Friday, 8 July 2016

JDL chapters of UK, Canada and US take a stand against the Racism and Hatred for Jews spouted by Iranian-backed-Savages celebrating al-quds day

On 3rd July 2016 the Jewish communities, activist groups and their supporters, took a stand against the genocide-preaching cockroaches of the "pro-fakestinian" movement, funded by the homophobic, xenophobic, mysogynistic and child abusing Iranian regime, while they celebrated Jerusalem day, which they refer to, under their made up bastardised name, as "al-quds" day.

 We prefer to call it "ALL C**TS day, because it seems somehow far more appropriate. After all, only vermin bring their children on hate marches with the sole purpose of brainwashing them to hate Jews and Israel.  

But we also like ALL TURDS day too, because let's face it, these people don't just look it, they smell like turds too.

The rally happened outside the US Embassy in London, a place which has been dessecrated yearly by the presence of child abusing, Jew hating racists and homophobic Islamofascist infidels.  Perhaps that place should be fumigated after their unholy feet touched our British ground.

The rally was organized by groups such as Stand With Us, Zionist Federation, Sussex Friends of Israel, Christian friends of Israel, JDL UK, CST, and several unafilliated individuals who were there to show their support for the Jewish State.  Several of our members, together with a bunch of Krav Maga fighters were mingled  incognito in the crowd, watching for any problems that could occur.

The New English Review blog has also some good photos of the event. Worth checking.

For those who are not aware, "all c**ts" day is a hatefest against Israel and Jews, sponsored by Iran, which is one of the vilest regimes on the planet, and a place where homosexuals are hanged from cranes, women are stoned to death after receiving a few lashes, bloggers are whipped ferociously for the crime of wishing a more democratic country,  innocent stray dogs are injected with acid to die a slow death, children are raped by their own parents, uncles, and other members of their families, and of course, where women are nothing more than an expendable commodity, where the Iranian Police rapes them at will, and imprison them for "adultery". Stoning them afterwards of course.

The people who attend such rallies, and support them financially, are Muslims and their useful idiots from the radical, fanatical, racist and fascist Left. Logically it is also safe to point out that those people are child abusers, since they bring their children to poison their minds with the same hate they feel for anything Jewish and Israeli.

An article from Breitbart shows these child abusing racist cockroaches flying the flag of Hezbollah, a proscribed terrorist group that has caused the murder of not only hundreds of Jews but also thousands of their own people, going unchallenged by the police, while others held placards calling a whole nation as a"cancer", and somewhat suggesting these very vermin to be a "cure".

Oh, and the irony of "boycott Israel", which they seem to vomit out of their brains constantly, forgetting of course that the very technology they use, the food they eat and the medicine they take are ALL from Israel.  You can see now why no one can say that these people are "smart" in any way, shape or form.

The Hezbollah sharmutas - credit to Blazing Cat Fur

The difference in the messages shown by these groups is astounding. While the Israel supporting groups held messages asking for "Peace Not Hate", the Islamofascist lobby showed opposite messages, asking for the boycott of a whole country, and calling Israel a "Cancer".  Funny that even the putrid fakestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, send his wife to be treated in the "Cancerous" Israeli hospitals. The sad thing is that the world is so accostumed to see hypocrisy that they no longer take any notice of it. 

The rally passed with no major incidents and we have been approached by more people wanting to join our ever growing and strong oganization. People are beginning to realise that the JDL is the only group of Jews who do not back down at the face of danger. The JDL does not mince their words, and we are not going to succumb to political correctness or appeasements of any sort.

I like to think of the JDL as being like wolves, who do not do things to please their masters, like dogs do. Wolves do things when it is in their interest to do so, to protect their families and their pack. Wolves are loyal and they work as a team for they know there is strength in unity. 

All our members are warriors in their own right, every single one of us have a job to do, and we do it with pride.
All the work that JDL does is legal and honourable.

The JDL exists to give the Jewish community hope and to teach them how to fight back against their enemies. 

We are glad that our enemies have now learned - the hard way - that we owe them absolutely no answers and no satisfaction. We will do whatever it takes to keep our people safe, and our enemies humiliated.

Their blogs, their articles, their insults, and whatever else they throw at us, do not move a single thread of our hair. Wolves do not answer to cockroaches. They squash them. We are delighted that we are living in our enemies' minds "rent free", for their hate for us is music to our ears. Their obsession with us exposes the sad and miserable lives they lead, and this gives us great joy.

Israel is here to stay and these vermin will have a very hard time trying to defeat us. We are growing a lot stronger, we are multiplying, and we are everywhere. 

Well done to everyone who participated in this rally, for showing bravery and courage in the face of their putrid hatred. Col ha'cavod to all those who showed support for Israel and for the civilized world; a world where cockroaches like the pro-fakestinian scum have no place in.  

JDL CANADA facing off the hateful IslamoNazi scum in Toronto on 1st July 2016 by Blogwrath. 

Never again will we remain silent while these racist cockroaches call for the genocide of our people. 


Thursday, 14 January 2016

Why we must oppose Islamisation and Rapefugees

They say a picture says a thousand words. So look and listen well, as we may still be able to save our culture and our countries.

Countless times we have warned people that our countries are on the path of being Islamized, hundreds of books, articles, posts and blogs have been written about this, but all we see is this spineless politics of appeasement and encouragement for "multiculturalism", sprouting from our own governments. Our countries have offered Muslims a safe heaven, a refuge from their war torn countries but this is not how they see us. They see us as the kuffar country that needs to be conquered by Islam. They are not grateful because they see this as their right. 

