Thursday, 12 February 2015


Picture: (George Galloway handing money to Hamas)

George Galloway is an unscrupulous character and malignant opportunist, who will align himself with almost any sovereign with “anti-imperialistic” manifestations, including absolutist dictatorships like Syria, Iran, and Sudan.

He is a mouthpiece for Iran’s contentious propaganda media-network, where he hosts a weekly radio-show. Press-TV entails no journalistic credibility whatsoever and frequently propounds batshit-crazy, borderline delusional conspiracy-theories pertaining to an international conspiracy of “imperialists” and “Zionists”.  Their unadulterated insanity has no inhibition: they previously suggested that the USA’s military deployment to West-African countries was illustrative of their deliberate engineering of the Ebola crisis; as to provide a pretext for an expansionist incursion into continental Africa.

His controversial appearance on Question-Time validated his reputation as a pathological-liar. When confronted with details of his past misdemeanours and indiscretions (such as his anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and friendly temperament towards terrorist-organisations such as Hamas and Hezbollah) he cleverly prevaricated and digressed away from this topic, preferring instead to launch into a vituperative, rebarbative tirade against  Israel, accusing them of “murder” and extrajudicial incarceration of five-hundred Palestinian children. 

We’ve come to expect certain predictable characteristics of George; such as providing almost no evidence for corroborating his claims and no calumniation of the terrorist-organisations (such as Hamas, who he has openly professed support towards and funded) who are primarily responsible for and continually perpetuate the violence.

Conversely, prevarication is somewhat preferable to refusing to answer the question outright and dismissing the questioner – as he has a proclivity for doing so, before proceeding to terminate the call, when someone calls-up on his weekly radio-show and mentions the discrepancies and inconsistencies in his accusations.

George Galloway is truly a deplorable individual. Let’s declare our neighbourhoods a “Galloway-free zone”; in a similar fashion to how he disparaged the entire Israeli population - notwithstanding of their personal opinions and political persuasions.



N. Singh - Sikh Activist for JDL UK

Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Duplicitious-Facade of Hamas

There is a disconcertingly-growing consensus among proponents of an independent Palestine, that the sinister behaviour of the fundamentalist organisation Hamas is essentially tantamount to those of “freedom-fighters”, who are pertinaciously resisting Israeli bombardments and magnanimously safeguarding the lives and property of its beleaguered civilians.

This preposterous contention is predominantly prevalent among prepubescent champagne-socialists, sanctimonious university-students, or otherwise delusional fuckwits.

Conversely, Hamas has principally demonstrated a reckless disregard for the well-being of Gazan citizens by deploying rockets from densely-populated vicinities (knowing full-well that the anticipated Israeli retaliation would culminate in a enormous amount of fatalities); exploiting and disseminating the subsequent casualties through their extremely pervasive propaganda campaign; and most intriguingly – administrating their territory in a manner reminiscent of the Taliban’s governance over Afghanistan – in accordance with theocratic jurisprudence derived from puritanical interpretations of Islamic scripture.

So much for being "freedom-fighters"...

Their clandestine political posturing and concerted attempts to present themselves as a legitimate, democratically-elected government barely conceal the ulterior motives of the organisation, which incorporate: the genocidal decimation – expressed through their ideological charter - of the ethnoreligious Jewish demographics (irrespective of what their perspective is on the conflict) and the subjugation of its population through overbearing, authoritarian, and theocratic leadership.

Occasionally, we in the West get a glimpse of Hamas’ unadulterated, pernicious convictions (and predominantly choose to ignore them), such as their rebarbative and vituperative anti-Semitic pronouncements; their jubilant celebrations of the September-11th attacks; their prolonged cordial relationships with disreputable entities such as al-Qaeda; and vociferous glorification of terrorism as a whole – notwithstanding their persistently coordinated terrorist activities on Israeli soil, which are illustrative of “resistance” and “frustration” caused by the “occupation"/ "apartheid”, of-course.

It is absolutely imperative that Hamas’ perfidious temperament and deceptive political-posturing should be exposed. While simultaneously offering a superficial condemnation of terrorism under international scrutiny, they clandestinely execute terrorist attacks on Israeli soil and exhort indiscriminate violence against innocent Israeli citizens.

Consequently, it is my profoundly-held conviction that a Palestinian autonomous government should never be perceived as legitimate, particularly whilst under the Hamas’ administration. Recognising or acknowledging Palestinian independence is tantamount to making concessions to a terrorist-organisation.

Recently, aspects of one of their periodical publications seemingly purport to glorify the perpetrators of the diabolical atrocities - that Islamofascist terrorists undertook in France.

N. Singh - Sikh Activist for JDL

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Islamophobia - The attempt to racialise Muslims

How do you counter someone who accuses you of being “Islamophobic” as a knee-jerk response to legitimate criticism of particular ideologies? 

