUT'AH but needing witnesses. A temporary 'marriage' for sexual pleasure without the financial responsibility of marriage.

RAPEYNESS: (noun) An emotion felt predominantly amongst 'peaceful & tolerant' men, who have limited ability to control ANY sexual urges.

CRANIAL HAIR: (subst) something both 'OFFENSIVE' and IRRESISTIBLE to 'peaceful & tolerant' men, the mere sight of which may cause RAPEYNESS

DAR-AL-ISLAM: (n) 'House of islam' any country under the direct control and BARBARIC SUBJUGATION by the 'peaceful & tolerant' SUPREMACISTS

DAR-AL-HARB: (n) 'House of war' Any country NOT under DIRECT CONTROL and SUBJUGATION by the 'peaceful & tolerant' whose AIM is to MAKE IT SO

DAR-AL-AMN: (n) 'House of safety' Any country where the 'peaceful & tolerant' feel at liberty to be QU'NTS with the KUFFAR population.

ALOO-HACKBAR: Also pronounced as "Allah hu'akbar" A phrase screamed out by the 'peaceful & tolerant' as they carry out RITUAL HUMAN SACRIFICE to a pagan moon god.

GUSTAKE RASOOL: 'Insulter of prophet' The 'peaceful & tolerant' equivalent of pointing to a woman and screaming 'WITCH!!' in medieval times


CULTURAL MARXIST: (n) LEFT WING COMMUNIST ARSEHOLE, who seeks to DESTROY the indigenous population identity through MASS IMMIGRATION and PC.

KAFFIRESE: (lang) The vocabulary, slang and terminology of the INFIDELS.

LAWFARE: (n) The shameless use of the legal system to SILENCE critique of 'peace & tolerance' Can be surmised as: SILENCE!!! I SUE YOU!!

CALIPHATE: (n) State of nirvana for the 'peaceful & tolerant', ACHIEVED when they have USED DEMOCRACY to DESTROY DEMOCRACY & INSTILL SHARIA

FLYING HORSE: (theory) A creature of DUBIOUS antiquity, who's existence may be attributed to the WRONG kind of mushrooms in the soup.

STARS: (n) Heavenly missiles to launch at devils. Apparently NOT spheres of hydrogen and helium undergoing thermonuclear fusion processes.

MOON: (n) Earth's only natural satellite and, despite being. 250,000 miles away, is allegedly possible to split with an axe from Earth!


SPHERICAL EARTH: (theory) Something of an anathema to 'peaceful & tolerant' "scientists" who INSIST the Earth is FLAT 

MUDDY PUDDLE: (theory) That place where the sun sets in the evening. How could those EVIL WESTERN ASTRONOMERS have got it SO WRONG!?

MURUNA: (n) The art of HIDING one's 'peaceful & tolerant' nature in order to spread subversion, by INFILTRATING the INFIDELS. See ESPIONAGE

MURUNIAC: (n) A 'peaceful & tolerant' SPY and sower of doubt and confusion. MURUNIACS have all 'peaceful & tolerant' prohibitions exempted

SHARIANANIGANS: (n) Term to cover acts of the 'peaceful & tolerant' attempting to TAKE OVER whole districts of the country for themselves.

CONVERT: (n) Someone who has embraced 'peace & tolerance' in sane mind, only to be classed as 'INSANE' AFTER they've done something BARBARIC

STONED (n) A barbaric form of execution in which the victim has rocks thrown at their head whilst buried to the chest. NOT a euphoric buzz.

AL HIJRA: (n) Spreading 'peace & tolerance' by VIRAL ACTION by emigrating to secular countries, OUT-BREEDING the KAFFIR & instilling SHARIA.

OEDIPUS COMPLEX BY-PROXY: (med) A psychological condition of JIHADIWADIS, by which they share THEIR fantasies of anal sex with YOUR mother.