Our politics of appeasement only helps them think and believe this way. Our governments have invited the beast into our lands, and now that the beast has been unleashed, its ugliness is showing and chaos is following. 

The huge majority of these Muslims, who came under the guise of "refugees", have come to conquer our lands, and as with all conquests befitting to Islam throughout History, rape, slavery and murder always follows. They are not refugees, so why should they be "grateful" for our welcome or our help?

Our governments, corrupt as they are, are fully aware of their agenda, but the Left majority believes they can "seduce" these newcomers, with benefits and their "peace & love" attitude, i.e. If they want it, we give it to them. 
That's precisely the suicidal and dangerous behaviour from the Left. 

Europe has become a cesspit of irrational, stupid, dangerous, and suicidal ideas where it concerns immigration and the open doors policy. Sweden is paying for this idiocy. So is Norway, France and Germany. We in Britain are also paying for our stupidity of accepting rules from Brussels. The EU is in a mess. And it will remain a mess unless they get their act together, shut their doors and dismantle.

All this information is out there. Countries like Saudi Arabia, that has appalling Human Rights records, continue to control many of our politicians with petro dollars. They fund mosques and madrassas in the UK, to spew their venom and their wahabist ideology. We must demand these mosques to be shut down. We must demand the deportation of such hate preachers and teachers. Let them preach their hate in their own countries. We in the West do not need or want to learn or hear about their tribal warfare or their evil doctrine.

The latest attack on New Year's eve in Koln, Germany, is a clear sign that our politicians have finally brought the wars of these tribal savages to our streets. They invited the enemy in and allowed them to rape and abuse our people and our once beautiful countries. What sadness! 

But you should despair, for the true reality of what this means is nothing like you have ever seen before. 
Our lands are being invaded by people who have a backwards culture, who are misogynists, who do not respect people who don't follow or agree with their beliefs, who do not respect animal life, and who believe in extreme brutality as law. 

Thousands of white English girls have been sexually abused by Muslim men in Rotherham - UK, for over 16 years, with the full knowledge of the Police. The rape and abuse allegations, made by the victims, were not investigated or acted upon. The Police was complicit in the crime.  

Just like it turns out that the Police in the UK is complicit in several of these crimes, for they suppress information, and protect the criminals, while neglecting the victims. Last time I checked I thought the Police was supposed to work to protect the public from all crime. Unfortunately it seems the rule has now been changed.  
The police is now required to fiddle with our laws and prosecute freedom of speech. Anyone who criticizes Islam is viewed as a "racist", despite the fact that Islam is NOT a race, and neither are Muslims, since there are White, Chinese, Black, and other types of Muslims.  

Their obsession in silencing people about Islam is quite frightening, zealot-like behaviour not seen since the Middle Ages. Their policies of harassing and intimidating critics of Islam , as well as their families and friends, send us a chilling reminder of the Nazi Gestapo. And unless we have a major change in our government, and the removal of the heads of the Police, we will simply lose our freedom of speech. Individual police officers included (In case they don't yet realize it).

British Gestapo Police

We, as a democratic society, must have the absolute right to debate issues that concern our safety and our lives among our communities. We believe the cruel ideology of Islam, with its barbaric rituals and punishments, does not belong in a civilized society. It should have absolutely no place in British society or British culture. It is not a British belief and it is totally incompatible with British values.  

It is appalling that we are allowing these mosques to remain open, to preach their hatred for our values. It is appalling that the Muslims that attend these "prayers" and "educational lessons" are residing here, receiving benefits, and many things most indigenous British citizens do not receive, and yet they are happy to plot murder against our people. Such deplorable behaviour! Why should we tolerate such thing? 

The media and our corrupt politicians are very quick to release their pointless statements, requesting us to show "restraint" and not to blame all immigrants. But they say absolutely nothing about how they plan to deal with this violence from the Muslim community, and total silence and denial when it comes to how victims were attacked and how it has affected them and their families. The Police's actions are nothing short of appalling.

Enough is Enough! How despicable it is that our government and our media try their best to hide the truth from us! How they disrespect us in this manner and insult our intelligence! But nothing will change unless we, the people of this country, demand action now. We must demand them to tell us the truth, and immediate plans must be made to protect our borders and our people inside the UK.

At the same time, the Left must wake up and realize that everything they believe in is a lie. There can be no "seducing" people from a backward culture to respect ours by rewarding them for their crimes. It doesn't work that way. 
It will only work when you start punishing them for their crimes, under our own laws. If they cannot accept they must live here under our rules, they must be deported. We cannot risk the safety of our citizens by disgruntled Jihadis. 

In Europe we see shocking crimes everyday, we read about them in the papers, and by far a huge majority of them are being committed by Servants of the FALSE Prophet. Now imagine how much more horrendous must be to live in one of their countries, without freedom of speech or expression. But this is what our countries will become if we continue with our policy of doing nothing and showing "tolerance" for such horrific and unacceptable situations. 

How can our society turn a blind eye to the thousands of White girls raped by Muslim men of Pakistani origin? These savages are using Rape as a weapon of war, right under our noses. How can we ignore "Honour killings" by Muslim families? How can we allow Muslim men to have more than 1 wife, when our laws prohibit polygamy? How is it possible that our laws do not apply to them?  We must all question these things and fight against them.