You retort with three simple statements:

- (#1): Criticising Islam does not necessarily constitute criticising Muslims

- (#2): Criticising Muslims does not necessarily constitute discrimination

- (#2): Discrimination does not necessarily constitute an irrational-fear or anxiety-disorder (phobia)

“Islamophobia” is an imaginary, manufactured and synthetic allegation that has no depth or meaning whatsoever. It is word that has been “invented by fascists and used by cowards, to manipulate morons”, to paraphrase Andrew Cummins (commonly misattributed to the late, great Christopher Hitchens).

The difference between Islamophobia and anti-Semitism? 

One is unadulterated racism, the other is an ambiguous misnomer which has an equivocal and fuzzy definition. The two are terminologies, and are typically used to denote discriminatory prejudices towards particular demographics – Jews and Muslims, respectively.

In this case, anti-Semitism represents pejorative discrimination against Jews as an ethnoreligious population, distinct from the religious denominations. Under no circumstances does criticising Judaism and Jewish religious philosophy constitute anti-Semitic prejudices. Castigating, demonising, and disparaging an ethnic community however, is an entirely different matter whatsoever – as it encompasses prejudices against innate, biological factors as opposed to ideological variables.

Being an atheist Jew isn’t an oxymoron. There is nothing contradictory or antithetical between the two elements. Why? Because “Jew” does not denote religion - it denotes ethnicity.

Conversely, the adjective “Muslim” does not denote ethnicity – it denotes religion.

Religions are philosophical and theological beliefs that are susceptible to change and differing interpretations throughout. The international population of Muslims is indisputably heterogeneous. You can get Turkic Muslims, Tamil Muslims, and Polynesian Muslims – Muslims are a multifarious community comprising an assortment of ethnicities and nationalities.

“Islamophobia” is an ambiguous portmanteau with profoundly nonsensical connotations. The prefix, “Islam”, amalgamated with the suffix, “phobia”, insinuates that the neologism can be defined as an “irrational fear of Islam, as a religion”. By characterising “Islamophobia” as a form of racism, Muslims have effectively racialised their identity and stifled legitimate (and incidentally non-racist) debate pertaining to the precepts of their religious beliefs and practices.

‘Islamophobia’ is indiscriminately utilised by Muslims to describe anything that they consider unacceptable or insulting. It is additionally cited by the politically-correct cowards and professional obscurantists to undermine criticism or scepticism expressed towards the religion, to the point where even questioning certain elements of Islam is considered tantamount to “racism”.

So, in a nutshell, why is “Islamophobia” a preposterous word?

– The definition is nebulous, equivocal and ambiguous – as opposed to anti-Semitism, (which is clearly defined as prejudice towards ethnic Jew populations): the word conflates two different  concepts altogether (freedom-of-thought) with anathematising stigma towards people (pejorative prejudices)

– There are rational reasons to be perturbed by certain elements of Islamic ideology: Islamic scripture entails belligerent and supremacist exhortations that correspond to the contemporary violence that pervades the Muslim world, and is threatening to encroach onto ours.

– It inaccurately and disingenuously characterises discriminatory attitudes as anxiety-disorders: hatred or discrimination is disgusting. But it is not necessarily indicative of a neurological impairment or anxiety-disorders.

As we know from the excellent video “Three-Stages-of-Jihad” (, Muslim-expansionists have an intractable disposition towards feigning victimhood since the inception of Islam. They absolutely love playing the victim and indignantly insisting that they are the ones who are oppressed, even whilst simultaneously oppressing others. The assumption of victimhood provided an impetus against perceived anti-Muslim “persecution” and facilitated their expansionist conquests of the Arabian Peninsula, and beyond.

The concoction of such a despicable neologism - “Islamophobia” - has undoubtedly accommodated this insufferable methodology of subjugating the non-Muslim world.

N.Singh - Sikh Activist for JDL UK

Sunday, 11 January 2015

It has everything to do with Islam!

On 7th January 2015, Muslim terrorists who were living in France as residents, callously and deliberately sought out to murder the Cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo's office, simply because the magazine writes satirical cartoons about Muhammad, the fake prophet of Islam.

These news have shocked the world in several levels. We at the JDL are not shocked that these honourable cartoonists were barbarically killed, after all, this has everything to do with Islam, and Muslims are barbaric killers. Anyone who has truly read books in Islamic History will know that.

What shock us is the incompetence of the French Intelligence Services, that surely knew about these savages being out there free to murder French Citizens, and yet did nothing to prevent this attack. 

Charlie Hebdo's Cartoonists stood bravely for Freedom of Speech but they were let down by their country and murdered by Muslim savages who have/are sawing off spat on the hands that fed them. These ungrateful people were once saved and helped by the people of France, who gave them a home, food and everything else they did not have, and wouldn't have, in their own countries.