POLYGAMISOGYNIST: (n) One of the 'peaceful & tolerant' who has more than one wife to treat in an unkind and UNEQUALITARIAN manner

COMPULSION: (n) Something that there supposedly 'ISN'T' in 'the religion of peace'... until you try to leave...then it's DECAPITATION

BACHE BAZ: (n) A 'peaceful & tolerant' PAEDOPHILE with a penchant for little boys dressed as little girls and wearing make-up.

BACHI BAZI BOY: (n) A young boy who is dressed and made up as a girl, who dances seductively for, and is pimped out to dirty old men

DAWAH: (n) The INCESSANT recruitment drive and TAQIYYA ARTISTRY to placate and CONFUSE the INFIDELS, by 'peaceful & tolerant' SUPREMACISTS

JIHAD: (n) The INCESSANT pushiness and WAR MONGERING of the 'peaceful & tolerant' against and, to assume DOMINATION OVER the KAFFIR.

INFIDEL: (n) A proud KAFFIR and supporter of COUNTER-JIHADISM. An ANTAGONIST of the 'peaceful & tolerant'. A member of the RESISTANCE.

SUICIDE BOMBER: (n) A dead end job, but with an excellent 'pension plan' for JIHADIWADIS & CONNEDVERTS to 'the religion of peace' for JIHAD

FEDAYEEN: (n) One who takes an active part in NOT-SO-SMARTYRDOM on the unproven promise of eternal sex in the grand orgy in the sky.

PORKONITE (substance) similar in properties to KRYPTONITE. Resembles the crispy edges of grilled bacon. Known for inducing hysteria and rage

ZAKAT: (n) A charity tax imposed upon the profits of the 'peaceful & tolerant' 1/8th of which funds SHARIANANIGANS and JIHAD against KAFFIR.

INTERPRETATION: (n) A tactic to whitewash the justification of KAFFIROPHOBIA in scriptures by WEIRDY BEARDIES and JIHADIWADIS. See CONTEXT

NUANCE: The subtle art of trying to portray your CULT as something more refined than a BARBARIC code of BANDITRY on hallucinogens.


FINANCIOBOYCOTTISM: The easiest form of COUNTER-JIHADISM. An AK-47 you DON'T need a licence for. Preventing YOUR money from funding JIHAD


OPPRESSION: (act) Something constantly CLAIMED by the 'peaceful & tolerant' because they are hindered from DOING IT TO YOU. 

OFFENCE: (n) A tactic used by the 'peaceful & tolerant' to facilitate CAPITULATION of the KAFFIR by complaining about ANYTHING KAFFIRISH.

WHITE GUILT SYNDROME: (n) A tool used by CAUCASIAPHOBES, CULTURAL MARXISTS and ISLAMOFASCISTS to weaken the spirit of white people.

ABD: (n) The 'peaceful & tolerant' DEROGATORY term of HATE SPEECH and RACIAL SLUR for AFRICANS, which also means 'SLAVE' see ABDIFICATION

ABDIFICATION: (n) The IRONIC conversion of Africans and their descendants to the cult of their 'peaceful & tolerant' slave masters. See ABD

WHATABOUTERY: (n) The defence of religious bigotry by comparative analysis. i.e 'What about the bible? It hates gays, so we can too.'

HEBEPHILIA: (n) the subtle art of trying to make the MARRIAGE between PUBESCENT GIRLS and OLD MEN sound more acceptable to gullible KAFFIR

GENOPHILIA: (n) Love of own's own race. A natural instinct that CULTURAL MARXISTS want to ban (at least for CAUCASIANS).