But most importantly we must find the head of the snake and cut it. And the head is Islam. People must understand that the ideology of ISIS (Daesh, or whatever else you wish to call it) is Islam. There is no radical Islam, there is only Islam. And if we want to fix our problems, we must demand Islam to be banned.

A society that is raised in hatred for the West, with such envy and jealousy, and who are taught that they are superior to us and that our women and children are fair game, then this is a society that will ONLY generate delinquents, frustrated individuals, who will find in "hating" a viable vessel in which to discharge all their frustrations on. This will create nothing less than Jihadis. And this is how they are "radicalized".  

The truth is that there is no more radicalization coming from hate preachers than the true realization of what their belief means. Islam is radical. So a "radicalized" Muslim is simply a Muslim who has "discovered Islam".

This is why a newly converted Muslim has more chance of being a radical than someone who was born into a Muslim family. 

The Left is very gun-ho in asking for the ban of everything they do not agree with. They want to ban every Islam-protesting group, any grassroots movement that works to spread the truth and teach others on what Islam truly is.
They want to ban patriotism, as if patriotism was not a beautiful thing but something dirty. So we do not see why they wouldn't want to ban a cult, an ideology that in fact goes against every single principle they believe, such as Liberalism, Democracy, Love, Kindness, Respect, and Equality.

Please listen to this speech by Machiel Graaf - a member of the PVV Party in The Netherlands. It's time for us to open our eyes and face reality right now, rather than let the problem worsen in years to come.

We must do everything we can to save our culture from barbarians. We must protect our families with everything we got. Or do you wish your children to live under a reign of terror and slavery, like Islam is costumed to do with all the countries where Muslims are a majority?

Unfortunately we must also wake up to the fact that the Police will not protect us when push comes to shove. They are themselves afraid of the Muslim mob and are not adequately equipped to deal with such barbarians, who have absolutely no regard for our way of life. 

You must also wake up to the fact that our so-called Religious leaders will not defend or protect us either. They will promptly submit to Islam. Such is their spineless attitude.  Even our "Chief Rabbi" Ephraim Mervis, is now suggesting Islam should be taught at Jewish schools. You simply can't make this up.

This is the attitude of a Dhimmified leadership and quite frankly, it is the last thing we need right now. We need strong leaders and not Kapo appeasers when things like these are happening all around our countries. This is nothing short of bestial behaviour. Seems these savages think they can loot out lands and rape our women without punishment. The Police and or government are surely sending them this message.  How can you just remain quiet and allow this to happen? 

We need people to stand up for us, and to defend our actions against these crimes. We need to demand better service from our governments, because we put them there to do a job for us, and not to sell our countries and our rights to Islamofascist savages. 

And ultimately, we must leave the EU. If we remain, we run the risk of our country ending up like Sweden, Norway, France or Germany, where Jews are murdered in their synagogues, people and animals are murdered and mutilated in the streets and children are abused and radicalized to become the next batch of Jihadis.  Such abuse cannot and must not be ignored. These children will never know what it is to be children. Random animals will be kidnapped from their owners, abused, mutilated and murdered. 

This is already happening in all the places where Islam has a presence. And if we allow this to continue, we will be turning our once beautiful and enlightened countries into a 7th century Arabia. Arabs are not the sons of the deserts, they are their father. The actions of Mohammed's followers throughout History show us that all they strive to do is to destroy. 

They want to destroy everything that contradicts their beliefs. They have proven so by destroying tens of Ancient artifacts and ruins from old cities. All from other people's beliefs and religions. They have been torching Christian churches all over the Middle East, Africa and Europe. These backwards and primitive people have no regard or respect for other people's rights or beliefs, so why should we give them any respect at all? Why should we tolerate such abominable crimes and allow these people to take a foothold in our countries?

But most importantly, why shouldn't we be allowed to talk about this? Why shouldn't we be allowed to criticize such barbarity when we see it? Why can't we condemn this cancerous and vile doctrine? 

Our authorities must stop defending, protecting and allowing such people to commit these horrendous crimes, while on the other hand, prosecuting the victims for defending themselves or speaking out against it.  Islam is not our master. We will no longer tolerate such apathy and disregard for our opinions and feelings.

We will keep fighting back. We will keep on spreading the truth about Islam. We believe the people must know the truth. 



Saturday, 20 June 2015


This is an update following the article  UK Judge favours assailants over jewish woman, where UK district "judge" Julia Newton wrongly convicted Roberta Moore for 2 counts of assault and 1 count of possessing an offensive weapon. 

Yesterday 19th June 2015, at the Crown Court in Wood Green, Roberta Moore was found innocent, and all charges were dropped.

Fortunately, all the judges unanimously saw through the lies of members of the Israel-hating - BDS-loving group Haringey "Justice for Palestinians", namely Andy Simons, Simon Assaf and Paul Scott.

The Judges decreed that FARBGEL is not an offensive weapon, but a 100% legal product, which cannot be used or modified to cause injury or harm. And since the prosecution has convicted Ms. Moore on 2 counts of assault by using farbgel as a weapon, the assault charges were also quashed. 

One point we want to make is that Mr. Andy Simons lied FOR A SECOND TIME UNDER OATH,  throughout the whole trial. He was desperately trying to deny he was the one pulling Ms. Roberta Moore to the ground, he tried to deny he physically assaulted her and the coward Mr. Ayman Shalash, who goes by the name "Orim Shimshon". All this despite the video evidence playing on the screens over and over again. 
The video evidence can be found on the previous article mentioned above.