This is how these people repay those who help them:

We are shocked at the explicit falseness and hypocrisy of the Left, in their attempt to show support for the cartoonists and freedom of speech, when in reality they are apologists for Islam. 
Why only NOW they claim "Je Suis Charlie" when all this time until the shootings, they were actually trying to silence Charlie, and all the people like Charlie, who speak against Islam?
Some people may be completely apathetic to the world, aloof even, but some of us are alert. Some of us have good memories.

The Left concocted the world "Islamophobia" (and used it as an insult) to silence and incriminate those who correctly spoke against the evils of Islam, trying to warn others. Islamophobia literally means "fear of Islam", and if you are not fighting against the rise of Islam, you are a fool. Just look around you.

Our responsibility towards the civilized world is to ensure that the Politically Correct Left gets silenced instead and do not get away with twisting the meaning of words to vilify others. Islamophobia being a good example. And if you are called an Islamophobe you know that you are on the right path.

We are shocked at the support these killers are getting from the supposedly "peaceful Islamic majority", like the comments made below from a facebook group called MDL (Muslim Defence League:

As you can clearly see above, the "peaceful majority" is what we call those Muslims who don't actually have the guts to go out there killing, but support those who do. On the screengrab a "peaceful Muslim" is justifying murder against those who mock Islam.

And our politicians try to shovel down our throats that this has "nothing to do with Islam"? Their political correctness is an insult to the dead bodies caused by Islam. 
We all know that this has everything to do with Islam. 

All these threats, bombings, acid attacks, rapes and murders are being done in the name of allah. Who follows a deity called allah?

Who shouts "allah hu'ackbar" before any murder is committed? Before any savage act of extreme barbaric violence is performed?

What is the "religion" of those who are littering our headlines with violence, who chops limbs, castigate people with lashes, stones people to death, force women to cover themselves from head to toe, force children to marry old men, allow the rape of babies, cut female children's genitalia off, murder and torture innocent people and animals just for pleasure? 

Still think this has nothing to do with Islam? This has everything to do with Islam. 

Predictably, as soon as these shootings occurred, the Leftist Media quickly jumped to mention the "heroic Muslim" assistant of a Jewish shop who "saved lives" by hiding hostages in a freezer. And the "heroic Muslim" police officer who was shot dead by one of the killers, trying to protect lives.

Next, they bring Amir Khan as a public puppet, as an example of a "good devout Muslim" who condemned the attack.

Who cares if a Muslim or 1,000 muslims "condemn" these attacks? Nothing changes whether they condemn it or not. Their words are cheap. Their hypocrite attitude is an insult.  We are sick of reading about "condemnation" when no action is being taken to prove they mean business.

This behaviour is not only appalling, it is putting our lives in danger. The media, on the other hand, does not bother to mention the non-Muslim heroes who also saved many lives. They want us to focus on "heroic Muslims" only, in order to wash down the idea that Islam could not possibly be that bad, if some Muslims are out there defending people or saving lives too. 

I don't think this cut anymore. Do you?

This so-called "religion of peace" has been the sole responsible for the most terrible crimes we are seeing at the moment and have seen in the past. It has started from the day this cult has been initiated.  Muhammad is the very example of these killing sprees, for he was the one who ordered Muslims to kill for allah (For himself in fact, but using allah's name). It is easier to convince the ignorant population if you use G-d instead, to justify your murders.

Islam is a dangerous ideology that convinces Muslims they are better than anyone else, and sets them up on the path of world domination, by murdering any and all who stand in their conquering way. 

What you are seeing are acts of terrorism from Muslims against our people, against the Western World, the civilized world. Muslims do not appreciate democracy, they do not appreciate freedom of speech, they do not appreciate equality of gender or race. And if you do not believe this, then you are either a fool or complicit in their crimes. It's time to wake up.

How many more people (and animals) must be murdered in cold blood for the rest of the world to wake up?

If our governments have no intention of doing anything to stop the hordes of Islamic barbarians to enter our country on false pretenses, so they can conquer from the inside, then it is up to us, the people, to stop them.

We must of course, remove the current government and replace it with one that has Britain's interests at heart but most importantly we must get the Army on our side. They are the ones with the guns, not our spineless politicians. 

David CaMORON had the audacity to say that "It is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the Muslim way of life, not the other way around".  Seriously? 

According to Mr. CaMORON, we need to be more like the killers, the rapists, and the acid throwers, as well as become more Jew haters, in our path to enlightenment. 

Who put this imbecile in power? 

Make no mistake, this is a war against our people, against our civilizations, and we must arm ourselves. Guns are banned because our government does not trust the people, so they leave us vulnerable to attacks, they expect us not to defend ourselves from those who wish to murder us.

You should ask yourself, what kind of government is this. What kind of leaders call themselves "leaders" of a people they have absolutely no intention to lead or protect?

Not only our government, but our Police Force has been infiltrated by Muslim Jihadis and corrupt Muslims, who believe themselves to be above our laws. Muslims who are part of rape gangs, who bring arms and all sorts of weapons to this country, who are part of drug gangs, and who abuse our children and sell them as prostitutes in their brothels. 