MUJAHIDEEN: (n) Those who do all the WARMONGERING, RAPING TORTURING and BUTCHERING of KAFFIR for JIHAD on behalf of 'The Religion of Peace'

COUNTER-JIHADISM: (n) the WORLDWIDE effort by INFIDELS to RESIST the spread and DOMINATION of 'peace & tolerance' in SECULAR countries

GENOCIDE DENIAL: (n) Like HOLOCAUST DENIAL, but of those who refuse to accept the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE by the 'peaceful & tolerant'


VANI: (n) The 'peaceful & tolerant' practice of forcible marriage of young girls as punishment for the crimes of her male relatives

NOT-SO-SMARTYRDOM: (n) The act of blowing your (and others) brains out on an unproven promise of an invite to the eternal orgy in the sky

CONNEDVERT: (n) A gullible one, taken in by the 'peace & tolerance' line, who now find themselves reluctantly strapping on a suicide vest.

CALIPHATION: (n) The ONGOING process of turning a SECULAR country into a MEDIEVAL, BARBARIC shit-hole, by JIHADIWADIPADDIES and LAWFARE

CALIPHFORMING: (n) Synonymous with TERRAFORMING except reducing the entire civilised world to an emotionless, loveless desert of barbarity.


EASING COMMUNITY TENSIONS: (PCism) Term that has come to be understood as 'BEGGING the 'peaceful & tolerant' not to have a JIHADIWADIPADDY.'

COMMUNITY RELATIONS (PCism) Term understood as 'giving in to what the 'peaceful & tolerant' demand or they'll have a JIHADIWADIPADDY'

ALCOHOL: (n) A KAFFIRISH beverage and 'SATAN'S SPUNK' to the 'peaceful & tolerant'. Produces similar effects to PORKONITE.

APOSTASY: (n) The act of LEAVING 'peace & tolerance'. An act punishable by DECAPITATION by the 'peaceful & tolerant' to ensure COMPULSION

APOSTATE: (n) Someone who has swallowed the Red Pill. One who has turned their back on 'the religion of peace' and now risks DECAPITATION.

MURTAD: (n) A derogatory term of HATE SPEECH for those who have become APOSTATES of ISLAM, a CRIME of which is PUNISHABLE by EXECUTION.

CANIGRAPHOBIA: (noun) The INSANE, hysterical FEAR and HATRED of untrustworthy, black dogs.

BLASPHEMY: Term to cover ANYTHING that 'offends' the TERMINALY OFFENDED i.e. Short skirts, cleavage, cartoons, pork products, alcohol etc.

BLASPHEMY LAWS: (sharia) The 'peaceful & tolerant' equivalent of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, but with EXECUTIONS involved. See: GUSTAKE RASOOL

HISTORYWASHING: (n) A form of 'p&t' CULTURAL MARXISM, by which other cultures achievements are replaced in history by WE-WERE-HERE-FIRSTISM.

ISLAMOPHOBIGOTRACIST: (n) Someone who exposes the TRUTH about the 'religion of peace'

HATER: (n) A derogatory term hurled at people who oppose TOTALITARIAN, BIGOTED, MISOGYNISTIC, HOMOPHOBIC, SUPREMACIST, HATEFUL ideologies.


LAWMONGER: (n) One who ABUSES the legal system to SILENCE those who OPPOSE the spread of 'peace & tolerance' and SHARIA LAW.

TERRORISM: (n) The act of WARMONGERING against KAFFIR, which is NOT condemned by the 'p&t' as this is JIHAD, which is a MORAL OBLIGATION.

CULTURECIDE: (n) What happens when the 'peaceful & tolerant' eventually get their own way and instill SHARIA on EVERYONE, INCLUDING YOU!


'GOOD COP, BAD COP' (v) Term used to represent EXTREMISTS and MODERATES playing each other off to facilitate CAPITULATION of the KUFFAR.

FLAGARSONY: (n) Term to represent how the 'peaceful & tolerant' show their gratitude for a FREE LIFE by demonstrations of FLAG BURNING..

SHIRK: (n) The act of IDOLATORY (worship to statues of god(s), which the 'peaceful & tolerant' find UNFORGIVABLE!! Meteorites are ok though.

NONCE: (n) A predatory PIEdophile. One, such as a middle aged man, with a penchant for wanting to shag 14 year old boys, for example.