Woman violator Andy Simons attempted to play the "old man card" by claiming he was a fragile 62 years old man, but the judges saw through his lies when video evidence showed he was an aggressive savage, attacking both Mr. Ayman Shalash first and then Ms. Roberta Moore with uncalled for violence.
His aggressive facial expression was on screen for everyone to see.

 Paul Scott (Who sported a gray beard since we exposed his clean shaven face),  another deceiving & lying scumbag who committed PERJURY in court under oath, is seen here crying his sorrows to corrupt and thuggish Muslim officer, DC Saima Shaukat Hussain, who "had it in for Ms. Moore" according to her barrister. 

After the court case, Simon Assaf (One of the lying accusers of Ms. Moore) was threatening and intimidating the defence witness.

Seeing with what ease Simon Assaf grabbed Ms Moores throat, he clearly is no stranger to violence, and the same goes for Andy Simons.

We have learned that there is nothing these people wouldn't do to convict innocent people just because they disagree with their political views. We learned that lying comes as naturally to them as drinking water.

We, and the judges, have seen how Mr. Andy Simons attempted on several occasions to change his statement before the video evidence being played on the screen, how he tried desperately to worm his way out of the violence he was clearly displaying. How he lied about being hit with a punch (on his statement) and then tried to change it to say he was hit with a "metal bar" when no metal bar was seen in the video. How he lied about being sprayed in his eyes when he was actually sprayed on the forehead.... lies, lies and more lies. What pissed me off immensely (and perhaps pissed the Judges off even more) was the arrogant face Mr. Simons kept throughout his lies.

It was a shame that in his utter arrogance he failed to grasp the fact that he was truly irritating the Judges (And the prosecution barrister too) with his absurd denials and lies, while his crimes were playing over and over in front of the judges.

We, and the judges, have seen how Mr. Paul Scott has lied about someone hitting Mr. Andy Simons with a metal bar rolled into a bunch of papers. He did this to make their story more credible, despite evidence from the hospital showing Mr Simons suffered NO concussions, NO injuries and NO harm whatsoever. Here is another foolish arrogant piece of garbage who believed that attending court with a gray beard would make him somewhat "respectable".

I wonder how these vermin sleep at night. But hey... KARMA is a beautiful thing.

DC Saima Shaukat Hussain also LIED saying she saw someone hit Mr. Andy Simons with a shining pole, and lied again when she said she watched the video in slow motion, painstakingly... (her words).  And here we prove this lying police officer is untrustwothy and unworthy of her job to defend the public. We too have watched the video and made it into slow motion. Guess we are better at her job than she is.

The rolled bunch of paper that was used to hit Mr. Andy Simons, causing him a tiny little cut above his cheek. No metal bar. No metal pole. Just "Palestinian literature papers". 

When Saima Hussain presented Ms Moores statement to the Judges, there were 6 from the 16 pages missing.

Naturally, this did not happen by mistake, just like Saima Hussains LEGAL JIHAD against Ms Moore was intentional.
This is a DETECTIVE CONSTABLE who uses her position to prosecute innocent people she does not like. From the beginning DETECTIVE CONSTABLE SAIMA HUSSAIN has been plotting and corroborating her JIHAD against Ms Moore with Andy Simons, Simon Assaf, Paul Scott and Asa Winstanley from electronic Intifada. Even during the trial she was discussing strategy outside the court with 'witness' Paul Scott as can be seen in the pictures.


The indigents from "Haringey Justice for Palestine" ASHAMED of being caught lying in court, begged the court security guards to keep us inside a bit longer (At the end of the session) while they ran across the other side of the street. Of course they could not keep us inside, but it was funny to know they asked them. 

Haringey "Justice for Palestinians" is a BDS-supporting, Israel-hating group, that works tirelessly to demonize Israel and Jews who support and speak up for Israel.  

They support Hamas - a terrorist organization that has a charter condoning Jewish genocide- as a "legitimate" government for the "Palestinians" and they continuously harass people and shops to boycott Israel. 
Their idea of "Freedom for Palestine" is the genocide of all Jews who live in Israel (Which they call "Palestine" due to their historical ignorance). 
They are vicious liars and savage thugs. They have attacked a man who was silently protesting against their conference and they violently attacked a Jewish woman who came to the man's defence. 
Their hatred for Jews is obvious and the attacks have proven this. 

About Ayman Shalash:

 Once again we call to your attention that the coward weasel, Mr. Ayman Shalash, (Orim Shimshon) the man who got up on the stage to cause trouble and as a consequence was firstly assaulted by Mr. Andy Simons, had refused to provide a statement to the defence and refused to press charges against the pro-Palestinian thugs who assaulted him and Ms. Roberta Moore who went to his aid. 
It is because of Mr Ayman Shalash's cowardice and lies that Ms. Roberta Moore and Mr. Robert de Jonge were convicted in the first place.

Ayman Shalash has also withheld evidence from the assault on Ms Moore taken with his phone. During the event, Ayman Shalash's cameraman can be seen filming Simon Assaf going after Ms Moore.

On the video Ayman Shalash / Orim Shimshon uploaded, this part was cut out since it not directly added to promoting himself, which is fine.
But why would he deny helping a 'friend' who got arrested and charged because she went to physically defend him?

Here is his facebook profile. 



We wonder if the rats from 'jewishnews uk' and the 'jewish chronice' will delete the articles they chose to copy/paste from Electronic Intifada or will report on this at all. Probably not, since it is not in any interest of their Socialist agenda.