Our Police Force has become a disgrace. They can no longer be counted on when you need protection from Muslim Jihadis. They will try to smear you and lie in court if you ever get arrested for speaking out or acting against Islam.
And in most cases they will get away with it because people can hardly afford to pay a solicitor to fight their case for them.

We are all aware that our security and intelligence forces warn us of imminent attacks on our people, by Muslim Jihadists, but have they made any provisions to prevent them? They surely know the people behind them, but will they stop them? No, they will not. They will allow these savages to carry out their barbaric murders in our streets, like nothing has changed. These people have guns, they have weapons. We have none. But make no mistake, if we happen to retaliate against these murderers it will be us who will end up in jail, not them. 

What kind of government do we truly want? One that punishes us for fighting back or one that will help us fight together?

Labour policy of shoveling multiculturalism down our throats has backfired. The left has betrayed our country and our people. 

We do not have to integrate with the vile Muslim way of life at all. If they are in our country, they are the ones who must integrate with our ways of life. Never the other way around. 

The violence we are seeing is not a result of America's or Europe's foreign policies, nor is the result of Israel's policies. What we are seeing is a result of our own politician's lack of conviction, lack of resolve, and appeasement to the monster of Islam.
The more we concede to savages, the more they demand. These are the ways of bullies, and our leaders have failed us by giving in to their demands. 

There is only one way to defeat these savages and that is by standing up to them, like you stand up to a bully. You shall not appease them. You shall not give in to any of their demands. You shall not respect them. You shall not give them even one inch of what they demand. 

You shall instead stand up to them and fight them with the same weapon they fight you. Except you take 2 eyes for 1.

They must be given the message that we will no longer tolerate their violence, their barbaric ways, neither towards people nor animals. 

There was a man who knew these things. An honourable man who spoke clearer and more honestly than any I have ever seen. This man was Rabbi Meir Kahane. He knew how to deal with the Muslim terrorists, and for that he was murdered.  No one was ever charged with his murder because the FBI covered it up. 

I want you to listen to his words for a moment and reflect on them. 
 Rabbi Meir Kahane Confronts Protesters At Speech in Minnesota

What we need now is a strong and firm Jewish leadership, to guide us through these tough times. We do not need or want so-called Jewish leaders, claiming to speak for us all, defending Islam or attempting to wash down these terrible terrible crimes, by saying they had nothing to do with Islam.

What we want is for Jews to have their voice, to be free to condemn those that need condemning, and to be able to defend themselves from the Islamic threat. And we will defend ourselves, that is for sure. 

We in the JDL have one goal, and that is to protect Jewish lives. 

If you are a person with honour, who support our goal, support the Jewish State of Israel and want to help us fight back against Islam and its ever sprouting jihadis, please join us now. We have much work to do.


Saturday, 17 May 2014

The Kaffirese dictionary

These are the words which are used within the world of Islam and the "kuffar" (Infidel - i.e. those who despise Islam) 
Learn them well. Perhaps some degenerate has used one of these words towards you? 


KAFFIR/KUFFAR/KUFR (noun) Derogatory term of HATE SPEECH used to describe ANYONE who ISN'T a follower of 'the religion of peace'.

KAFFIROPHOBE: (noun) INFIDEL HATER & also Weapon of silence used to deter critics of free speech, freedom of expression and equal rights.

KAFFIROPHOBIA: (noun) Term used to describe the HATE, BIGOTRY and INTOLERANCE aimed at ANYONE who doesn't submit to 'the religion of peace'

CAUCASIAPHOBE: (n) One who HATES WHITE PEOPLE but doesn't see this as being RACIST and think they can spout this BILE with IMPUNITY

GYNOPHOBE: (noun) One who HATES and FEARS women and treats them as INFERIOR beings and de-personalised, tent wearing, 3rd class SLAVES

ISLAMOPHILE: (noun) One who just LOVES everything that the 'religion of peace' has to offer, because they are SO 'cultural' and 'right on'

ISLAMOPHANT: (Islamo-sycophant) (n) Term used to describe those who FACILITATE and DEFEND the spread of 'the religion of peace' See QUISLING

TAQIYYA: (n) Blatant LIES told to INFIDELS for the cause of spreading 'peace & tolerance' see also KITMAN, MURUNA, TAWRIYA

TAWRIYA: (n) The religiously sanctioned RIGHT, for the 'peaceful & tolerant' to LIE to INFIDELS, with a CLEAR CONSCIENCE. See: TAQIYYA

KITMAN: (n) The ancient art of skillfully diverting attention AWAY from UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS when discussing 'the religion of peace'

TAQIYYA ARTIST: (noun) One who is skilled in the art of DECEPTION and EVASION when promoting and defending 'the religion of peace', i.e BULLSHITTER

'PULLING A KITMAN': term used to describe an EVASIVE tactic used to divert attention away from the subject at hand, when discussing 'p&t'

KAFFIRISH: (n) Term pertaining to the behaviour, customs and dietary habits of INFIDELS. i.e. It is KAFFIRISH to enjoy bacon sandwiches.