FATWAHNKHA: (n) One who uses LAWFARE and BLASPHEMONGERY to try and SILENCE anyone who EXPOSES their PHONEY persona and AGENDA.

MUSHRIK: (n) DEROGATORY term of HATE SPEECH used by the SUPREMACIST 'peaceful & tolerant' to describe POLYTHEISTS, such as HINDUS.

AYATOLLATUBBY: (n) A 'peaceful & tolerant' figure of DERISION, who uses TAQIYYARTISTRY and KITMAN to emphasise their SUPREMACY over KAFFIR.

FOAMATION: (n,v) Term to describe the RABID, HYSTERICAL, frothing at the mouth, of the MARXISM INDOCTRINATED, LEFTIES as they TROLL you.


FAR RIGHT (n,v) NEWSPEAK (PCism) for DISSIDENT in the face of a combined CULTURAL MARXIST & ISLAMIST power grab for DOMINANCE

FAR RIGHTIST (n): THOUGHT CRIMINAL KAFFIR with BALLS, BACKBONE, BRAIN & possibly BRAWN fighting against 'peaceful & tolerant' KAFFIROPHOBIA.

FELCHER: (n) LEFT WING, COMMUNIST ARSEHOLES who align themselves with ISLAMOFASCISTS in the belief they will be in charge after revolution.

POSITIVE DISCRIMINATION: (PCism) A CAUCASIAPHOBIC form of RACISM which offers PREFERENTIAL treatment to minorities based on MELANIN.

REPARATIONIST: (n) One who seeks financial recompense because their ancestors were slaves whilst conveniently forgetting BARBARY SLAVE TRADE

BARBARY SLAVE TRADE: (hist) The slave trade carried out by the 'peaceful & tolerant' which saw approx 1.2 MILLION WHITE Europeans indentured


GOAT: (n) A herbivorous animal valuable source of milk, protein, hide and sexual relief in 3rd world 'peaceful & tolerant' countries


IJTHAD: (n) A term meaning questioning and reinterpretation of Scripture, or 'MAKE-IT-UP-AS-YOU-GO-ALONG-TO-SUIT-YOUR-CURRENT-AGENDAISM'

ISLAMOPHOBIA: (n) A term coined in 1990s by the I.I.I.T. purely as a weapon to silence critique of ISLAM. A VILE slur hurled at INFIDELS.

INFIDELOPHOBIA: (n) An irrational fear, hatred and bigotry shown towards INFIDELS. See also KAFFIROPHOBIA

OSTRITCHISM: (n) The act of preferring to bury your head in the sand rather than face and speak out against the troubles that lay ahead.

MATRIOT: (n) A STRONG lady with a PATRIOTIC streak, of the COUNTER-JIHADIST movement.


MARTYRIOT: (n) A PATRIOT who has been ARRESTED & DETAINED for attending a PEACEFUL demo but is now seen as a HERO and INSPIRATION to others

QURANIMAL: (n) A JIHADIST who enjoys their work of RELIGIOUS GENOCIDE, with a fervent brutality. See also MUJAHID.

ISLAMOFLUNKY: (n) one who throws themselves at barbaric 7th Century ideology like a groupie toward a lead guitarist at an after-show party

USEFUL IDIOT: (n) Someone in a position of power, influence or funding, who is groomed by the 'peaceful & tolerant' for gaining influence.

HALAL HIPPIE: (n) A "useful idiot" who defends the "values of others" even when they differ profoundly from his/her own values.


TAGHUT: (n) One who has 'transgressed the boundaries' by being a RADICAL APOSTATE who ENFORCES their lack of belief in ISLAM upon others.

MUNAFIQ (n) An APOSTATE who pretends to still be a PRACTICING muslim to avoid the inevitable PERSECUTION & DECAPITATION proscribed by SHARIA

MUJAHID: (n) A JIHADIST or HOLY FIGHTER for the 'religion of peace' See: QURANIMAL, JIHADIWADI

MULTICULTURALISM: (n) Suicidal dogma of pagans & jews in Arabia, who tolerated Mohammed imposing totalitarianism & killing them

'FEEDING THE CROCODILE': Term to represent the endless CAPITULATION to the demands of the 'p&t' in the hope they will eat you last.