Thursday, 19 March 2015


Haj Mohammed Effendi Amin el-Husseini and Adolf Hitler

Kuwaiti-born Mohammed Emwazi (the individual whose identity was disclosed as the eponymous ‘Jihadi-John’) frequently muttered anti-Semitic remarks during lessons, according to a former classmate interviewed by the Daily-Mail.

When their teacher was informing the class about the Holocaust in a Year-Nine lesson - Nazi Germany’s systematic and methodical genocide of approximately six-million Jews - Emwazi purportedly remarked: “Good, they deserved it.”

Emwazi allegedly harboured a resentful attitude towards Jewish populations, and deemed them accountable for the suffering of Muslims across the Middle-East, according to a fellow pupil.

The teacher told us the Nazis drew up plans to get rid of all the Jews. I heard Mohammed mutter: ‘Good, they deserved it’. I thought he was joking,” the student explained, “But later he told me that he hated all Jews and blamed them for the plight of Muslims.”

Jihadi John excercising his Islamic Culture

This type of behaviour and vituperative temperament is symptomatic of the anti-Semitic mentality that frequently accompanies the adoption of an Islamist identity.

The ubiquitous abhorrence towards Jews has been routinely appeased, and permitted to develop throughout the preposterous BDS agenda, under the disingenuous facade of “anti-Zionism”. The countenancing of anti-Semitic discrimination has demonstrably culminated in devastating consequences, accompanying a considerable increase of anti-Semitic attacks across continental Europe.

The exclusive denunciation of the Israeli state - whilst simultaneously disregarding the atrocities perpetrated by neighbouring governments - is somewhat illustrative of subconscious anti-Semitism.

With prominent journalists like Mehdi Hasan conceding that anti-Jewish sentiments are pervasive across contemporary Muslim communities - it is now incontrovertible that anti-Semitic convictions are being propagated by Islamic fundamentalists, in addition to quintessential neo-Nazis and white-supremacists.

The widespread circulation of anti-Zionist propaganda that mirrors traditional anti-Semitic conspiracy-theories (such as an international collusion of Jews who surreptitiously dictate international affairs) is indisputably exacerbating these attitudes and formulating a very poisonous attitude for Jews across continental Europe.

The abhorrent demagogue George Galloway attempts to pander to his predominantly-Muslim constituency by declaring neighbourhoods in Bradford an Israeli-free zone. People like Galloway know full well that the concepts of Israel and Judaism are inextricably linked, but still persist in arraigning the country, and presumably the population, as a whole.

Additionally, travel-advice for the city of Malmo, in Sweden, advises Jewish individuals not to conspicuously display their religion or ethnicity, for fear of retributory violence. Incidentally, Malmo has the largest Muslim population in the country.

Jews are having bricks thrown through their windows. Jews are being assaulted on the streets. European Jews are subsequently returning to Israel, their ancestral homeland, on an unprecedented scale.

Amidst the shockingly high Aliyah (repatriation) statistics, the real question remains: why are innocent European Jews being subjected to indiscriminate violence? How are they, as European citizens, responsible for geopolitical machinations that occur thousands of miles away?

The hysterical castigation of Israel and the aggrandising hyperbole that accompanies this anathematisation must be considered partially responsible for the significant increase of anti-Semitic violence.

Furthermore, vindictive attacks on synagogues in Denmark and France, respectively, and an innumerable volume of anti-Semitic assaults - of which the perpetrators are predominantly Muslim – have exemplified the numerous corresponding aspects between Islamism and Nazism.

They are essentially morally-equivalent persuasions –respectively totalitarian, fascistic, expansionist, supremacist, and uncompromisingly anti-Semitic.

When walking past houses that were known to have Jew occupants, the contemptible Emwazi was also known to shout obscenities such as “fu**ing pigs”.

This contradicts the impression carefully manufactured by terrorist-apologist organisation CAGE at their press-conference. CAGE, formerly Cageprisoners, undertook a concerted effort to portray Emwazi as an innocuous, benign young-man who was radicalised to decapitation by the security-services’ persistent harassment.

Irrespective of the fact that Emwazi had connections with many individuals implicated in terrorist-related offences, CAGE indignantly asserted that Emwazi’s trip to Tanzania was one of a tourist nature. Despite Emwazi cultivating relationships with disreputable characters - according to CAGE, Emwazi simply intended to embark on a safari. This alibi is a ridiculous attempt to vindicate an aspiring terrorist.

This whole episode clearly displays the defensive, passive-aggressive techniques of “victimhood” that are sinisterly employed by Islamists to perpetuate their insidious agendas. Facilitated by ridiculous neologisms such as “Islamophobia”, Islamists stealthily assume the role of the “victim” whilst simultaneously oppressing others.

The inexorable rise of anti-Semitism will result in significant areas of Western-Europe effectively becoming a no-go area for Jews. The Jewish contribution to European culture is inestimable, but our Governments have essentially abandoned them. As the politically-correct media painstakingly assuages the Muslim demographics, anti-Semitism in continental Europe is being swept under the carpet.

N. Singh - Sikh Activist for JDL

Saturday, 7 March 2015

UK Judge favours Assailants over Jewish victim

Dark days for Jews loom ahead. It is now a frightening fact. 
The UK courts have time and time again proven to be on the side of the criminals. And while we must still have some hope, that there are some uncorrupted people out there still, this wishful thinking is being systematically crushed. 