JIHADIWADI: (noun) One of the 'peaceful & tolerant' homegrown terrorist wannabes. Usually suffers OEDIPUS COMPLEX BY-PROXY and GYNOPHOBIA

JIHADIWADIPADDY: (n) A PETULANT, ranting mob of angry HATE PREACHERS and/or JIHADIWADIES, stamping feet and being OFFENDED.

MARIJUANAPHOBIA: (noun) A psychological condition, synonymous with ISLAMOPHOBIA, due to the inherent FEAR of being STONED.

WEIRDY-BEARDY (noun): a HATE PREACHER whose moral standing is inversely proportional to length of beard. See also KAFFIROPHOBE, JIHADIWADI

RESPECT: (n) Something constantly DEMANDED by 'peaceful & tolerant' SUPREMACISTS whilst providing NO valid reason for being or DESERVING of it.

OXYMORON: (n) Something that is the complete OPPOSITE of what its name implies. i.e. Religion of Peace, UAF, SWP, ANTIFA etc.

ISLAMONAUSEA (noun): The feeling of being SICK to the stomach at every HYPOCRITICAL reference to the term: 'the religion of peace'

ISLAMOFAUXBIA: Term used to describe anything MINOR that the KAFFIR do, that the TERMINALLY OFFENDED use to CLAIM 'OPPRESSION' and 'OFFENCE'

ISLAMOPHYLAXIS: (n) Any activity carried out in the name of COUNTER-JIHADISM. FINANCIOBOYCOTTISM being the easiest.

CONTEXT: (noun) A TAQIYYA (blatant lie) to try to confuse INFIDELS about the TRUE nature of 'the religion of peace'. See also 'BULLSHITTING'

ISLAMO-ANAPHYLAXIS: (noun) The severe, ANGRY, red swelling, one feels at the daily news of yet another outbreak of 'peace & tolerance'

PEACE: (noun) a state of nirvana, sought by the 'peaceful & tolerant' which will ONLY occur when the INFIDELS have been SLAUGHTERED.

TOLERANCE: (n) An OXYMORONIC state of mind and being to the 'peaceful and tolerant'. ISLAMOFASCISTS DO NOT exhibit TOLERANCE to KAFFIR.

JIZYA: (n) EXTORTION MONEY demanded from DHIMMIS in 'p&t' countries, by the 'peaceful & tolerant' for not submitting to 'peace & tolerance'

DHIMMI: (n) 1) A 2nd class human in a 'peaceful & tolerant' country, who does not submit to 'peace and tolerance', FORCED to pay JIZYA.


FASIQ: (act) The use of EVIL WESTERN TECHNOLOGY by the 'peaceful and tolerant' which is forbidden..unless it's to spread 'peace & tolerance'

CLITORIDECTOMY: (FGM) The vile practice of slicing off a girl's clitoris & labia and stitching up her vagina to appease PATHETIC men's egos

MUFA'KHATHAT: Vile, 3rd world practice, of the 'peaceful and tolerant' in which a toddler's inner thighs are used as a masturbation tool

MU'TAH: A temporary marriage contract that allows a 'bit on the side' without contravening strict adultery laws. HALAL PROSTITUTION

MISYAR: (n) Like MUT'AH but needing witnesses. A temporary 'marriage' for sexual pleasure without the financial responsibility of marriage.

RAPEYNESS: (noun) An emotion felt predominantly amongst 'peaceful & tolerant' men, who have limited ability to control ANY sexual urges.

CRANIAL HAIR: (subst) something both 'OFFENSIVE' and IRRESISTIBLE to 'peaceful & tolerant' men, the mere sight of which may cause RAPEYNESS

DAR-AL-ISLAM: (n) 'House of islam' any country under the direct control and BARBARIC SUBJUGATION by the 'peaceful & tolerant' SUPREMACISTS

DAR-AL-HARB: (n) 'House of war' Any country NOT under DIRECT CONTROL and SUBJUGATION by the 'peaceful & tolerant' whose AIM is to MAKE IT SO

DAR-AL-AMN: (n) 'House of safety' Any country where the 'peaceful & tolerant' feel at liberty to be QU'NTS with the KUFFAR population.

ALOO-HACKBAR: Also pronounced as "Allah hu'akbar" A phrase screamed out by the 'peaceful & tolerant' as they carry out RITUAL HUMAN SACRIFICE to a pagan moon god.