Defiant Infidel

Friday, 18 April 2014

Fiyaz Mughal's Tell Mama UK loses court case against Tim Burton of Liberty GB

The saga continues...

As most of you will have heard by now, the grievance mongering taqqiya artist, Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama UK and Faith Matters, has lost the court case against Mr. Tim Burton of Liberty GB.

Mr. Mughal had originally accused Mr. Tim Burton of "Aggravated Racial Harassment", a crime for which Mr. Burton was wrongfully arrested and charged with. But when the case reached our "infidel - Kuffar" courts, the judge not only decided to throw the case out of the window but made several accurate points towards the Plaintiff, Mr. Mughal, including stating that he is an individual who is intolerant of criticism to his person and/or his organizations, and also of bullying and harassing his critics

All this was concluded despite the fact that Mr. Mughal decided not to appear  in court, but through a video-link, claiming he felt intimidated by Tim Burton and his supporters. Even through a video-link the judge could see the nefarious intentions behind the man. Got to give this judge some credit for that! 

The judge also pointed out to Mr. Mughal that the comments mentioned on the social network twitter were not harassment, least of all "racial", since Muslims do not form part of any race in particular. Ironically Mr. Mughal had to be taught of what harassment means in English language. 

Here is the definition of harassment:

Aggressive pressure or intimidation, persecution, harrying, pestering, badgering, bothering, annoying, irritating, and molesting someone.  

Since Mr. Burton did nothing of the sort, the case was thrown out of court.

Mr. Mughal however is guilty of all these things above. He heads grievance mongering organizations which employ (even if on a voluntary basis) racist people to intimidate, persecute, harass, pester and bother individuals who are pro-Israel.

He also founded companies to promote himself. We should have a quick look into Mr. Mughal's profile.

Amongst his organizations are: Tell Mama UK, Faith Matters, Conciglio CIC,  etc. Here is an overview of some of his companies. It is possible that he may have closed some already and opened others.

Here is another company Mr. Mughal is associated with. "Holocaust Memorial Day Trust". Perhaps Mr. Mughal is not only trying to cash in on the Jewish holocaust but also attempting to link himself to Jews in order to make him look somewhat "respectable" and "genuine" in his quests. Who knows? 

It looks like Mr. Mughal also "employed" an organization called Journalista to promote himself as a leading spokesman for the Muslim community, on "interfaith" issues. The tax payers' money allocated to Mr. Mughal for his "works" have gone a long way...but only to promote himself and his so-called "work".

Here is the goal of Journalista

And WHO may be the director of this Journalista group, you may ask?
Here is your answer:

That's right. None other than the very Fiyaz Mughal himself. Surprised?

Mr. Fiyaz Mughal does not like criticism to his person, nor does he like to be exposed as the phoney that he is. Furthermore he has issues with those who are pro-Israel and speak against Islam. We know this by his actions. 

One of them was to get his cronies to harass the Home Office to ban Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from coming to the UK. And we all know that the only things Pamela and Robert are guilty of are of being Humanitarians who work for the Human Rights of all people, including Apostates (Muslims who left Islam), and for Freedom of Speech, something Mughal seems to be strongly against.

Mr. Mughal has tried to sue several pro-Israel individuals. We will list the ones we know about:

One of them is Mrs. Ambrosine Shitrit from Yad b'Yad UK, referred here as "The Jewish Woman", something she is not very happy about, and with reason. 
Ms. Ambrosine, who does wonderful work reporting, monitoring and exposing anti-Semitism, was threatened with a "libel" case for simply telling the truth, that Mughal was trying "to silence and shut down pro-Israel and Jewish advocates." 