On 20th September 2014 a few of us (Jews) including people who were not part of the JDL, attended a "Literary festival" hosted by the racist and rabid anti-Israel and anti-Zionist Haringey Justice for "Palestinians", who were going to talk about the 'Balfour Declaration'

We (JDL) attended simply to listen to the discussion and to take our notes. We gathered some of the leaflets and literature available, took photos of some of their posters and entered the auditorium to watch the talk.

As a note, allow me to remind you that anti-Zionism IS anti-Semitism. Those who hate Zionists are those who believe Israel should not exist, therefore they are also RACIST, for they deny the identity of the Jewish people. 

The talk started around 10:30am and some 20 minutes into the talk, an Arab Zionist - Mr. Ayman Shalash (Also known as Orim Shimshom - and who has now been exposed as a traitor, a grass and a liar) walked towards the front corner of the stage and silently held a few A4 pieces of paper, extending his hands above his head. He did not say a word but simply stood there holding the papers.
Unfortunately the writing was very small and people could not see it. 

The below photos show the precise moment when he was savagely attacked by 62 years old "fragile" Mr. Andy Simons.

 Mr. Ayman Shalash being attacked by Mr. Andy Simons

A lady (In the photo above) then approaches Mr. Shalash and asks him to leave. He doesn't. Then one of the members of the 3 people panel, Mr. Andrew Simons (Photo above) strides fast towards Mr. Shalash and not only started intimidating him with aggressive shouts and body language, but also physically attacked him. This can be seen clearly from the video of the incident, that we have posted below, and from the photographs (Stills from the video) that we made for your better judgement.

Roberta Moore, who was sitting in the audience, then shouted "Hey, no violence in here!" and when the violence continued, she walked down from the audience to the stage, to try and separate Mr. Simons from Mr. Shalash, in order to stop Mr. Simons from attacking him.

When she arrived, and managed to go to Mr. Shalash's aid, Mr. Simons then grabbed her arm and jumper, and started to attack her. He then pulled her violently towards the back of the stage and subsequently towards the steps at the end of the stage, making her fall down. All this can be clearly seen in the video. 

The fall injured her left knee, which left it bruised and bleeding. She also got a big bruise on her left arm, from the force Mr. Simons was using when pulling her.

See here photo of her elbow injury
 Photo of her knee injury

While she resisted against his pulling, it was clear she had no intentions of doing anything to hurt him. And when she fell down, she did not attack Mr. Simons, she tried to move away from him. She got up and searched for her phone, in order to call the police, but realized she had lost it, and despite looking around she could not find it.  

While trying to move away she felt more people grabbing her and cornering her at the back of the stage, where there was a wall cavity, which made her exit attempts more difficult.  More people were coming towards her, as you can see in the video. 

The photos below show Roberta being attacked and pulled down the steps by Mr. Andy Simons and his pro-Palestinian mob of the "literary" festival.

In the above photo you can clearly see Roberta on the floor. 

And here.

Mr. Simons hit the wall on the process, possibly causing him the "concussion" he claimed to have suffered from a "punch" he never got. The hospital he went to, told him he had no injuries and no concussion. He was discharged straight away and told: "You will get over it". 

Mr. Simons shouting abuse at Roberta
 The independent witness watching everything (Blue t-shirt and rucksack)
Roberta tries to leave the group but a man in a burgundy t-shirt grabs her clothes.
The group push Roberta onto the corner, see the wall cavity on the left.
 Roberta cornered into a wall cavity. Mr. de Jonge comes to her aid.

This is the moment Roberta manages to escape from the mob of around 7 people or so, and sprays Mr. Assaf  - Apologies but the video (provided by the police) is not of good quality and it's hard to see it.

Mr. Assaf then runs towards Roberta and grabs her
  Mr. Assaf holding Roberta

 Mr. Assaf still holding Roberta, twisting her arm.

See the entire video of the incident here. 

Roberta could have used violence as a means to escape but she opted to use her defence spray, a harmless gel instead, so that she could also identify her attackers to the police. 
She didn't know her attackers so being able to identify them was important. 

However before she used the red spray, she warned them she would use it, and made clear it was not toxic. She had no intentions to use it and hoped the warning would be enough but Mr. Simon Assaf attacked her by putting his hands on her neck, grabbing it. The independent witness also confirmed, in court, that he saw Mr. Assaf grab Roberta's neck.

It happened very fast, she moved away from his grasp and from the grasp of the others, including Mr. Simons who had his hands holding her jumper, and sprayed Mr. Assaf on the lower part of his face with the gel. 
Mr. Simons was slightly behind him, and he also got part of the gel but on his forehead. 

Both of these liars claim Roberta aimed at their eyes. Photo evidence proves otherwise. (Evidence which was DELIBERATELY ignored during the trial). 

[The gel (Farbgel) is designed to leak after the initial impact, so the part where you spray is the part that will show a higher concentration of the dye. When the gel leaks, it spreads but the areas affected will look lighter than the point of impact. Farbgel is also eye safe.]

 Before she released the spray, her friend Mr. Robert de Jonge, went to her aid, by pushing into the group a bunch of rolled papers, in order to distract them from attacking her. The end of the paper may have hit Mr. Simons on his left cheek, giving him a small cut. But we cannot be sure if the cut on his cheek was caused by the papers. It's a possibility but not a fact. 

Mr. de Jonge was charged with "assault" for that.  