GUSTAKE RASOOL: 'Insulter of prophet' The 'peaceful & tolerant' equivalent of pointing to a woman and screaming 'WITCH!!' in medieval times


CULTURAL MARXIST: (n) LEFT WING COMMUNIST ARSEHOLE, who seeks to DESTROY the indigenous population identity through MASS IMMIGRATION and PC.

KAFFIRESE: (lang) The vocabulary, slang and terminology of the INFIDELS.

LAWFARE: (n) The shameless use of the legal system to SILENCE critique of 'peace & tolerance' Can be surmised as: SILENCE!!! I SUE YOU!!

CALIPHATE: (n) State of nirvana for the 'peaceful & tolerant', ACHIEVED when they have USED DEMOCRACY to DESTROY DEMOCRACY & INSTILL SHARIA

FLYING HORSE: (theory) A creature of DUBIOUS antiquity, who's existence may be attributed to the WRONG kind of mushrooms in the soup.

STARS: (n) Heavenly missiles to launch at devils. Apparently NOT spheres of hydrogen and helium undergoing thermonuclear fusion processes.

MOON: (n) Earth's only natural satellite and, despite being. 250,000 miles away, is allegedly possible to split with an axe from Earth!


SPHERICAL EARTH: (theory) Something of an anathema to 'peaceful & tolerant' "scientists" who INSIST the Earth is FLAT 

MUDDY PUDDLE: (theory) That place where the sun sets in the evening. How could those EVIL WESTERN ASTRONOMERS have got it SO WRONG!?

MURUNA: (n) The art of HIDING one's 'peaceful & tolerant' nature in order to spread subversion, by INFILTRATING the INFIDELS. See ESPIONAGE

MURUNIAC: (n) A 'peaceful & tolerant' SPY and sower of doubt and confusion. MURUNIACS have all 'peaceful & tolerant' prohibitions exempted

SHARIANANIGANS: (n) Term to cover acts of the 'peaceful & tolerant' attempting to TAKE OVER whole districts of the country for themselves.

CONVERT: (n) Someone who has embraced 'peace & tolerance' in sane mind, only to be classed as 'INSANE' AFTER they've done something BARBARIC

STONED (n) A barbaric form of execution in which the victim has rocks thrown at their head whilst buried to the chest. NOT a euphoric buzz.

AL HIJRA: (n) Spreading 'peace & tolerance' by VIRAL ACTION by emigrating to secular countries, OUT-BREEDING the KAFFIR & instilling SHARIA.

OEDIPUS COMPLEX BY-PROXY: (med) A psychological condition of JIHADIWADIS, by which they share THEIR fantasies of anal sex with YOUR mother.

POLYGAMISOGYNIST: (n) One of the 'peaceful & tolerant' who has more than one wife to treat in an unkind and UNEQUALITARIAN manner

COMPULSION: (n) Something that there supposedly 'ISN'T' in 'the religion of peace'... until you try to leave...then it's DECAPITATION

BACHE BAZ: (n) A 'peaceful & tolerant' PAEDOPHILE with a penchant for little boys dressed as little girls and wearing make-up.

BACHI BAZI BOY: (n) A young boy who is dressed and made up as a girl, who dances seductively for, and is pimped out to dirty old men

DAWAH: (n) The INCESSANT recruitment drive and TAQIYYA ARTISTRY to placate and CONFUSE the INFIDELS, by 'peaceful & tolerant' SUPREMACISTS

JIHAD: (n) The INCESSANT pushiness and WAR MONGERING of the 'peaceful & tolerant' against and, to assume DOMINATION OVER the KAFFIR.

INFIDEL: (n) A proud KAFFIR and supporter of COUNTER-JIHADISM. An ANTAGONIST of the 'peaceful & tolerant'. A member of the RESISTANCE.

SUICIDE BOMBER: (n) A dead end job, but with an excellent 'pension plan' for JIHADIWADIS & CONNEDVERTS to 'the religion of peace' for JIHAD

FEDAYEEN: (n) One who takes an active part in NOT-SO-SMARTYRDOM on the unproven promise of eternal sex in the grand orgy in the sky.

PORKONITE (substance) similar in properties to KRYPTONITE. Resembles the crispy edges of grilled bacon. Known for inducing hysteria and rage

ZAKAT: (n) A charity tax imposed upon the profits of the 'peaceful & tolerant' 1/8th of which funds SHARIANANIGANS and JIHAD against KAFFIR.

INTERPRETATION: (n) A tactic to whitewash the justification of KAFFIROPHOBIA in scriptures by WEIRDY BEARDIES and JIHADIWADIS. See CONTEXT

NUANCE: The subtle art of trying to portray your CULT as something more refined than a BARBARIC code of BANDITRY on hallucinogens.


FINANCIOBOYCOTTISM: The easiest form of COUNTER-JIHADISM. An AK-47 you DON'T need a licence for. Preventing YOUR money from funding JIHAD


OPPRESSION: (act) Something constantly CLAIMED by the 'peaceful & tolerant' because they are hindered from DOING IT TO YOU. 