Mr. Mughal also threatened to sue Mr. Atma Singh for "libel" when Mr. Singh mentioned that "Tell Mama UK provides a platform for Fascism".  

Again, an innocent man threatened with "libel" for simply telling the truth. Mr. Singh was once the adviser to Mr. Ken Livingstone. 

Here are some of the exchanges between them. Note that Mr. Singh did not tag anyone, but Ms. Lejla Kuric , who is a Muslim supporter of Tell Mama UK, promptly tagged them for some "support". 

Here we see Ms. Lejla Kuric and Mr. Fiyaz Mughal using Tell Mama UK twitter, stealthily threatening Mr. Atma Singh. You can hardly miss it. These people like to dramatize things to such an extreme as to make a storm in a glass of water.

And as Mr. Singh mentioned, they did have a big fight in their hands. Mr. Mughal was unable to take Mr. Singh to court so far, but that still did not stop him trying to intimidate, harass and attempt to sue others, all of which he has failed.

Another example is Ms. Sheryl McNaught. Mr. Mughal also tried to sue Ms. McNaught for alleged "libel" when she mentioned that "he was suing Jews". Once more, another innocent woman being threatened with "libel" for simply telling the truth.

Last but not least, Mr. Mughal also tried to sue us, the JDL, for simply telling the truth, of course. 
In fact, Mr. Mughal also tried to force us into apologizing for stating the truth about him and his organizations while "demanding" compensation of about £30,000.00. Our barrister told him to "jog on" in other words. 

In addition to the obscene amount he tried to claim for himself, stating "damage to his reputation" (Although his reputation, if he had one, was already in tatters) his solicitor Farooq Bajwa, who is the representative of the anti-Semitic and rabidly anti-Zionist Iranian Press TV, also tried to claim over £15,000.00 in "legal fees".
But when our barrister challenged these "fees" he failed to provide concrete evidence and thus failed in his pursuit of a court case.

The ironic thing is that we, the JDL, were the first to expose Mr. Mughal and his phoney companies, back in January 2013, then when Mr. Andrew Gilligan exposed him also on the Daily Telegraph in June 2013,  others quickly followed. 

This of course, greatly helped our case against Mughal, who realized that taking us to court would be a terrible move.

At the same time, Mr. Mughal hides behind his "relationships" with the "Jewish" organization, CST - Community Security Trust, which he uses to give his companies some sort of legitimacy. 

We have previously written about the CST Here, Here, Here and Here where we exposed the CST for working AGAINST Jewish interests and betraying the Jewish people, not only through its affiliations with dodgy groups like Tell Mama and Faith Matters, but also through the misleading information they have been propagating to the Jewish community in general.

Perhaps they still don't know that Fiyaz Mughal has written articles for the rabid anti-Semitic/Jew hating Islamic "Cordoba foundation"? Or perhaps this does not bother them?

This man is a phoney. He claims to support Jews and to be against anti-Semitism but we have proven time and time again that this is all "Taqqiya" (deceit) from his part. Just look at the company this man keeps!

Even his group called MA'AS (Muslims against Anti-Semitism) is phoney. He created this group in November 2010 and all he could do with it was to write one single article on the blog. That's it. See below:

In addition to all this, Mughal is still currently associated with some very nasty individuals. Most of them are used to harass, intimidate and persecute people online, mainly on twitter sphere. 

Let's take Jason Schumann for example. Picture below.
 Homosexual Jason uses the alias of "debating culture" on twitter. He also uses another alias as "efemico" for European Forum for Ethnic Minority Individuals, Communities and Organizations, which is the group he created.

He registered a domain under his real name and the address he gives above is the same address where TellMama receives "donations". Check it out below.

This Jason Schuman likes to claim he has "Jewish" roots, but we know he hasn't. Also he is a very abusive and racist character. Jason is not pure black or a Jew, but he is gay, so yes, he is a racist for saying the below.

Jason Schuman is a vile character who has been constantly targetting Mrs. Shitrit from YadB'YadUK, as well as several Jews and other pro-Israel people.