[Mr. Simons claimed in court that he fell to the floor with the force of the "punch" he allegedly received from Mr. de Jonge. 
He LIED. The video was played and it showed him standing up perfectly fine after the alleged assault. He did not fall on the floor. He was not punched.]

After Roberta sprayed farbgel on Mr. Assaf, he charged after her, grabbing her arms. You may observe that she did not use any force, neither to escape nor to defend herself from their attacks.

Mr. Assaf was angry that he got sprayed on his face (After attacking her). He was grabbing her aggressively and didn't want to let her leave. He said he would stay with her until the police came. Pointless really because she had no intentions to leave until she reported this attack and identified him as one of her attackers, and because she was still searching for her phone. 

When the police came, she told them the story, showed them the video of the attack (Which was filmed on Mr. Shalash's phone) and guess what? They arrested HER! Previous to her arrest, they had seen her injuries, and heard independent witnesses telling them she was attacked together with Mr. Ayman Shalash, who was at that point very distressed and inconsolable. Apparently one of the police officers threatened to arrest him for "trespassing". He was visibly shaken and extremely nervous.

None of that made any difference. PC Ross Landers and his group had orders to arrest Roberta. Orders came from the Case officer "Saima Hussain". Clue is in the name.

Saima Shaukat Hussain, of Oak Hill, Woodford Green - here with partner Marcel Bubelini

She spent 8 hours in a police cell, was offered no food or water, and was treated as a criminal. No surprises there. 

After this episode she was charged with 2 counts of "assault" and "possession of an offensive weapon". 

Of course, absolutely NOTHING was mentioned or done about the attack she was subjected to, when she defended a man who was being attacked, nor about the people who attacked her. After all, we are talking about a pro-"Palestinian" group here, and a Jew.

The "assault" was Roberta using the spray on her two attackers, and the "offensive weapon" is actually a criminal identifier, 100% legal red dye, which is marketed as a defence spray called FARBGEL.  Look it up! 

It is harmless, non toxic, and causes absolutely no damage, irritation, burns, etc. The canister CANNOT be modified to discharge any noxious substances or to be used as a weapon. It cannot cause injury or harm.  The ONLY way that it could be used as a weapon is if you throw the can at someone. Otherwise, no chance! 

So now you know. For this she was convicted of these "assaults" and of using a harmless object as a "weapon" to "cause harm".

Furthermore, neither Mr. Simons nor Mr. Assaf claimed to have been injured by this gel.  
District Judge Julia Newton however, decided on behalf of the non-complaining "victims", that they were "harmed" by it, even though they stated they were not. 

Our barrister stated in court that what she was wrongfully (and unlawfully) extending the meaning of the word "harm" as opposed to the real definition of it as per the law.

Judge Julia Newton did not specify or define what kind of "harm" had been done to the attackers, but perhaps she meant "feelings were injured". Feelings can be injured by words too. Are words now to be considered "offensive weapons"?

The only person who was deliberately targeted, attacked, injured and harmed, was Roberta. Mr. Shalash did not have any injuries.

Andy Simons with the gel on his face
- Note that he was sprayed (although he was not the immediate intended target) on his forehead (where the gel is seen to be stronger) and the gel leaked down, as it is supposed to do.
Mr. Simons lied in court, under oath, saying he was sprayed in his eye at point blank.  The above evidence proves him to be a liar. 

Here is "fragile" 62 years old Mr. Andy Simons with the Jew & Israel-hating violent fakestinian mob that is sponsored by the equally distasteful SWP (Socialist Workers Party).

 This is the lady seen in the video, trying to usher Mr. Shalash out of the stage. She is a constant fixture in all anti-Israel boycotts. Here she is seen attempting to get people to boycott Israeli produce from Tesco.


Think about this carefully, because if someone attempts to rape you, and you spray the would-be-criminal with this FARBGEL, which is a 100% legal spray, you could be charged with assault. The gel won't stop the criminal though, because as I said, it is simply a criminal identifier, not a weapon. It won't hurt anyone, so whatever crime he was going to commit, he can still do it if you do not run. The only thing that you will hurt is his "feelings". 

By convicting Roberta and Mr. de Jonge of these assaults, District Judge Julia Newton is sending a message to everyone to say that you CANNOT defend yourself, even with something as harmless as that, or be defended by anyone else. At least not against pro-Palestinian mobs it seems.

This is serious, folks! This is what we are dealing with in the Magistrates and the UK courts in general. 

Now, you will have read from Jew hating websites, such as "Electronic Intifada" and others, things like:  "JDL leader convicted of assaults and possession of an offensive weapon" ... bla bla bla, and their stories will not tell you the truth, because this is what they are, stories. They are written based on lies.

They call us "thugs". I doubt they know the meaning of the word. The left has the expertise in distorting words and of changing their meanings outright. Truth therefore gets distorted in their "translation". 

There is not a single report/article showing the members of the JDL UK being violent in any occasion.  There is not a single shred of truth in their libelous claims that the JDL are aggressive or violent "thugs".

They lie, they twist the facts, they smear you and yet, they expect to be taken seriously. What a bunch of hypocrites! They have absolutely no guts to tell the truth, and that is really sickening, because the reporter for the Electronic Intifada, Mr. Asa Winstaley, was at the court all day, on both days. 

So was the Romanian freelancer Mr. Matei Clej, who told Roberta he was writing the piece for the Jewish News at the request of his editor Mr. Richard Ferrer. Mr. Clej also told her he was NOT Jewish.