OFFENCE: (n) A tactic used by the 'peaceful & tolerant' to facilitate CAPITULATION of the KAFFIR by complaining about ANYTHING KAFFIRISH.

WHITE GUILT SYNDROME: (n) A tool used by CAUCASIAPHOBES, CULTURAL MARXISTS and ISLAMOFASCISTS to weaken the spirit of white people.

ABD: (n) The 'peaceful & tolerant' DEROGATORY term of HATE SPEECH and RACIAL SLUR for AFRICANS, which also means 'SLAVE' see ABDIFICATION

ABDIFICATION: (n) The IRONIC conversion of Africans and their descendants to the cult of their 'peaceful & tolerant' slave masters. See ABD

WHATABOUTERY: (n) The defence of religious bigotry by comparative analysis. i.e 'What about the bible? It hates gays, so we can too.'

HEBEPHILIA: (n) the subtle art of trying to make the MARRIAGE between PUBESCENT GIRLS and OLD MEN sound more acceptable to gullible KAFFIR

GENOPHILIA: (n) Love of own's own race. A natural instinct that CULTURAL MARXISTS want to ban (at least for CAUCASIANS).


MUJAHIDEEN: (n) Those who do all the WARMONGERING, RAPING TORTURING and BUTCHERING of KAFFIR for JIHAD on behalf of 'The Religion of Peace'

COUNTER-JIHADISM: (n) the WORLDWIDE effort by INFIDELS to RESIST the spread and DOMINATION of 'peace & tolerance' in SECULAR countries

GENOCIDE DENIAL: (n) Like HOLOCAUST DENIAL, but of those who refuse to accept the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE by the 'peaceful & tolerant'


VANI: (n) The 'peaceful & tolerant' practice of forcible marriage of young girls as punishment for the crimes of her male relatives

NOT-SO-SMARTYRDOM: (n) The act of blowing your (and others) brains out on an unproven promise of an invite to the eternal orgy in the sky

CONNEDVERT: (n) A gullible one, taken in by the 'peace & tolerance' line, who now find themselves reluctantly strapping on a suicide vest.

CALIPHATION: (n) The ONGOING process of turning a SECULAR country into a MEDIEVAL, BARBARIC shit-hole, by JIHADIWADIPADDIES and LAWFARE

CALIPHFORMING: (n) Synonymous with TERRAFORMING except reducing the entire civilised world to an emotionless, loveless desert of barbarity.


EASING COMMUNITY TENSIONS: (PCism) Term that has come to be understood as 'BEGGING the 'peaceful & tolerant' not to have a JIHADIWADIPADDY.'

COMMUNITY RELATIONS (PCism) Term understood as 'giving in to what the 'peaceful & tolerant' demand or they'll have a JIHADIWADIPADDY'

ALCOHOL: (n) A KAFFIRISH beverage and 'SATAN'S SPUNK' to the 'peaceful & tolerant'. Produces similar effects to PORKONITE.

APOSTASY: (n) The act of LEAVING 'peace & tolerance'. An act punishable by DECAPITATION by the 'peaceful & tolerant' to ensure COMPULSION

APOSTATE: (n) Someone who has swallowed the Red Pill. One who has turned their back on 'the religion of peace' and now risks DECAPITATION.

MURTAD: (n) A derogatory term of HATE SPEECH for those who have become APOSTATES of ISLAM, a CRIME of which is PUNISHABLE by EXECUTION.

CANIGRAPHOBIA: (noun) The INSANE, hysterical FEAR and HATRED of untrustworthy, black dogs.

BLASPHEMY: Term to cover ANYTHING that 'offends' the TERMINALY OFFENDED i.e. Short skirts, cleavage, cartoons, pork products, alcohol etc.

BLASPHEMY LAWS: (sharia) The 'peaceful & tolerant' equivalent of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, but with EXECUTIONS involved. See: GUSTAKE RASOOL

HISTORYWASHING: (n) A form of 'p&t' CULTURAL MARXISM, by which other cultures achievements are replaced in history by WE-WERE-HERE-FIRSTISM.

ISLAMOPHOBIGOTRACIST: (n) Someone who exposes the TRUTH about the 'religion of peace'

HATER: (n) A derogatory term hurled at people who oppose TOTALITARIAN, BIGOTED, MISOGYNISTIC, HOMOPHOBIC, SUPREMACIST, HATEFUL ideologies.


LAWMONGER: (n) One who ABUSES the legal system to SILENCE those who OPPOSE the spread of 'peace & tolerance' and SHARIA LAW.

TERRORISM: (n) The act of WARMONGERING against KAFFIR, which is NOT condemned by the 'p&t' as this is JIHAD, which is a MORAL OBLIGATION.

CULTURECIDE: (n) What happens when the 'peaceful & tolerant' eventually get their own way and instill SHARIA on EVERYONE, INCLUDING YOU!