So much hate, so much intolerance! And THIS is the man who is intimately linked to Fiyaz Mughal. Do you still believe TellMamaUK or Faith Matters are professional organizations? Do you still believe Fiyaz Mughal can be trusted?

Then we have this abyssal creature, an old hag called Evelyn Cook, who uses the alias of "Nemesis Republic" and "YapYapUK" on Twitter.

The photo below is of bad quality but it was taken from this website, where this nasty creature posted one of her "poems". By the way, the "YapYap" account she created was in mockery of YadB'Yad UK. This means she is mocking those who expose anti-Semitism and act to eradicate it.

 Evelyn is responsible for the harassment and intimidation of several pro-Israel people, including Mrs. Ambrosine Shitrit, Ms. Sheryl MacNaught, and others. She also tried with the JDL but we don't feed this troll, and have blocked her a long time ago. Here we see Evelyn Cook defending paedophilia.  She then goes on a tirade against the writer of the blog which exposed her as a sick individual.


There is also Yvonne Ridley, a George Galloway "Respect" party member, who says "Zionists should be hunted down". She loathes Israel and loves Hamas. She is a good friend of Fiyaz Mughal of TellMamaUK and Faith Matters.


Her twitter profile is as per below: It says "If you are not radicalised yet it's because you haven't been paying attention..." So this woman supports terrorism and anti-Semitism. Mr. Mughal is in great company indeed.

There are hundreds of nasty people who are in the close circle of friends of Mr. Fiyaz Mughal, but we do not have the space to add them all here. However, such evidence can be provided if necessary at some point. 

It is interesting to note that for a man who claims to be against all sorts of harassment, hate, racism and intolerance, he projects through his persona and connections, all the things he claims to be against. One should really pay close attention to this individual and the web of deceit that lies within him. 


Here, Fiyaz Mughal has been making claims that the "BNP" and "English Defence League" were behind 54% of the attacks against Muslims, and that his organization has been responsible for achieving arrests of some 21 EDL supporters, but so far has been unable to prove it. He accuses people of "Islamophobia" when people point out the evils of Islam and the evil actions of Muslims when they follow the Quran to the letter. 


To Mughal, this is Islamophobia.  Although Islamophobia is not a crime (Is it a crime to fear anything or Islam?) he uses this leftist-worded-tactic to target individuals who speak out against the cruelties committed by the Islamic world. By doing that, Mughal is attempting to white-wash Muslim crimes. 


At the same time, Mr. Mughal attempts to explain that the general anger against Muslims is because of lack of housing, or employment amongst the White working class majority.

 He is thus playing down our citizens' real concerns while at the same time denigrating the British White working class. You can see this visibly in an open letter he wrote to Baroness Sayeeda Warsi. 

We believe Mr. Mughal has a lot to hide. For example, he used to write quite frequently for a website called MPACUK, which in itself is anti-Semitic. Now however, when you search for any of the articles he wrote, they have disappeared. We did a search on it and this is what comes up:

The above are cached articles he wrote but when you click on any of these "cached" articles, they are not there, for this is the message that appears on the website. 

Now, why would Fiyaz Mughal be so desperate to DELETE all these articles he wrote? We believe it is because he is afraid that the public will finally see the disgusting things he wrote about the British people. In one of these articles, he actually blamed the Brits for the 7/7 bombing, using "British foreign policy and the Afghanistan war" as "explanations" for the behaviour of Muslim suicide bombers, as if their terrorist ways did not date from over 1400 years. 

All one needs to do is read the Quran and Hadiths where it is littered with accounts of terrorism performed by Muslims against non-Muslims, i.e. Jihad, and with the cruelties they engaged on, principally their fake prophet Muhammad (May his soul, if he has one, be cursed for all eternity).

The net is closing... we are joining the dots.

And finally, you may have heard that Mr. Peter Tatchell has joined TellMamaUK as a patron. 