Mr. Richard Ferrer of 'Jewish'News - A Modern Day Kapo

 Mr. Asa Winstaley of Middlesex - from Electronic Intifada (Left) and Mr. Matei Clej (Right).   A Jewish newspapers and an anti-Semitic one working TOGETHER to smear the JDL.

 Seems Mr. Matei Clej did not want his picture being taken.

Amazing! Two so-called "journalists" in the courtroom, as well as some of their pro-Palestinian friends, listening to everything, seeing the video being played several times, and yet they are incapable of actually telling the truth? I don't think they are that stupid, of course. This was a deliberate act to smear us Jews, the JDL and our supporters. 

Let me also tell you about the truth of the first video played at the court.
The video the prosecution provided (Which states at the end: "Property of the Metropolitan Police" was EDITED.  
And not surprisingly, it is also the same video the anti-Zionist (Jew hating and terrorist supporting) Asa Winstaley has posted on his website "Electronic intifada".  You will realize the that the footage is deliberately incomplete and therefore misleading.

Yes, the video did NOT show the beginning of the footage, which is the most important of all. The video started at the point where Roberta was already at the back struggling with Mr. Simons. 

The "police video" which was provided by the fake victims, did NOT show Mr. Andy Simons savagely attacking Mr. Ayman Shalash and Roberta.  That part was completely removed from the video.

But we had video evidence of this, and at the end of the court we managed to get it playing on the screen. 

Judge Julia Newton cannot possibly claim not to have seen these people attacking Mr. Shalash and me. She claimed to have been through all the evidence, and yet she completely ignored the facts in front of her, that Mr. Simons started the attacks. Video evidence shows this clearly. 

When Roberta left the court and got outside, the two reporters, who were sitting close and cozily together behind her during the entire court session, started taking her pictures, and Mr. Asa Winstaley asked her what she had discussed with Mr. Moshe Feiglin in Israel. She was perplexed with the utter idiocy of being asked such question. What a moron! 

The only people who knew they were due in court were the people involved, so it is safe to say that these pro-Palestinian people only came to watch the court proceedings at the request of Mr. Andrew Simons and Mr. Simon Assaf. 

And now you also know that despite the fact that "Haringey Justice for Palestinians" write on their website about them the following:


Haringey Justice for Palestinians  is an independent, non party-political organisation that campaigns for justice for the Palestinian people, advocating civil, political and Human Rights in accordance with International Law. 


They are actually a bigoted, racist and violent political group that uses schools to host their despicable propaganda against Israel and Jews. 

Even more sickening are the so-called "Jews" (In this case the Jewish News, Ha'aretz and the Jewish Chronicle) who re-post  their garbage as if it was true or newsworthy. They never approached me to get my comments on the trial or the charges I was falsely accused of, but simply posted their lying articles online. If alarm bells are not yet ringing, then you are not yet paying attention. 

We will be appealing these ludicrous charges, and hopefully we will get a re-trial. Will keep you posted. 


Regretfully and to our utmost disgust, Mr. Ayman Shalash has failed to tell the truth, and instead decided to lie to save his own ass. Not only that, but fearful of being arrested for aggravated trespassing, and despite crying like a baby on Roberta's shoulders in the presence of the police, this little treacherous weasel, who has no morals, dignity or self respect, decided to "cooperate with the police" and lie [at their request] to incriminate his friends Roberta Moore and Robert de Jonge, so that he could avoid arrest.  

He has confessed in a private message (see below) that the police has "advised him not to press charges". 

So now you can see what a coward this pathetic individual truly is. Someone who would betray the very people who were always there to help him and save his ass when he got into trouble.

There you have it. Ayman Shalash (Aka Orim Shimshon) confessing to being a proper coward and a grass.

Next target on the list is Paul Scott.

Initially not an aggressor during the event, although, as can be seen in the stills, he witnessed Miss Moore being dragged to the ground and was perfectly fine with that.
During the sentencing the judge (a different one) got confused with Saima Hussains report that Mr de Jonge was carrying a 'shiny pole' (implying it was metal) but that during the trial Mr de Jonge was not sentenced for possession of an offensive weapon.
At this point Paul Scott, being present as a spectator, came forward claiming that he saw Mr de Jonge having a metal bar hidden inside the rolled up pieces of paper.

One wonders if he had really seen this, why didn't he bring this up during the trial in which he was a witness?

Of course the answer is because Paul Scott is a Liar, who will lie under oath to protect his women-beating friends.
As can be seen on the footage, Paul Scott had his back faced to Andy Simons from the moment Miss Moore got back on her feet all the way to the end of the situation.

Paul Scott never saw Mr de Jonge as he was busy with Ayman Shalash.

Apart from that, as Mr de Jonge stated during the trial, if he would have hit Andy Simons in the face with a metal bar, the face of Andy Simons would have been beyond repair.

Mr de Jonge passed security on the event without any problems. How likely is it to find a 'metal bar' inside a 'Community School'?

The rolled up pieces of paper that scuffed a woman-beater.
The only violence Paul Scott witnessed was that of his friend Andy Simons.

This whole episode is going to cost us thousands of pounds, but we must stand strong and fight these convictions, because if we don't,  this could set a precedent that Jews will always be accused of assault whenever they defend themselves. 

We would be very grateful for your donations. 
If you can and want to donate for our legal fund, please click on the link DONATE on our website. 

We hope that this time Truth & Justice will prevail. 


Roberta Moore has been found INNOCENT and was acquitted of all charges.