'GOOD COP, BAD COP' (v) Term used to represent EXTREMISTS and MODERATES playing each other off to facilitate CAPITULATION of the KUFFAR.

FLAGARSONY: (n) Term to represent how the 'peaceful & tolerant' show their gratitude for a FREE LIFE by demonstrations of FLAG BURNING..

SHIRK: (n) The act of IDOLATORY (worship to statues of god(s), which the 'peaceful & tolerant' find UNFORGIVABLE!! Meteorites are ok though.

NONCE: (n) A predatory PIEdophile. One, such as a middle aged man, with a penchant for wanting to shag 14 year old boys, for example.

FATWAHNKHA: (n) One who uses LAWFARE and BLASPHEMONGERY to try and SILENCE anyone who EXPOSES their PHONEY persona and AGENDA.

MUSHRIK: (n) DEROGATORY term of HATE SPEECH used by the SUPREMACIST 'peaceful & tolerant' to describe POLYTHEISTS, such as HINDUS.

AYATOLLATUBBY: (n) A 'peaceful & tolerant' figure of DERISION, who uses TAQIYYARTISTRY and KITMAN to emphasise their SUPREMACY over KAFFIR.

FOAMATION: (n,v) Term to describe the RABID, HYSTERICAL, frothing at the mouth, of the MARXISM INDOCTRINATED, LEFTIES as they TROLL you.


FAR RIGHT (n,v) NEWSPEAK (PCism) for DISSIDENT in the face of a combined CULTURAL MARXIST & ISLAMIST power grab for DOMINANCE

FAR RIGHTIST (n): THOUGHT CRIMINAL KAFFIR with BALLS, BACKBONE, BRAIN & possibly BRAWN fighting against 'peaceful & tolerant' KAFFIROPHOBIA.

FELCHER: (n) LEFT WING, COMMUNIST ARSEHOLES who align themselves with ISLAMOFASCISTS in the belief they will be in charge after revolution.

POSITIVE DISCRIMINATION: (PCism) A CAUCASIAPHOBIC form of RACISM which offers PREFERENTIAL treatment to minorities based on MELANIN.

REPARATIONIST: (n) One who seeks financial recompense because their ancestors were slaves whilst conveniently forgetting BARBARY SLAVE TRADE

BARBARY SLAVE TRADE: (hist) The slave trade carried out by the 'peaceful & tolerant' which saw approx 1.2 MILLION WHITE Europeans indentured


GOAT: (n) A herbivorous animal valuable source of milk, protein, hide and sexual relief in 3rd world 'peaceful & tolerant' countries


IJTHAD: (n) A term meaning questioning and reinterpretation of Scripture, or 'MAKE-IT-UP-AS-YOU-GO-ALONG-TO-SUIT-YOUR-CURRENT-AGENDAISM'

ISLAMOPHOBIA: (n) A term coined in 1990s by the I.I.I.T. purely as a weapon to silence critique of ISLAM. A VILE slur hurled at INFIDELS.

INFIDELOPHOBIA: (n) An irrational fear, hatred and bigotry shown towards INFIDELS. See also KAFFIROPHOBIA

OSTRITCHISM: (n) The act of preferring to bury your head in the sand rather than face and speak out against the troubles that lay ahead.

MATRIOT: (n) A STRONG lady with a PATRIOTIC streak, of the COUNTER-JIHADIST movement.


MARTYRIOT: (n) A PATRIOT who has been ARRESTED & DETAINED for attending a PEACEFUL demo but is now seen as a HERO and INSPIRATION to others

QURANIMAL: (n) A JIHADIST who enjoys their work of RELIGIOUS GENOCIDE, with a fervent brutality. See also MUJAHID.

ISLAMOFLUNKY: (n) one who throws themselves at barbaric 7th Century ideology like a groupie toward a lead guitarist at an after-show party

USEFUL IDIOT: (n) Someone in a position of power, influence or funding, who is groomed by the 'peaceful & tolerant' for gaining influence.

HALAL HIPPIE: (n) A "useful idiot" who defends the "values of others" even when they differ profoundly from his/her own values.


TAGHUT: (n) One who has 'transgressed the boundaries' by being a RADICAL APOSTATE who ENFORCES their lack of belief in ISLAM upon others.

MUNAFIQ (n) An APOSTATE who pretends to still be a PRACTICING muslim to avoid the inevitable PERSECUTION & DECAPITATION proscribed by SHARIA

MUJAHID: (n) A JIHADIST or HOLY FIGHTER for the 'religion of peace' See: QURANIMAL, JIHADIWADI

MULTICULTURALISM: (n) Suicidal dogma of pagans & jews in Arabia, who tolerated Mohammed imposing totalitarianism & killing them

'FEEDING THE CROCODILE': Term to represent the endless CAPITULATION to the demands of the 'p&t' in the hope they will eat you last.

Defiant Infidel