 Peter Tatchell who defended paedophilia (16 year olds are still children), is now under attack from the Muslims who support TellMama, but for actually speaking out against Islam. Seems that all is not well in "paradise"... See below some twitter exchanges.


Peter Tatchell (@PeterTatchell)

@mshafiquk @TellMamaUK @uaf @STWuk @MPACUK @ResistCoalition The placard refered to specific extremists who urged killing unchaste women

Mohammed Shafiq (@mshafiquk)

@PeterTatchell @TellMamaUK @uaf @STWuk @MPACUK @ResistCoalition using Islam insults many muslims Do you regret it?

Peter Tatchell (@PeterTatchell)

@mshafiquk @TellMamaUK @uaf @STWuk @MPACUK @ResistCoalition Placard attacked extremist group who urged killing of gays, liberal Muslims 2/2

Mohammed Shafiq (@mshafiquk)

@PeterTatchell @TellMamaUK @uaf @STWuk @MPACUK @ResistCoalition didn't say that did it. It said "Islam nazi"

Peter Tatchell (@PeterTatchell)

@mshafiquk @TellMamaUK @uaf @STWuk @MPACUK "Islam Nazi" referred to Hizb ut Tahrir endorsing killing gays etc, not Muslims in general

Asghar Bukhari (@AsgharBukhari)

@PeterTatchell @mshafiquk @TellMamaUK @uaf @STWuk @MPACUK I dont think HT have said kill gays have they? Have you spoken to their leaders?

Peter Tatchell (@PeterTatchell)

@AsgharBukhari @mshafiquk @TellMamaUK @uaf @STWuk @MPACUK This happened in 1994. Then HuT advocated executing many. Vicious against Hindus

Mohammed Shafiq (@mshafiquk)

@PeterTatchell @AsgharBukhari @TellMamaUK @uaf @STWuk @MPACUK for the record I've never supported HT but peter it's about Islamaphobia

Peter Tatchell (@PeterTatchell)

@mshafiquk @AsgharBukhari @TellMamaUK @uaf @STWuk @MPACUK It is not Islamophobia to condemn HT's Nazi-style bigotry

Mohammed Shafiq (@mshafiquk)

@PeterTatchell @AsgharBukhari @TellMamaUK @uaf @STWuk @MPACUK it's not about ht but you islamphobic attacks and demonising muslims

abuismail (@abuismail4321)

@mshafiquk @PeterTatchell @AsgharBukhari @TellMamaUK @uaf @STWuk Had tatchell done this now, Tell Mama would have called it islamophobic.

TellMAMAUK (@TellMamaUK)

@abuismail4321: But he did not do it now.

Saif Rahman (@SaifRRahman)

//@TellMamaUK But he did not do it now// Lol -Did u just imply u wd have reported yr new patron @PeterTatchell for Islamophobia in the past?

Symptoms (@djneils)

@SaifRRahman @TellMamaUK @PeterTatchell it's like an insanity merry-go-round with this lot

Unrepentant Jacobin (@jacobinism)

@SaifRRahman Oh my. What a mess the counter-'Islamophobia' community is in.

A McDonagh (@andmcdonagh)

@SaifRRahman @REnlightenment @TellMamaUK well it's easy to find out, @PeterTatchell simply needs to reenact it on the streets again

Sergio (@Serg1oGeorgini)

@SaifRRahman @TellMamaUK @PeterTatchell Islamophobia doesn't exist. Arseholophobia always has and its a cross community problem.

Ivan Humble (@NewDayStarts)

@SaifRRahman @sheryl2311 @TellMamaUK @PeterTatchell By reporting so many ppl for just having an opinion in my eyes is causing more divide

Andrew Cummins (@Vodkaninja)

@SaifRRahman Yes they did. Get out of there Peter, you're too honest to be associated with @TellMamaUK. @PeterTatchell

And finally, we apologise for the article being so comprehensive and long, although there is much more to be said and exposed. 
We will continue this on our next article.